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Empower. Inform. Uplift Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 2015


5 Letters to the Publisher

8 From the Publisher’s Desk

15 What’s Going On…

24 Horoscopes

26 Sports Beat

33 Candy and Popcorn

37 Camera Ready

79 Silver Spoon

80 Real Talk


10 Lose to Win

14 Switching Lanes

30 I’m a Business….Man!

39 Customize Your Resume

Movers and Shakers 42 Ashley Troutman, Insurance/Community Leader

47 Corey Tumer, Events and Promotion

52 Rashay Joyce, Community Leader

56 Jeffrey Williams, Education/Community Leader

62 Sharonda Lawrence, Hair Care

68 Stacye Jones, Branding/Graphic Design

73 Jason Alexander, Spoken Word/Entertainment


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Empower. Inform. Uplift. Letters to the Publisher

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!Brag-A-Zine is published four times a year by Jaye Luv Publishing LLC. , P. O. Box 91761, Lakeland, Fl. 33804.

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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

From The Publisher’s Desk What is a Mover and a Shaker?

A game changer? A difference maker? A builder of industry, cultivator of dreams, and/or brand builder? All of these things could be used to describe a mover and a shaker.

Quite simply, we at Brag-A-Zine are looking to change the game by changing the perception of what is positive and what is not. We are much more than what is portrayed on Facebook, Twitter, or the 11:00 news. This issue is a celebration of some of the leaders in the industry who are making positive impacts on our community.

Enjoy this issue and know that these profiles of successful individuals represent obstacles overcome, dedication to craft, and a commitment to their vision. We don’t profile them for you to envy them, they are worthy of celebration, yes, but more than anything let their endeavors inspire your journey. And as you prosper along your chosen path do your best to impact the lives of others.

To quote television and radio personality Roland S. Martin, we have to be ready to turn a moment into a movement. This is our time. And this is Brag-A-Zine’s purpose. This is our movement. It is up to us to tell our stories how they really are. You only get one legacy to live. Let’s make it a great one!

As we at Brag-A-Zine celebrate our inaugural issue with spotlighting the great works of the people on the pages that follow, we ask that you join us. That is why we began this magazine.

Thank you to the entire Jaye Luv Publishing team for making this dream a reality. Thanks for helping us to keep the positive vision alive!


Corey Jaye



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! Clark’s House, Inc.



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Lose To Win

Sometimes failing is not a bad thing…

Michael Jordan is quite arguably the greatest basketball player ever. He has had

just as much success off the court as he has on it. His Jordan brand is still the highest

grossing, primarily as it relates to sports clothing and shoes, of any apparel brand on

the market today. It seems like everything that he touches turns to gold.

But none of this almost came to pass. Most people don’t know Air Jordan, as he

is affectionately called, almost never came to be. Most people are unaware that Jordan

was cut from his high school basketball team as a freshman. His coach basically told

him that he was not good enough. But we can see how that turned out. Wonder how

that coach feels now??

Many of the greatest people in history have failed at some time or another at first.

Certainly, we all know one or two people who have failed at something. Something as

simple as falling down the first time one attempted to ride a bike is enough to scare

people from ever trying to again. Failures should not be looked at as a roadblock but

rather a stepping stone to success.

It is through failure that many individuals are able to learn, grown, and ultimately

succeed. Failure is a humbling experience. There is no doubt in the world about that.

But by the same token, we could be learning from it as well. The difference between the

normal every day person and someone like Jim Carrey, who didn’t even graduate from

high school, is that the truly great ones use failure as gas to fuel their ride to success.

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Some people who fail look to others and/or circumstances as the reason things

did not happen as they wanted them to. It is important to know that mistakes will

happen. They are unfortunate when they occur, but they do and they will. Many factors,

from bad upbringing, poor parents, or just plain being poor do not have to be the end to

a potentially great story. Rather, with motivation, drive, and perseverance, it could be

the start of something extraordinary.

The progressive difference maker, the mover and the shaker has no doubt

experienced their fair share of failures on their road map to success. The mover and

shaker is able to set aside mistakes and life circumstances so that the future can remain

in their undying will to succeed.

The men and women in this issue are a testament that movers and shakers don’t

have to just appear on our televisions and across movie screens. This issue is set to

show that we do not have to look nationally to discern motivation and inspiration. We

have home grown talent that is doing big things right here in Polk County. They deserve

to be celebrated and the spot light shone on their achievements. Brag-A-Zine will

always be at the forefront of looking to make sure that these movers and shakers get

their stories told and their just due as a result. CJB-Brag


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Fresh from

the Barber Shop



! My Touch Barber Shop

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Empower. Inform. Uplift. What’s Going On…


1 – Grier Co. Meeting of the Mindz Fashion Showcase

Where: Bartow Civic Center, begins @ 5:45 pm

7 – Fierce Entertainment Management Fashion Edge

Where: Vanity, Orlando, begins @ 7:00 pm

21 – 4th Annual Reggie Ellis Stop the Violence Walk

Where: John L. Sanders Boys and Girls Club, begins @ 9:00 am

21 – Smart Mouth Saturdays

Where: Corsetts, 906 Havendale Blvd. Winter Haven, starts @ 9:00 pm

21-22 – 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens

Where: Sun Life Stadium, Miami, starts @ 4:00 pm both days


11 – Return of Day Lux, 80s vs. 90s Bash

Where: Coleman Bush Building, Lakeland, 6 pm – 12 pm

17 – 2nd Annual Hair & Beauty Showcase

Where: Auburndale Civic Center, begins @ 8 pm


8 – Kevin Hart

Where: Amalie Arena, Tampa, begins @ 8:00 pm

16 – All Black Wear Affair

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Lakeland, 9 pm – 2 am

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Switching Lanes Is it a good idea to change careers if you are not happy?

It has been called the rat race by some. The grind by others.

Monday is the beginning of the work week for most Americans. Another week of

clocking in and doing a job with the expectation of getting paid at the end of the pay

period. It has been looked at many ways by many people. The reality is that many

people hate the jobs that they go to every day. But the challenges of life (i.e. bills)

necessitate the punching of that clock. So what is a person to do?

More and more, switching careers has become more of an option for people who

are stuck in a rut. In fact, a 2010 survey by the Work Alliance found that 80% of workers

are dissatisfied with their jobs. Switching careers in your 20’s is less common than doing

so in your 30’s or 40’s. It takes some young professionals several job jumps before they

fall into their desired career path.

For instance, there are just as many unhappy lawyers as there are ecstatic street

sweepers. So if you are at the point where you have had enough and are looking at the

front door, here are some things to consider first:

Does the career change require you to have more education?

Going back to school rarely solves the problem of a bad career fit. If you don’t

know what you’re best at, then you may want to rethink it. If you were not a good

student when you had to go to school, going now that you don’t might prove to be a

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challenge. Before you commit to more education or make a career switch into a new

field, you want to base your decision on the best possible information.

Don’t run from your career because you’ve broken down in it

If you have waited a long time to make a change from your current situation, you

most likely are either struggling with your job or have grown to hate it. The way out of

this is to not wait until you are unhappy. Don’t leap from one situation to another until

you have improved your situation. You may need to repair a relationship that is strained.

In this way, when you do leave, you are not burning any bridges. Solve your problems

first because running away will not, it will just move them from one building (old job) to

another (new job).

