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Bowdoin Birds Spring, 2008

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Some of the colorful birds of Maine.


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Bowdoin BirdsSpring, 2008

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Evening Grosbeak Male.These colorful birds visitdeciduous woodlands andsuburban areas. In spring,an outer coating on thebill peels off exposing theblue-green color beneath.This was our first view ofa male of this species.

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Female evening grosbeak flies in for a landing with the male.

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These grosbeaks only visited for two consecutive days.

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The Evening Grosbeak pair was a delight to have around.

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male

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This species is in the samefamily as cardinals. The heavy, pinkish bill is aprominent characteristic.They eat potato beetlesand larvae, so they aregreat to have around yourvegetable garden.

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Such a handsome profile. My, what big nostrils you have.

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male.We know spring has sprung when these grosbeaks arrive.Check out his gorgeous blackand white patterning.

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Blue Jays are in the samefamily as crows andmagpies. Even though theyenjoy sunflower seeds, they are known to buryacorns for later retrieval.

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Blue Jays may be ratherraucous, but we enjoy thefew that visit our feeder.They tend to be very shyand fly off if we try to gooutdoors to photographthem.