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The remix of my talk on brand strategy with a focus on content strategy. My wins and fails of creating differentiation and tone of voice at a B2B enterprise startup. If the slides make no sense, invite me to give the talk live and/or run a workshop. I'm pretty cheap and I don't mind flying coach.


<ul><li> 1. A MINIMUM VIABLE PRESENTATION FOR NUX2BRANDING:ALL IN THE MIND @MIKEATHERTON</li></ul> <p> 2. Sharepoint sucks.!Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin 3. THE FEATURITIS CURVE Happy user peak RAWR!User happinessI rule!Guess Id better read the manual Where the f*** did they put that?!Cool!Now I cant even do the ONE SIMPLE THING I bought this for.So glad they added this! Nice, but I wish it did moreI suck.Number of featuresKathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users, 2005 4. 2001No wireless. Less storage space than a Nomad. Lame. I don't see many sales in the future... Slashdot commenter!All this hype for something so ridiculous! Who cares about an MP3 player? MacRumors commenter 350,000,000 iPods sold (September 2012) 5. 50 MILLION USERS38 years13 years4 years6 months50 days 6. YOUR BRAND IS NOT YOUR LOGO.BRANDS OWN A CORNER OF YOUR MIND. BRAND IS A SMALL, DIFFERENTIATED IDEA.@MIKEATHERTON 7. SafeCarRobotVacuumInstantCamera 8. THE FIRST LAW OF BRANDING ISFOCUSOWNING A SINGLE DIFFERENTIATED IDEA IN THE CUSTOMER MINDAL RIES, THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING 9. What about you and me? (Relationship)What do I think about you? (Response)THE BRAND LADDER What are you? (Meaning)Who are you? (Identity)Building brand equity is a sequence of steps, where each step is dependent on successful completion of the previous one. Kevin Lane Keller - Building Customer-based Brand Equity, 2001 10. PROGRESSION OF ECONOMIC VALUE transformations DIFFERENTIATIONservices goods commoditiesCUSTOMER RELEVANCYexperiencesPRICE PREMIUM Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore - The Experience Economy, 1999 11. A brand is an idea that you stand for, made real by what you do and expressed through your personality. !Wally Olins 12. VALUES: The iconic things that you stand for above all else. !PERSONALITY: Your specific characteristics, or how others would describe you. 13. We choose to go to the moon. John F. Kennedy, 1962 14. WRITE YOUR BRAND STORYTELL THE TALE OF YOUR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. TELL US WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND WHAT YOURE HERE TO DO.@MIKEATHERTON 15. VALUES: The iconic things that you stand for above all else. !PERSONALITY: Your specific characteristics, or how others would describe you. 16. Brand voice must be unique, authentic and talkable. Rohit Bhargava Personality Not Included 17. FIND YOUR TRUE VOICECUTE IS NOT THE ONLY TONE OF VOICE. AIM FOR UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC, TALKABLE...AND APPROPRIATE TO YOUR PRODUCT.@MIKEATHERTON 18. CHALLENGER BRANDSREFRAME THE CONVERSATION MAKING US CONSIDER THE CATEGORY IN NEW WAYSAL RIES &amp; JACK TROUT, POSITIONING: THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND 19. $500? Its the most expensive phone in the world! !Steve Ballmer on the iPhone, 2007 20. FlopPersonalComputerJumpingSmallPocketComputerCar 21. Cruelty-freeFabric 22. CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLYFROM PERSONALITY TO POSITIONING. LET YOUR VOICE TELL US WHY YOURE DIFFERENT.@MIKEATHERTON 23. Feminine but not girlyIrreverent but not vagueWitty but not zanyParental but not sternInformal but not cutesyStylish but not datedClever but not elitistTrustworthy but not boringGeeky but not nicheSurprising but not shocking 24. Hugh Laurie British manner with global relevance, dry sarcasm.David TennantCharm, British but global, warmth, geek chic.New MINI British know-how, glamour, fun, well-built, informal, technology wrapped in timeless style.Tina Fey Modern woman, intelligent humor, touch of sarcasm. 25. TONE OF VOICE The people's champion, speaking to those on the front-line. A friendly tone echoes the people behind the brand. Were authoritative, understated, charming and witty. Weve even a sliver of geek chic. We're resonant to the British, and relevant to the world. 26. Example: In-app greeting Too littleJust rightToo muchWelcome,Hello Alastair. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin.Yo Alastair! Ready toAlastair Mitchell.rock and roll? 27. REMEMBER YOUR MASLOWMEET BASIC NEEDS BEFORE DELIGHT SPEND YOUR GOODWILL ON PERSONALITY@MIKEATHERTON 28. A brand is an idea that you stand for, made real by what you do and expressed through your personality. 29. BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGNPUTS YOUR DIFFERENTIATOR, VALUES AND ATTITUDE INTO THE HEART OF YOUR PRODUCT. 30. IntelligentMicro CollaborationBloggingMicro News 31. People think focus means saying yes to the thing youve got to focus on. But thats not what it means at all. !It means saying no to a hundred other good ideas. !Steve Jobs 32. MORE CHALLENGES Agile makes sweeping changes hard Sharpening focus takes true grit Customers want faster horses@MIKEATHERTON 33. THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL PRODUCTSSMALL PIECES, LOOSELY JOINED. FOCUSED AND INTEROPERABLE.@MIKEATHERTON 34. BRAND IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITYMAKING MARKETING RUN YOUR BRAND IS LIKE MAKING I.T. RUN YOUR WEBSITE. LIVE YOUR VALUES IN EVERYTHING YOU DO.@MIKEATHERTON 35. BE A CHALLENGERDONT ATTACK PRODUCTS. CHANGE IDEAS. SOLVE THE PROBLEM IN A BETTER WAY.@MIKEATHERTON 36. FIND THE UNCONTESTED GROUNDMAKE THINGS UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC &amp; TALKABLE. USE BRAND-VALUES TO DEFINE YOUR PROPOSITION.@MIKEATHERTON 37. BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGNKNOW YOUR HEART REFRAME YOUR CATEGORY DEFINE YOUR MISSION FIND YOUR VOICEMAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE SHINE THANKS! @MIKEATHERTON </p>