Develop a sound financial plan that will support your transition

Doing your due diligence and research before making the move is almost as

important as the move itself. In some cases, you will not be able to start at the same

position with a new company financially as you did with your old one. Can you survive if

you have to take a pay cut? For how long? These are important factors to consider

before you take the leap.

To switch careers effectively and achieve a positive outcome, you need four

things: clarity, courage, confidence, and competence. Being real, what would you do if

you didn’t have student loans to pay or a mortgage to see about? If you are already

doing what you love, congrats and big ups to you because most people are not.

Sometimes, change is a good thing. But when it comes to your career, family, life,

relationships, and health….consider it all. You can’t afford to get it wrong. CJB-Brag

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Fred Lewis Photography


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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Wishing On a Star…

2015 Horoscopes (Per

Virgo – Your star is totally rising in 2015! Although you will have to be patient until the second half of the year for the real fabulousness to kick in, it will be worth the wait. A focus on finances will be a major theme for you going forward in 2015. Romance will be yours for the taking this year too!

Libra – Relationships and communication are the top two contenders for your life script in 2015. Trust that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe the workings of your own mind in 2015. If you’re on the market for a new love, try not to turn down any party invites this year.

Leo – Communication continues to be a major area of work and focus. All of the lessons you learned last year around the importance of humility and diplomacy in your interactions will come in handy. Don’t be surprised if you end up in public speaking positions or get asked to put your voice and your message out there in a major way. Love, beauty, and money are in crazy abundance, so be sure to spoil yourself and your beloveds rotten.

Taurus – Ruts be damned – you’re going to break that rusty cage this year! Letting go is your least favorite endeavor, and yet you’ve achieved mastery when it comes to non-attachment in your relationships. 2015 is a year for reconnecting to your roots of strength and creativity in preparation for a steamy romantic cycle beginning in August.

Gemini – You’ve fought your way through enough bumps and bruises on the road to success over the past few years. Now you’re ready to truly claim your foothold and take your vision to the next level. One of your strongest assets in 2015 is your mind. If you have had home improvement dreams or the fantasy of a total change of residence in your brain, this could be your year to make it happen!

Cancer – Home and career continue to be your major areas of focus. You have a tendency to work and then crash and not want to leave the house for days. Your love life continues to be crazy, passionate, and transformational. If an issue with a child and your beloved has been a source of stress or pain, this too will soften over the year.

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Empower. Inform. Uplift. Pisces – Get ready for love, romance, and glamour galore in 2015. If you have been having trouble cutting cords with someone or something on the toxic side, this new phase will help you to get clear on making the break. Money issues can be a bit unpredictable and explosive at times, but at least you’re learning to be flexible. If you have been feeling trapped in a negative love affair, this will be the year you are set free.

Aries – 2015 is about breaking new ground and reconnecting with yourself in a new way. Travel beckons and you will be reworking your entire philosophy will seeking important mentors and guides. You’ll also experience a sense of falling in love with your work, or with old projects, in a way that surprises even you. You may be taking a hiatus from putting too much emphasis on your love life and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sagittarius – You were born to be wild! After surviving the past few years of feeling pent up and frustrated, you’re ready to break through to the other side. Travel continues to be a major passion and source of opportunity in 2015. No more playing the field over potential suitors. You require someone who promises both adventure and staying power. You need a partner you not only respect, but who can teach you something.

Capricorn – You’ve been putting a tremendous amount of energy into your career and life goals and committing to the long haul. You’re ready for serious break and more you-time in 2015. You’re preparing for some major breakthroughs during the latter part of 2015. You’re a born diplomat at heart, so you may be teaching others in your life to get along with more peace and sweetness and less conflict.

Aquarius – The pressure is finally easing up in 2015. You may feel a bit beaten down, but all the more strong and mature as a result. Every level of your integrity has been tested, and you’ve earned the respect from both friends and colleagues. Your social and love life may have had to take a backseat in the past, but this year you’re taking a stronger role in the relationship department.

Scorpio – Enough with feeling exhausted, depleted, and anxious; you’re ready to return to life with wild abandon. You’re ready to soar over exciting new landscapes of your own choosing. 2015 is here to restore your faith in life, humanity, and yourself. You may be more concerned with your career than relationships this year, but that won’t stop the love and desire from happening.


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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Sports Beat

March Madness

It’s that time of year again. For the basketball purist, it’s like Christmas in the Spring time. The NCAA Basketball Tournament, or as it is more affectionately known, March Madness!

College basketball games from pillar to post are on display, all with do or die consequences. You win or you go home. The true definition of a playoff system and one that works, year in and year out.

Probably the most exciting (and nerve wracking) part of Selection Sunday is to find out who got in, and in the case of bubble teams, who got left out. The most intriguing and captivating part of the dance each year is to see who will end up being the Cinderella and put together an improbable run to the championship.

The most improbable Cinderella team in memory probably was Villanova back in 1986. That year, the team who wasn’t even supposed to be in the tournament in many eyes, the quintessential David, took on and knocked off Georgetown, the very embodiment of a Goliath, even down to its giant known as Patrick Ewing.

The 2015 version of Villanova is far from a David or bubble team. They could end up garnering a No. 1 seed. They have the unique ability to bounce back from losses quickly and defeat the teams that previously emerged victorious. That quality is essential to being able to go 6-0 and hoist the championship trophy.

So who has the best chance to cut down the nets in Indianapolis on April 6? The unquestioned favorite to win it all are the Kentucky Wildcats. On a team with 9 former McDonald’s All Americans on its roster, John Calipari’s team offers size, defense, attitude, and intensity. Probably the most asked question is: Can anybody stop them from claiming the crown?

One team that may be able to is the Virginia Cavaliers. One thing that the Cavaliers do better than any team in the nation is play defense. The team plays total offense and defense and truly does not care who scores or gets the credit. The health of all everything Justin Anderson will ultimately determine how far they will go.

Page 26: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

Another team that could challenge Kentucky is Duke. The Blue Devils gave Virginia their only loss of the year and probably has the best chance to knock of Kentucky due to their ability to score the ball. Although they suffered a couple of bad losses along the way, they have been incredibly solid against the nation’s better teams. They have the nation’s best big man in Jahlil Okafor and an excellent backcourt, two things that will be needed to deal with Kentucky’s suffocating pressure.

There are some other good teams that could make some major noise in the upcoming tournament. Arizona, Gonzaga, and Wisconsin have all been in the top 5 at some point or another this season. All three have veteran teams who can put together a string of games needed to win it all.

Who could wear this year’s glass slipper to the dance? In a strange turn, this year’s version of Georgetown Hoyas fits the bill. Their defense can be commanding and perimeter shooting lethal. They have a star in freshman Josh Smith. That helps.

Another team that earns sleeper status is North Carolina State. They probably have the most head scratching losses of any. This is team that lost to Wofford and Wake Forest, but turned around and beat Duke, Louisville, and North Carolina.

This is what makes this time of year so exciting for the college basketball van. It truly is no way to really predict who will win and what will happen. Office sheets go to the wayside early and often. Last year, Donald Trump offered $1 million to the person who had perfect sheet. By the third round, no one was left standing.

Whoever your team is, for one shining moment, the stars align and the madness prevails. Oh what a glorious time! CJB-Brag


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I’m A Business….Man!

Jay Z once said he didn’t want to be a businessman. He said he was a

business… man!

Big distinction.

