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<p>SAPs five BPM DeliverablesThe Open Group Conference San Diego February 2 4 2009</p> <p>Ann RosenbergBTC Global Practice Ownership for Business Process Management Senior Business Process Management Consultant SAP AG</p> <p>Disclaimer</p> <p>This presentation outlines our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchase decision. This presentation is not subject to your license agreement or any other agreement with SAP. SAP has no obligation t pursue any course of b i bli ti to f business outlined i thi presentation or to tli d in this t ti t develop or release any functionality mentioned in this presentation. This presentation and SAP s strategy and possible future developments are SAP's subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, i l di b t not li it d t th i li d warranties ith i li d including but t limited to, the implied ti of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document, except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent.</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 2</p> <p>http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=855612</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 3</p> <p>SAPs Roadmap for Business Process Management (BPM)Methodology and Governance1 STRATEGY 2 SET-UP 3 TRANSITION 4 CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT</p> <p>LINK TO STRATEGY</p> <p>DEFINE BASICS</p> <p>CREATE BASIS</p> <p>DEFINE BUILDING BLOCKS</p> <p>DEVELOP ANALYTICS</p> <p>PERFORM ANALYSIS</p> <p>ADD PROCESS-BASED REWARDS + EXPAND REPORTING</p> <p>+CHOOSE PATH CREATE METHODS DEFINE PORTFOLIO ALLOCATE BUDGET</p> <p>+MONITOR FIT GAP FIT-GAP HARMONIZE TERMS OPTIMIZE PROCESSES PERFORM AUDITS</p> <p>COMMUNICATE &amp; TRAIN MANAGE CHANGE BUILD PROCESS-CENTRIC IT</p> <p>BPM T h l Technology</p> <p>BPX Certification and BPX Community</p> <p>voted #3 in terms of popularity on www.sappress.com SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 4</p> <p>From 2nd Generation to 3rd Generation</p> <p># Projects</p> <p>2nd Generation</p> <p>3rd Generation</p> <p>Time</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 5</p> <p>How BPM can drive alignment !!!</p> <p>Upgrade to Business Suite (3rd Generation Standard St d d Systems) IT Projects (SAP and Non SAP) SOA/ Composing Tools (Galaxy)</p> <p>Six Sigma Process Improvement I Projects</p> <p>Application g Management (Solman)</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 6</p> <p>How BPM can drive alignment !!!</p> <p>Upgrade to Business Suite (3rd Generation Sta da d Syste s) Standard Systems)</p> <p>IT Projects (SAP and Non SAP)</p> <p>SOA/ Composing Tools (Galaxy)</p> <p>Six Sigma Process Improvement Projects</p> <p>Application Management (Solman)</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 7</p> <p>Agenda</p> <p>Business Process Management: A new strategic context? SAPs five BPM Deliverables</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 8</p> <p>The Evolution of Process Management</p> <p>Evolution (Quality)</p> <p>Central Ideas Business Process Process Lifecycle Capability Maturity</p> <p>Business Process Management Business Process Re-engineering Lean Manufacturing Total Q lit T t l Quality Management</p> <p>Industrial Engineering</p> <p>Toyota Production System</p> <p>Six-sigma</p> <p>Evolution (Time)</p> <p> SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 9</p> <p>Business Process Management Is a Management DisciplineBusiness Process Management (BPM) is a management discipline that requires organizations to shift to process-centric thinking, and to reduce their reliance on traditional territorial and functional structures. BPM requires and enables organizations to manage the complete revision cycles of their th i processes, from process design to monitoring and optimization, and to change f d i t it i d ti i ti dt h them more frequently to adjust to changing circumstances. The development of BPM technologies is enabling business managers to abstract process flows and rules from the underlying applications and infrastructure, and to change them directly. BPM is neither a technology nor an updated version of BPR. It is an IT-enabled management discipline. It represents a fundamental change in how business manage and run their processesSource: Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2007 SAP 2009 / Ann Rosenberg/ BPM Page 10</p> <p>Business Process Management covers both automated and manual perspectiveBusines Process Modeling in ARIS ss M</p> <p>Manual Activities</p> <p>Typically &gt;80%</p> <p>End to End process spans manual and automated activities</p> <p>Automated Activities</p> <p>Typically </p>