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Paige Warner Sales Representative Pinnacle Division Dallas, Texas

Paige WarnerSales RepresentativePinnacle DivisionDallas, Texas

Case Analysis all Suppliers (Rolling 12)

E&J Gallo Revenue Rolling 12+14.3%Revenue Year to Date -7.6%

Gallo Focus Brands 2016 YTD

Carnivor +0.2Apothic +32.2William Hill + 7.9Barefoot Bubbly +3.7Peter Vella +1.8Carlo Rossi + 11.1Ghost Pines + 4.8GFV + 32.7Gascon +79Brancaia +26.7Vin Vault +132.7

Michael David Revenue Rolling 12+16.2Revenue Year to Date +15.2

Wente Revenue Rolling 12+90.3Wente Revenue Year to Date+79.9

MHUSA Revenue Rolling 12+ 57.9MHUSA Revenue Year to Date+52.3

Pictures by Chain

Had a 120cs display of Barefoot I refilled 3 times during OND at Walmart 5764Walmart 5764Half pallet of GFV for mothers day at 5092Summer kickoff display at 5092Neighborhood Walmart 2979Walmart 5764

50cs around the spy at Walmart 5092 for Easter

Neighborhood Walmart 5963

Walmart 5092

Neighborhood Walmart 5963Walmart 5092

Walmart 5092

Walmart 5316 I had a pallet all of SOND

Target 2754All through SOND, my partner and I split the cart-wheel at Target 2754 and were able to fill it through the holidays. Not one bottle was republic

Target 1395Target 1395Target 1765

Target 1395

Target 1765

Target 1395

Upsold the barefoot buy in and brought in an extra 15 cases to make a nice display of it

Kroger 562

Kroger 585

Kroger 536

Kroger 585

Upper Management/Supplier Brags


SWOT Analysis

30-60-90 Day Goals30 daysLearn the basics of diver and how to pull informationGet acquainted with the procedures and responsibilities of the jobGet out in the market to meet the buyers/sales reps I am going to be working withBegin to learn the basics of the fine wine products we are promotingGet feedback from the managers regarding ways I can make their lives easier60 DaysBegin to pick out accounts that have more opportunities than others and help the reps progress in those accountsLearn how to approach each sales reps buyers as well as the business they run. Take notes on each account I visit with the things I would like to see the reps accomplish

90 daysHave a full grasp on my whole territory and what needs to be accomplishedBegin to ride with suppliers to gain space in the marketBe fully comfortable updating numbers and managing distributionsBe out in the market with each rep at least once a month