Corey Tumer has always been able to relate to people. Networking came easy to

him. So 15 years ago, he decided to make something he was good at into a business.

Hence the birth of his company, Four Life Promotions. When asked why he wanted to

start a business, he said that it was because he has always wanted to be his own boss.

Starting his promotions company allowed him the opportunity to do just that.

A study asked almost 500 people who are running their own small businesses

why they decided to make the move to be their own boss. Many of those interviewed

decided to make the move from the traditional 9 to 5 to self-employment and answered

with many reasons as to why they made the jump. Above all else, the poll results from

Conference Genie supported the belief that working for yourself is simply more

rewarding than working for someone else.

According to the survey, the main reasons why respondents decided to start their

own business are as follows:

1. Flexibility – the most popular reason cited by this survey

2. Niche – saw a need, took advantage

Page 29: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

3. Lifelong ambition – many entrepreneurs have always wanted to run their own


4. Quality time – running your own business allowed for more family time

5. No future – people start their own business because they see no future prospects

at their current job

Locally speaking, Polk County has seen an increase in the amount of entrepreneurs

and people running their own business. The three industries that have seen the greatest

increase in the number of people involved in the past five years are landscaping, mobile

detailing, and food preparation/catering. Kim Zinermon-Townes, owner of Soul

Satisfying Salads, enjoys the mantra of being a black business owner. She mentioned

that she is in her niche since she loves the joy she gets out of cooking. Zinermon-

Townes also feels that starting her business is a way to create a legacy for her children

to pass on for years to come. In fact, many of the survey participants mentioned the key

point they were instilled a work ethic in them by their parents and felt it was an

obligation for them to create something to leave to their own children.

When asked if they would do anything differently if they had the chance to start

up their business all over again, many answered that they would. Johnnie Jackson, who

owns his own landscaping company, mentioned that the motivation to start his business

was more about legacy and responsibility. He felt an obligation to his newly formed

family and had gotten the blueprint from the older men in his family. It was interesting to

note that a few of the participants surveyed said that, if they had it to do all over again,

they would have started out on their own instead of with partners. When asked why,

Page 30: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

they answered that going at it alone would allow them to go with their gut instincts rather

than listening to negative comments. Another thing that was mentioned that some

interviewed said they would have done differently is have put together a well thought out

business plan based on market research. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10

entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

There are many reasons why businesses fail. One reason is that people grow

impatient with the process. Another big reason for business failure of small businesses

started by entrepreneurs is that they do not connect to the market in which they are

hoping to serve. Forbes magazine reports that it takes a business an average of 18

months before you can see profit. When the survey participants were asked what the

main issue that a new business getting started is likely to face, promotion was the

number one answer. For someone like Tumer, being able to reach out and make

connections to people is something that he does very well. Many aspiring business

owners cannot say the same thing. Being able to network becomes very important to

the success and sustainability of a company. Having the best product on the market

won’t mean a thing if no one knows about it.

Sometimes the best way to get started with running your own business is to just

do it. Nike has made that phrase famous, but it is very relatable to the aspiring business

owner. Obviously funding is very important. Securing initial finance for your new

business is a key component. There are many people that have the ability to promote

something they are interested in and do very well in a sustainable business. One thing

was evident to all of the survey participants was a love for the industry that they are

working in. One has to love what they do, because the passion and love will sustain the

Page 31: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

entrepreneur through those tough early months when the money is few and far in

between. Also, enlisting the assistance of a mentor in the process can give valuable

insight along the way. In this case, the entrepreneur must be receptive and open to the

advice that is given. As the economy continues to come back to life, it continues to be a

great time to start a company. You might have personal motivations for launching that

dream. Perhaps you’re like Jenny Fulton and Ashlee Furr, who found themselves laid off

from the financial industry and burned out. They took a leap of faith and started a

business. No matter the reason, you will never know what can happen if you don’t try.

Corey Tumer did. So did Kim Zinermon-Townes. Johnnie Jackson did as well.

So the question becomes….

What’s stopping you? CJB - Brag








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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Popcorn and Candy….

Movie Reviews (courtesy of

Name of Movie: Get Hard

Starring: Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart

Release Date: March 27, 2015

What’s it all about: When millionaire hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in San Quentin, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars. But despite James’ one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never received a parking ticket, let alone been to prison. Together, the two men do whatever it takes for James to “get hard” and, in the process, discover how wrong they were about a lot of things – including each other.

Name of Movie: Furious 7

Starring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, & Jason Statham

Release Date: April 3

What’s it all about: Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of "Fast & Furious 7." James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series that also welcomes back favorites Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas Black. They are joined by international action stars new to the franchise including Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey and Kurt Russell. Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel and Michael Fottrell return to produce the film written by Chris Morgan.

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Empower. Inform. Uplift


Name of Movie: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Starring: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, & Scarlett Johansson

Release Date: May 1

What’s it about: Marvel Studios presents "Avengers: Age of Ultron," the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure. Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" stars Robert Downey Jr., who returns as Iron Man, along with Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk. Together with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and with the additional support of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, the team must reassemble to defeat James Spader as Ultron, a terrifying technological villain hell bent on human extinction. Along the way, they confront two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Pietro Maximoff, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and meet an old friend in a new form when Paul Bettany becomes Vision.


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Career Source Polk.


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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Camera Ready Are you what you wear? There are many who would yes you are. The clothes that we wear speaks to others before we even open our mouths. It shows if we are bold or subdued. It conveys whether we are outgoing or reserved. Your wardrobe gets to the party way before you arrive. So what is it that you want people to hear?

Fashion is great because it gives us the chance to express ourselves as individuals. Of course there are times when uniformity is expected and required. Schools that require students to wear uniforms come to mind. Dedicated military personnel is another such time when there is no allowance for anything out of the norm.

Outside of those times, we get to put on as much (or as little in some cases) as we choose to. Humans by nature are visual beings. Simply put, we like what we see. We remember it long after you are gone. So if you get it right. We remember it. More importantly, if you get it wrong, you could never live it down.

In business, clothing can make or break you. They (clothing) are the most powerful form of nonverbal communication. So, what are some guidelines for how to dress at work? I’m glad you asked!

1. Always dress in line with the top level executives and bosses, but not more casual than those beneath you on the totem pole. Blending in is key. Never get too casual to where they don’t respect you.

2. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you are trying to get. You don’t plan on being where you are at all your life do you? Let your clothes make that clear to those who have the power to move you up the ladder.

3. When in doubt, wear a blazer or a suit. It is better to take off the coat if the room allows it than to not have one to put on and need to.

4. Never, ever look like a slob. You are at a job, not at the mall. Pants should never sag or be too baggy. Shirts tucked in as always a good idea. Leave the T Shirts at home.

Page 37: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

The worst feeling is going to an event and feeling like you missed the memo. Opportunity has no specific area of choice so you must always prepare and be ready for the call. CJB-Brag

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Customize Your Resume

In today’s society, if you want a job, you must have a resume. Having the right

one can go a long way towards landing that dream job for a possible Fortune 500

company. Customizing your resume for each opportunity is not optional for most

professional jobs in today’s current market.

A resume should first impress the person who is to review it. This is not easy. On

average, the reviewer will take about thirty seconds on the resume to decide if you are

qualified for the job and deserve further consideration. Writing a resume can be a

daunting and intimidating task. Customizing only takes the stakes higher. But it doesn’t

have to be that way.

Two important elements involved in a good resume is content and length. As a

rule, resumes are 1-2 pages in length. It (the resume) should not be too long or the

reviewer won’t bother to even consider it. So, in that, the content must be direct and to

the point. So how does one best improve and revise a resume?

Here are 5 ways to do so:

1. Customize the job objective to match the job title.

Resume expert/author Martin Yate recommends using a “Target Job Title” at the

top of your resume, below the standard name and contact info.

2. Customize your skills to match the job description.

Include additional terms. Being too complete is preferable to not having enough


Page 40: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

!3. Give the right skills top building.

You want the human who sees the resume to immediately know that you do have

the right stuff!

4. Don’t get carried away.

Tweak your resume so that it accurately reflects the experience you have that

matches the job requirements

5. Proofread it (over and over again)

One set of eyes is never enough. Ask at least two other people that you trust to

look it over.

After you have done these things, don’t forget to celebrate! You now have a first rate

resume and great chance in the interview as well. CJB-Brag






Page 41: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i


Empower. Inform. Uplift.





Shakers 41 – Ashley Troutman

! 47 – Corey Tumer

!52 – Rashay Joyce

!56 – Jeffrey Williams

!62 – Sharonda Lawrence

!67 – Stacye Jones

!72 – Jason Alexander

Page 42: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i


Ashley C. Troutman, Insurance/Community Activist When a person is in a received life, they can revel in and enjoy where they are.

Have fun and enjoy where you are and where you are going.

In Ashley C. Troutman, you get many different layers that all comprise the

finished product. The insurance professional and community activist considers it a

badge of honor to be able to serve others.

In his daily routine, he consults with families, individuals, and business owners

assisting them with finding solutions to protect assets and build wealth. Since high

school he has always wanted to be in business. In addition to that, he also had a high

interest for civic involvement. If there was a community event taking place at George

Jenkins High School, you could bet that he would be there, somewhere in the mix.

Probably Troutman’s biggest influence on his desire to get into community affairs

was his very own mother, Bessie G. Troutman. Through his many discussions with her

regarding the community, he realized that it was his duty to carry on her torch and

Fun Facts

First Job – Publix

Favorite Sports Team – Bucs and Magic

Dish You Cook Best – Cabbage, Broiled Chicken Breast, and Tilapia

What actor would play you in a movie? – Chadwick Boseman

First Car – 1991 Toyota Corolla

Sport You Play the Best – Basketball

Page 43: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

expand her work. In fact, both of his parents were very important to his early and

continued success. Troutman said that seeing both of his parents get up to go to work

daily was affirmation that hard work was the only way to be successful. Not matter what

the situation, they made it happen. Especially his mother. Like the typically single

mother household, they were not wealthy by society’s standards. Troutman remembers

that they always had the basics and never wanted for anything. It seemed small then

but he says he now realizes how big of a deal that is now as a man.

Although he is now an insurance professional, it wasn’t always this way.

Troutman worked at Publix for eight years after high school and through college.

Although the opportunity presented itself to go into retail management at Publix, he was

never interested in pursuing the opportunity since it was not what he was looking for. He

desired to continue his career at Publix in the corporate marketing department, but

things seemed to not work out. Troutman decided it was time to move on elsewhere.

During what became his last year at Publix, Troutman began substitute teaching

and volunteering as Girls Basketball Coach at George Jenkins High School with

Terrence Cobb. He was even offered a teaching position at Denison Middle School in

Winter Haven, but he still desired to at least try to pursue a career in business. A

possible position with MidFlorida Credit Union didn’t work out, and almost by fate, he

found himself in the office of Gow Fields one day on May 9, 2005.

It was meant to be a brain picking session that would help to develop his

professional profile. The rest, as they say, is history. Fields was currently performing

what was now his interest (Insurance and Financial Services) with the chance to do

what would become his passion (Community Service). Stepping out on faith, he decided

Page 44: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

to leave Publix and dove head first into the insurance industry. “Mr. Fields, as he fondly

and respectfully calls him, “modeled a life that I imagined could be possible for me.

Successful business man and civically engaged. He’s a huge professional influence for

me. I’ll always be grateful for his friendship and the opportunity he gave me.”

It is important to Ashley Troutman that he is able to meet the needs of the people

around him. This is what gets him up daily to continue working on improving his brand.

He also wants to be able to support a family, be a positive role model and impact his

community. Above all else, Troutman wants to make his mom his proud. Although most

people see him as always being a calm, collective, and thoughtful person, most people

would be very surprised to hear that he can be short tempered as well.

Coming from a very close knit family, Troutman has always had the support of his

parents and siblings (Father, Douglas; Brothers: Victor and Anthony; Sisters: Tammye

(deceased) and Monica). “Anthony (his twin brother) and I are very close. He and I try

our best to encourage one another.” Tim Strawbridge is another of his big professional

influences. He marveled at the way that Strawbridge shared his faith. “He gave you a

look of how men should lead their family”. Strawbridge had no trouble living what he

believed in, and along with his good friend Chris Quary, who is a minister, showed

Troutman through example that it was nothing wrong with doing so.

In his spare time, the University of South Florida graduate in Marketing has a

wide variety of things he likes to do. Be it reading for positive thinking or playing the

piano (which he wants to do more of), Troutman enjoys when he is able to just kick back

from the day to day grind. He also likes to write poetry, but does not do it near as much

Page 45: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

as he used to. He hopes that he can do better with that in the future as well. He also

likes to go out dancing with his lady, Kia Campbell.

If he wasn’t in the Insurance industry, Ashley Troutman figures that he would

probably be doing something in marketing and brand consulting industry or owning and

hosting events in cultural entertainment venue. Many of the great qualities that have

made him successful could easily carry over. Troutman says that “he is not driven, but I

am called by God who directs my path”. By acknowledging God, something his good

Chris Quary regularly talks with him about, Troutman continues to enjoy success.

Being that he is so passionate and connected with his community, it pains him to

see it in its current state. He attributes this decline to the lack of foundation of the family

structure. In his equation, caring families equal caring neighbors, which equal caring

communities, which equal caring cities. Troutman thinks that the key to building up the

community is through the single families. There are a lot of great social activities and

resources already in place that people do not fully utilize.

Evaluate the landscape. This is one piece of advice Ashley Troutman would give

to anyone who dreamed of starting their own business. He also said he would look to

see what your business needs can meet with the passions that one has. Without a

doubt, Troutman says that it is always good to have quality people around you, be in

mentors or friends. One of the hardest lessons that he had to learn was to accept help

better from people. Through relearning this, he admits he almost developed tunnel

vision with “getting things done” and it almost burned him out.

Page 46: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

Looking into the crystal ball of Ashley Troutman’s future, one can expect to see

expanding business offerings that include trying to add another line of insurance

products. In order to make this happen, he knows that he will have to remain faithful in

growing business and be patient. He plans on getting married in the future also.

Troutman says “don’t go on the trip if you not going to enjoy the ride”.

Life achieved and life received while romancing the clock. Just another day in the

life of Ashley C. Troutman. CJB-Brag


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Page 48: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i


Corey Tumer, Events &


! When a teacher asks their class what they want to be when they grow up, most

of the answers include professions like doctor, lawyer, or professional athlete. It sounds

good at the time, but many times the adult reality does not align to the youthful

hopefulness of children. Not many people can say that they had a chance to do what

they dreamed of growing up. Corey Tumer, much like he has been most of his life, is an

exception to the norm.

As the CEO of Four Life Promotions, Tumer advertises and promotes special

events for both youth and adults alike throughout Polk County. But this is only a small

part of what makes him the man that he is. In addition to Four Life, Corey Tumer is also

the founder of the nonprofit mentoring program Made Men, Made Women, Inc. Through

this program, he sponsors an all-girls step team called Taken By Surprise (TBS) that

performs in different competitions all over the Southeast. Through Made Men/Made

Women and in partnership with the Pouncey brothers, (2 of a Kind), they also host an

Fun Facts

First Job? City of Mt. Dora, Parks & Recreation

Favorite Sports Team? L.A. Lakers

Dish you cook best? Fried Chicken

What actor would you play in a movie? Omar Epps

First Car? 1977 Chevy Impala

Sport you play best? Basketball

Page 49: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

annual school supply drive where they provide supplies to over 700 students each year

prior to the start of school.

Tumer estimates that it was around the age of 22, his first year as a teacher that

he knew what he was put on the earth to do. A self-made man, Tumer didn’t have his

parents to aid in his progress as many kids can rely on and expect. In the absence of

his parents, Tumer did have the love and guidance of his grandmother to help raise him

in the proper way to go. A major driving factor in his desire to mentor young kids and

help them to reach their full potential is his what he says is his way of paying back his

grandmother for everything that she did for him. Many don’t know that if his

grandmother had not taken him and his siblings in, they would have been put in the

system as foster children. This is his small way of paying it forward.

As an All American college basketball player, Tumer was not even supposed to

be here. In fact, had he taken the contract offered to him to play professionally overseas

in Germany after he finished at Florida Southern, his life would most likely look much

different. Looking back on it now, he realizes that it was not a part of the plan. He was

meant to inspire others and has no regrets in turning down the offer.

It was actually by happenstance that he ended up in the events and promotion

industry. What was supposed to be a one-time graphic design flyer for his fraternity,

Kappa Alpha Psi, ended up leading him down the path to his current career. Tumer says

that the hunger of being successful is what gets him up daily. He doesn’t consider

himself to be successful because he says “when you do consider yourself a success,

you relax”.

Page 50: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

If he wasn’t doing events and promotion, Corey Tumer figures that he would be

probably be coaching high school basketball. That would probably be music to his own

high school basketball coach, Scott Williams, ears. Tumer actually credits Williams with

being one of his biggest influences along with Sharon Griggs, his 8th grade English

teacher. He said that both showed him that people care about your when you do good

things. Their continued support throughout middle and high school helped to get him


If you check his Social Media activity, one would think that all Corey Tumer does

is work. He chuckles at that thought and says that when he is not working, he enjoys

graphic design. Always being honest and up front with people is who Tumer says he

developed his brand without losing his integrity along the way. His grandmother taught

him that honesty is the key and he uses that important principle in everything he does

still today.

Although he is a role model to many, Tumer says feels that the lack of fathers in

the homes is one reason that the community is more dangerous today than in the past.

If he were to give advice to anyone dreaming of starting their own business, Tumer said

that he would tell them to “understand that success does not come up in one day”.

Above all else, you must crawl before you walk and that it takes time. Another piece of

advice he would provide would be not count the money and to understand the game.

Lastly, be willing and okay with taking losses, because they will come if you stay in the

game long enough.

Page 51: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

While Corey Tumer admits that his Social Media has helped with his success

with his company, it is not the only reason. Learning promotions before the advent of

Social Media allowed him to enjoy success with it. Tumer warns that Social Media can

have a negative impact in his industry because it makes everyone think that they are a

promoter. It takes more than just a flyer to do what he does. Another negative part of his

business is that people make things a competition instead of trying to co-exist. For

Tumer, it is all about building a relationship.

So what does the future bring for Tumer and Four Life? He sees continuous

growth in his future. In addition, it is his goal to have Four Life be the go to organization

for the entire Florida Classic party scene weekend. Judging by where he has come

from, it would not be wise to bet against Corey Tumer making it happen. CJB-Brag

! !






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Page 53: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i


Rashay Joyce, Community Leader

If you are at a little league football stadium, or a baseball park, or in a gym on a

Saturday morning with hundreds of kids walking running around playing basketball in

Lakeland, there is a good chance you will see Rashay Joyce there as well. The 30 year

old Unit Director for the Boys and Girls Club of Lakeland reach and influence extends

far beyond the walls in which he oversees over 10 staff and 120 children daily.

For the core essence of Rashay Joyce are the kids that he serves. In his words,

“kids drive me every day. People in general. I want to help as many people as I can and

make sure that they are okay.” With such a caring nature for others, it should come as

no surprise that his mother was his inspiration in getting him to this point. Despite all the

moves he has made, Joyce says his mother was okay with them all and supported him


Working for the Boys Club happened almost on accident. Joyce originally walked

through the doors of the Club working on a design for a flyer. He came out with a job.

Fun Facts

First Job – KFC (cooking all the chickens)

Favorite Team – Bucs

Dish you cook best – French Fries

What actor would play you in a movie? – Morris Chestnut

First Car – 1996 Mazda Millennium

Page 54: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

He says it was nothing but the Lord that guided him where he was supposed to be –

and still is to this day.

Something that most people might not know about Rashay is that he is very shy and

actually not outgoing. His former baseball coach Angelo Murray would agree. Along with

Murray, Joyce also credits his football coach Don Snake as two of the biggest

influences in his life besides his mother. He says that both of his youth coaches

provided the father figure for him growing up that he didn’t have. It is almost ironic and

poetic at the same time that he now provides that same father figure to many of the

youth he works with at the Boys and Girls Club today.

Rashay said if he wasn’t working with young people (kids), he would probably be

working with old people (senior citizens). A people person in the true sense of the word.

Although he does affect youth at the Boys and Girls Club, Joyce realizes that he is but

one. He says the community, specifically some of the kids, doesn’t have that village

raising them like it was back in the day. “The support system is not there” he states


When not working, Rashay enjoys listening to music. He considers it to be his outlet.

It (music) allows him to keep his focus on his calling. His advice to his kids at the Club

and anyone who has goals on being a success in life is to never compromise your

principals or morals. He stresses to never give up on their dreams. And even though he

has made mistakes along the way, he has no regrets. Joyce feels that all mistakes are

lessons because they made him who he is today.

Page 55: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

As he moves forward, Rashay sees himself running a Fortune 500 company in the

future (the kids at the Boys and Girls Club would probably not be okay with that though).

Although he likes Social Media and feels that it is a great communication tool for this

era, he does not think that will be the ingredient to his success. Joyce says he would

still be successful without it because he is an actual man. He doesn’t use Social Media

to promote himself so he would be fine without it.

Spoken like a true mover and shaker. CJB-Brag









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Page 57: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i



!Jeffrey Williams, Educator/Community Activist Invest your time and/or your money or shut up. Very powerful words for those

who are not serious about what they say they are going to do. Many people talk a good

game when it comes to improving the community in which they live and serve. When

describing what Jeffrey Williams does, his reply is simply to empower youth to be

successful. He lives by the above mentioned strong words and has since he was 24,

when he knew that he was put on the earth to do. “His life’s work” as he sees it.

Seeing kids achieve their goals and dreams and be successful is one of the

things that gets him up daily. Williams is seen as a father figure to many of the youth

that he serves at the Dream Center, where he is a partner and provided free space and

access to the building to impact teens in the community. He is the CEO/Founder of

R.I.S.K. (Reality Instills Skillful Knowledge) Club, a teen leadership group.

Fun Facts

First Job – Coleman Library (FAMU)

Favorite Sports Team – Cowboys

Dish You Cook Best – Chicken Wings

What actor would play you in a movie? Idris Elba

First Car – 1982 AMC Concord

Sport You Play Best - Football

Page 58: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

While many may see Jeffrey Williams on the battlefield, he says that he is only a

reflection of what his parents did for him growing up. They were an extremely important

part of his process and progress. He actually used the lessons that both taught him to

become the success that he is today. In his mom, he learned to be non-judgmental and

in his father, he used the bad example he set during his childhood to know the right

thing to do once he got the chance. Williams believes in redemption and giving people

second chances and notes that his relationship with his father has been patched up

since he became an adult.

The path to Williams’s current career was not as easily paved as the normal

career driven person. The Florida A & M University graduate earned his degree in

Health Care Management, but never worked a day in the field. After a successful

internship in Atlanta, he ended up coming back home to Polk County and began

substitute teaching. In addition to this, he also served as a summer camp director. It

was one summer that he spent working at New Kingdom Kids Camp at the suggestion

of Dr. Jimmy Downing that let him know that this was what he was meant to do.

Williams says that you “can’t be what you don’t see”. Through a program called

Upward Bound, he was able to learn how to set dreams and make goals. He feels that

since he was the product of a program, that it is only right that he help kids in a program

as well. It is his daily way of paying it forward. He patterns his Risk Club around the

Upward Bound model that he came up in. This accomplished educator and community

activist can regularly be found helping others before helping himself. He lives to sow

into others before “sowing into me”. Among his biggest influences is Ernest Joe, whom

Williams says was a constant influence of what a man looks like as it relates to being a

Page 59: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

father and provider. He says that Joe showed others the way no matter who you

were .He also looked to his aunts, uncles, extended family, the community who helped

him to be successful in college and T.D. Jakes, whom he terms as a “genius”.

When he is not working, Mr. Jeffrey, as he is called by the children at the Dream

Center, likes to watch documentaries on TV. He is an adventure hound and likes theme

parks and roller coasters. Above all else, Williams likes to hang out, plan events, and

cook all types of food for his extended family because he feels family is everything.

If he was not spending his days inspiring youth as a community leader and

activist, one would probably find Jeffrey Williams somewhere in the business world….

Maybe. It has always been a dream of his to open up and run his very own restaurant.

When one begins to talk about the community in which he lives and works,

Jeffrey Williams displays a passion and fire not seen in others. In order to not lose his

integrity along the way, he always strived to be unique. One of his strongest traits is that

he is not a follower. Three of the things he never does is compare, complain, or

compete with others. As a black man, Williams knows that you only have your name

and he will be watched closely and it is vital that he stay consistent and have integrity.

As a community leader, it pains Williams to see the neighborhood in its current

state. When asked why he thinks it has gotten to this point, he says without hesitation

that there is no sacrifice of their time by the community residents. He openly asks

“Where are the church leaders? Williams thinks that the pastors can focus on the

community and use the pulpit as a platform. The community’s demise can be traced

back to three major institutions that have been destroyed: family, school, and church.

Page 60: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

When there is a lack of fear and a need to belong, children become dangerous. In his

deep baritone vernacular, Williams says that “don’t show up for the pep rally if you not

ready to go in the game”.

One avenue that can be used as a positive but has been instead more of a

negative in today’s culture is Social Media. While Williams uses Social Media and does

not deny its effectiveness, he thinks that people still need interpersonal skills. He

regularly schedules activities at the Dream Center where children have to actually talk

to each other. Above all else, Williams says that Social Media depends on the person

and the industry. He cautions that we cannot become engulfed and get all in and lose

personal connection with people.

You have to grind before you shine. If he had to give one piece of advice to

anyone dreaming of starting their own business or career, Williams figures that would be

it. Above all else, don’t compromise your integrity. One of the hardest lessons that

Williams had to learn was everybody ain’t for you. He says that there are a lot of haters

and he just uses them as fertilizer. He truly believes in not cutting corners and treating

people right. It is the only way to do things, in his opinion.

So what’s next for Jeffrey Williams you ask? First, he wants to reclaim Lakeland

and build it back up. He longs for a city that respects one another like it used to do.

Williams firmly believes that we need to invest time into building things back up. In

addition to being independent, he wants to build his brand even more. Williams looks to

the future and speaking locally as well as nationally to youth programs of all kinds.

There is still much work to be done and Jeffrey Williams is equal to the task.

Page 61: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

Being a leader of the community in Williams eyes means that he can only focus

on what he can do and needs to be done and not what others are not doing. He feels

that it is urgent and that he can’t wait for what needs to be done now. A simple formula

that he lives by is that No God = No Success.

With more faith, unity, cohesion, and love, Jeffrey Williams is confident that the

community can return to glory. CJB-Brag










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Page 63: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i



Sharonda Lawrence,

Beauty Consultant/Hair Stylist One thing about life is that it just keeps on coming. No matter how many wins or

losses, you have to continue to face it on a daily basis.

Sharonda Lawrence has seen her fair share of challenges, but has preserved

through them all. And is stronger and better as a result. The hair stylist describes what

she does as “complicated”. The entrepreneur also provides beauty consulting for her

clients to enhance their hair care experience.

After earning her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida

Southern College, Lawrence’s plan was to go into corporate America and get out of the

hair care industry altogether. But when you have a passion for something, it can

consume you if you do not properly address it. In her words, she figures that sometimes

you have to have a “master plan to get to your final destination”.

Fun Facts

First Job – Poppa Jay’s Chicken

Favorite Sports Team – Miami Heat

Dish You Cook Best – Curry Chicken

What actress would play you in a movie? Taraji P. Henson

First Car – Ford Escort

Sport You Play Best – Basketball

Guilty Pleasure – Chips and Dip

Page 64: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

At the tender age of 12, Lawrence knew what she was put on the earth to do.

When asked what that is, she proudly replies “to beautify and motivate women”. She

does much more than just hair when behind the chair. Lawrence attests that life has

given her a story to tell and she narrates it every day.

From her mother, Sharonda Lawrence learned strength above all else. Her mom

raised her as a single parent until she was 16 years old and never complained about it.

She saw her mom go to work.

All Day.

Every day.

Watching her example helped her when she too became a single parent. Her

mother’s success gave her the blue print for her own.

Being a beauty consultant is what Sharonda Lawrence says she is. Making

people look good is something that came naturally to her. Sometimes you just know and

she just knew. Lawrence fondly remembers where it all began. She was in the high

school band and did French braids for everyone and got paid as a result. When passion

and money meet, it can be a beautiful sight to behold.

When reflecting on what gets her up and is her daily motivation, Lawrence says

that it is her children. Her oldest daughter is a hair stylist as well and she wants to leave

a legacy for them to aspire to.

Although most people would not believe it, she says that she is actually kind of

shy. When she is not working, Lawrence enjoys reading and doing things with her

Page 65: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

daughters. She admires Oprah Winfrey and lists her as one of her biggest influences

because she uses her gifts to help others. She likens herself to that model on a daily


If she wasn’t in the hair and beauty industry, Lawrence feels that she could see

herself getting into Project Management and Event Planning. That is a love of hers that

she wants to get back into doing more in the future. Now that her youngest daughter is

away at college, she feels that can have more time to get back into it. This past year,

she helped to put on her first hair and fashion show in over 10 years. Lawrence says

that it is important to prioritize, which she had to do to raise her children. But she

doesn’t regret it one bit and now she can focus back on some of the things that she

loves to do.

In order to not lose her integrity, Lawrence says she had to learn to change her

focus as she gained more experience. When she was younger, she says that, in order

to build clientele she did whatever. As she matured, she now is more concerned with the

quality of the work and not the quantity. Also, she now knows that customer service is

the most important part of her business. She believes that it is imperative to specialize

in what you do well at all times.

Sharonda Lawrence has worn many hats in her career. She feels that society has

fooled us and put us in a box. Being in business is not meant for everybody. She

asserts that uses her degree every day. In her words, God has ordained her to use it for

the future when she owns her very own salon. Lawrence feels that she is different from

the norm, because she does “natural healthy hair with a flair”.

Page 66: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i

In 2008, the economy declined. The hair care industry was not exempt from this

financial hit. She ended up having to switch careers for some time and earned her real

estate license and began working in that market. But her first love was and is hair care.

So, once the industry began to recover, she returned “home”. Lawrence credits a big

boost to her ability to build back up her clientele to Social Media. Both Facebook and

Instagram specifically have been very instrumental and she recommends it to everyone

to use. She mentions that when she consults with other hair stylists. With it being free

advertisement, she figures you cannot go wrong. Lawrence eventually wants to develop

her own You Tube channel to further enhance her brand.

Lawrence is always willing to give advice to anyone dreaming of starting their

own business. She lists four rules to live by for aspiring entrepreneurs. First, live life

without fear. Second, next don’t be afraid to jump. Third, always maintain

professionalism. Finally, customer service is key.

If she could do it all over again, Lawrence says she would not have gotten

married so young. She admits probably the hardest lesson she had to learn is to not let

people into her personal space unless they are worthy of it, be it business or personal.

The future looks bright for Sharonda Lawrence. She foresees owning and

operating a multicultural salon that caters to all beauty needs of both men and women in

the near future. Lawrence also has a few more things up her sleeve that she can’t wait

to work on and present to others. It is a dream, passion, goal, and she says, “reality in

the making”.

Sounds like that legacy is well on its way. CJB-Brag

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Page 68: Brag a zine spring 2015 volume i, issue i


Stacye Jones, Branding Expert Many people don’t know what they want to be when they grow up as kids. But,

sometimes you just know what you know when you know it. In the case of Stacye

Jones, where she is right now is exactly where she is supposed to be. The branding

expert has known what she wanted to do for a very long time, or in her words, “almost

all of my life, way back as a child”.

What you get in Stacye Jones is much more than just a graphic design artist.

With extreme confidence and measured humbleness, she says that she can “brand

anything”. Whether it is designing invitations for Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith or

luxury packaging for up and coming fashion designer Altricia Cook, Jones talents know

no limits.

Although her star is shining bright, Jones is very quick to deflect the credit.

Without a doubt and with no hesitation, she credits her parents for her progress and

Fun Facts

First Job – Caribbean Network Magazine

Favorite Sports Team – Miami Heat

Dish You Cook Best – Curry Chicken

What actress would play you in a movie? Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice)

First Car – Mitsubishi Mirage

Sport You Play Best - Basketball

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success. The consistent support of both of her parents allowed her to find her way.

What Jones says she took the most from her parents was their example of hard work.

She feels that she doesn’t have to struggle now because of watching them handle

circumstances and situations when she was a child. The way that her parents showed

her and her siblings to persevere through tough times is what she credits for her not

repeating it today.

Although Jones loves branding and graphic design, she actually had another love

that she first looked into. She originally wanted to get into publishing and illustrate

children stories. The double major in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from the University

of Florida still has doing a children’s book on her bucket list of future things to do. She

feels that this is another way that she can reach her clients and bring art to life. In fact,

Jones says that this is her inspiration. The response of her client’s drives her.

Whereas many may see Stacye Jones as all business, all the time, she does

have a playful side. She says that most people would be surprised to know that she is a

clown. This is mainly because she only says that people only get to see that side of her

once she is comfortable with them. Jones feels that it is important to observe before

giving people access to her like that.

Way back at Rochelle School of the Arts, Jones credits her Art teacher Kent

McAllister as being one of her greatest influences. He taught her to feel good about

being a black student doing Art. This was very significant as she found herself being

one of only two black Art students at Rochelle. Jones cited her experience of being a

speaker at the Great American Teach In and speaking to a class of 2nd graders really

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gave her a frame of reference for how far she has come. She termed it as being


It probably should come as no surprise that an artistic student would also have

an intense love for music and Jones is no different. She says that when she is not

designing, she sometimes just makes up a reason to get in her car and just ride. If she

wasn’t doing branding and graphic design, Jones figured she would be pursuing a

career in fashion or maybe in music. She figures that no matter what she would be

doing, she would stay true to her goal of “creating the visual belief and making it real for

my clients”.

In all things, be true to thyself. That is what Jones says has been important in

maintaining her integrity while building up her brand. She says that sometimes we get

lost through the exposure. She is thankful that this has not happened to her. One must

always believe in themselves and in their brand when doing business. She advises

anyone dreaming of starting their own business to do their research. She cautions to

know what is out there, what works and to strive to be different. Jones also says that

she got the very best advice she has ever received from her father, in which he said that

people lose out on opportunities due to fear. Be fearless!

Stacye Jones looks to strive for the experience. In all that she is doing, she is

looking to try and change the market. One such untapped market for her is with kids.

One thing that is next for her is to write a children’s story and get it published. She

figures that her first children’s story will be the start of a possible series. She says that

she loves kids because they are so real. In fact, Jones shared that her nephew is

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almost like her Art Director. She sends logos through to him and values his input

because he is so honest.

Probably the hardest lesson that she had to learn is to be on time and admits that

she is still working on it. She divulged that she once lost herself in a relationship and

that was a mistake that she wish she could have back. She says she “felt like I got

robbed of my talent”. But since she can’t, she says that she has learned from it and

values herself as much as she does her Art, which she hates to give away.

Looking into the future, Jones plans to own her own studio. She also has as her

goal to be the most well-known and creative individual in the state of Florida when it

comes to branding. She feels that she will have slowed down by then. And she will still

be as happy as she is now. Just really enjoying life.

Very sure that Stacye Jones will have no problem branding and designing that.




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Jason Alexander, Spoken Word

Create a world to take them away without them having to leave the Earth.

That is the goal of Jason Alexander every time he gets behind a microphone.

Nothing in his past seemed to indicate that Alexander would be in this spot now. The

Florida A & M University graduate earned his degree in Accounting and off to corporate

America he went. And although he had much success, he hated every minute of it.

On the surface, Jason Alexander writes poetry and is one of the top up and

coming Spoken Word artists in Central Florida. But beyond that, he does so much more.

In order to become the “it “man in this industry, he normally finds himself in the role of

promoter, doing the booking, and all other aspects of running his company, Smart

Mouth Entertainment. But he does not mind. Actually, he would not have it any other


Many times in life, we almost happen upon that which we were destined to do.

Jason Alexander was no different. For years, he used to write poetry for leisure and fun.

Fun Facts

First Job – JC Penney Stock Room

Favorite Sports Team – Miami (The U)

Dish You Cook Best – Shepherd’s Pie

What actor would play you in a movie? Jamie Foxx

First Car – 1989 Ford Topaz

Sport you Play Best - Football

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It was not until a friend suggested that he needed to perform in front of people that he

began to give spoken word serious thought. So on June 5, 2010, he hit the stage for the

first time at an Open Mic night and it just felt right. After lighting up the stage, the rest,

as they say, is history.

Jason Alexander had and still has a very strong support system in his parents.

He calls them his “reality checkers”. They bring him perspective in all that he does. He

considers it a blessing that they come to all of his shows. With his parents always

behind him, Alexander has always dreamed big and expected much from himself. He

says that above all else, his dad will “keep it real” with him and let him know

immediately if he liked a show or not. Even when he left corporate America, they

supported his desire to make his dream of spoken word into its current reality.

The blueprint for many people is to go to college and come out and get a job.

Jason Alexander was no different. And for a year, he was the poster child for the status

quo. He didn’t see any progression, so he began to look for other avenues of fulfillment.

When faith meets opportunity, amazing things can happen. That opportunity presented

itself to him when he was able to present his poetry in front of a packed house.

One thing that Alexander is careful to note is, that he is a businessman. And in

business, there are no freebies. He started his career riding up and down the highway

from Orlando to Tampa because he felt that Polk County was not ready for his brand of

entertainment. But home is where the heart is and this was always where he wanted to


This special personality uses his unique style to make people happy. He feels

that his if anyone comes to his show, it will be hard not to smile. He used that special

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talent to help his terminally ill grandmother get away from the perils of her world. It was

his way of making her forget about life and what she was going through. It was just as

therapeutic for him as it was for her.

Jason Alexander has an insane desire to be great. It is what gets him up in the

morning. He continually seeks to find new ways to make people laugh and to entertain.

He realizes now that he has people looking at him. With that spotlight squarely on him,

he knows that he cannot fail. He sees himself as a hope to people now. This is why he

feels that marketing is so important. He says that you have to “know where you are

going and who are you are going with”.

Something that most people don’t know about Alexander is that he actually has

real feelings. He also is very laid back. In his industry, he feels that he can’t always

show it. But when he is around friends and family, just hanging out playing spades, he

can so with no reservation. Alexander loves to eat and just be around what he calls

“good company”. Since he works so much, being able to enjoy his hobbies does not

happen as much as he would like. He understands that it is all about of the process


In addition to his parents, his biggest professional influence is Jamie Foxx.

Alexander marvels at how he went from comedy to singing. The ability of Foxx to bring

what he really wanted to do (which was sing) into that which he was really doing

(comedy). He does it all. Alexander is well on his way to doing the same.

If he was not working in Spoken Word, he figured that he would be doing

something involving working with kids. Alexander loves children. He says that “when

you reach them, there is nothing like it”. Not having enough people and resources in

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place to reach the kids is one big reason he sees the decline in the community as it

relates to violence by children. Alexander feels that somewhere along the way, we got

away from the source, which is the church. Kids now have the option to say yes or no

now, it’s not mandatory any more. Kids today have no fear of anything and that is a

scary proposition in Alexander’s eyes. And something he wants to help change through

his brand.

Jason Alexander has developed his brand with one simple goal - do business the

right way. He feels that you do not have to compromise to get where you want to be. His

advice is to be straight up and not cut corners. His strategy is to work hard on the back

end and it has proved very successful thus far. One great tool that has been like a god

send for his company is Social Media. The fact that it is free makes it that much more of

a necessity to take advantage of. When utilized correctly, it is a great tool. Alexander

figures that he has not printed a flyer in almost a year. In his opinion, if you are not using

Social Media, you are not doing business. Simply put, you have to be accessible to your


To anyone who is looking to start their own business, Alexander would tell them

that, if you want to be successful, that you can’t sleep. The successful person is the one

who is always doing something. On a constant grind. Whatever it is that you endeavor

to do, Alexander says that you have to love it in your heart. When it gets hard (and it

will), the love for it will get you through. He says that, in addition to having passion, one

must also have a plan. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t just quit his Corporate

America job, he had a plan. Alexander firmly believes that “your gifts will make room for


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So what is next for Jason Alexander? He is striving to get into public schools. In

2014, he was fortunate enough to get into some colleges and did three shows. He also

wants to expand to the private sector more, in far as doing wedding receptions, baby

showers, and corporate parties. Long term, Alexander would like to open up a

Performing Arts Institute for children. He figures that the kids need it with the schools

taking it out of schools. Aside from the couple of arts schools, the arts programs have

become very bland. Through his institute, he wants to teach students how to write

poetry, rap, sing, produce, and put on shows. A one stop shop if you will. One forgotten

aspect that Alexander wants to illuminate is Public Speaking. He feels that today’s kids

don’t articulate well and it is a skill that is needed in life. In his words, “public speaking

skills build confidence”.

Alexander doesn’t believe in mistakes. He sees mistakes as a part of his journey

and he thanks God for it. Without his experiences, he would not be who he is today. He

does note, he wishes that he could have done a few business ventures differently in

which he didn’t take serious due to how they were presented. But he learned from it and

is much better now as a result. Run wholeheartedly, blind, and provide. Jason

Alexander is the epitome of it all.



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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Silver Spoon

Rating Area Restaurants

Name of Restaurant: Hallback’s Bar and Grill !

Location: Lakeland Linder Airport

Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 11:00 am – 3:00 pm; Friday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm; Saturday 8:00 am – 11:00 pm; Sunday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

About Hallback’s: Hallback’s is a family owned establishment that offers American flare mixed with a touch of southern staples. They pride themselves in providing excellent customer service. The restaurant offers amazing airplane runway views, infused with great food. Whether its pan-seared Salmon or BBQ Ribs, Hallback’s maintains a goal to deliver excellent customer satisfaction along with great cuisine.

Silver Spoon Rating: 5 out of 5 Spoons (simply delicious!)




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Empower. Inform. Uplift.

Real Talk Field Mob had a song out a few years ago entitled Sick of Being Lonely. In the chorus, the woman sings about how she feels when the man goes out with his homies and leaves her home alone.

There are many strong, independent, and successful women in today’s society. Money, fame, power, and status are all in place. It seems like they have everything they should to be happy. But alas, they are still lonely.

Most successful women picture themselves on top of the corporate ladder, with kids and being married to the man of their dreams. So why are so many women hugely successful but increasingly lonely?

Some clients of date coaches have reported that they’re single because of the lack of quality men in their area and lack of respect from men. Being successful yet alone can have the effect of embarrassment, bitterness, and jealousy.

Successful women have been accustomed to driving their own bus most of their lives. It has been found that women that drive toward success do so in most cases with no one in the car with them.

Be it right or wrong, many men are not prepared to go into a relationship and assume an inferior status to his woman. The reality is that a successful man has a much easier time finding a woman than the successful woman has finding a man.

There is only room for one to lead. That is the mantra that many corporations are built on. So, if you have two powerful people trying to start a relationship, who is going to relinquish the power so that it (the relationship) can be cultivated and grown?

Men are groomed to lead. They are providers and want to take care of their families. The successful woman has to ask herself if she willing to “play the game” or stand on the sideline and watch everyone else play. CJB-Brag


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