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  • 1. for DEPARTMENT: BRAND&PROMOTION Presented By: Vivek Gupta


  • We promote our events and gather trade visitors to the exhibition venue.
  • Our promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company and our product is ourEvents .
  • Generate database through various channels, sources etc.
  • Receiving of Best Wishes/messages from Ministers/Governors/ Association Heads etc. for all Exhibition Catalogues.
  • Regular circulation of Flyers, Invitation Tickets and other promotional materials to targeted professionals, specialists and key buyers.
  • Generally, we also generate sales leads for our shows.
  • We also issue Participation&Visa Invitation letters to our exhibitors&visitors resp.

What We do? 3.

  • To Truly Represent theServices InternationalGlobally by Promotingour all shows.

What is Our Mission? 4.

  • To expand all shows globally in theknowledge domain throughQuality Trade Visitors .

What is Our Vision? 5.

  • Our good amount of authentic dataof Trade Visitors
  • Good business relations withGovt. Bodies

What is Our USP? 6.

  • Key Personnel from the Manufacturing/Distributors community, mainly Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Managers, Heads, CEOs, Engineers, Technocrats and Scientists Marketing Chiefs, Professionals and Consultants, Policy makers, Diplomats and Commercial Corporations Industry Associations and Trade Delegations&Techno- commercial personnel from Projects, Purchase, Production and maintenance departments from the Private and Public Sector.
  • Chief Ministers/Governors/Secretaries etc. from the Government.

To whom we target? ? ? 7. Our Work Experience

  • Disaster Management 2008 Exhibition&Conference
      • 16th- 18th April 2008, New Delhi
  • Glass World Expo 2008 Exhibition&Conference
      • 8th 9th January 2008, Mumbai
  • FESPA World Expo 2007 Exhibition&Conference
      • 7th- 9th December 2007, New Delhi
  • Fire India 2007 Exhibition&Conference
      • Co-located with Secure/ APC Exhibitions (Anti-terrorism, Police&Civil Defence) during 21st- 23rd November 2007, Mumbai
  • Disaster Management 2007 Exhibition&Conference
      • 19th- 21st March 2007, New Delhi

8. Cont Our Achievements so far

  • We are very much successful in brining downquality trade visitorsto our all shows and our visitors came from Govt. Sectors/ Ministries and Private/Trade Sectors.
  • Apart from gathering visitors, we also havecollected messagesfrom Ministers/Governors/ Association Heads etc. for all Exhibition Catalogues.
  • MetSmt. Sheila Dixit (CM, Delhi)regarding Logo Support of Govt. of Delhi to Fire India 2009- Exhibition&Conference.

9. 10.

  • Promotion represents all of the communications that we use in the marketplace&our promotion has various distinct elements such asAdvertising, Word of Mouth/Telecalling etc...

Our Future Strategies: 11.

  • Advertising is ourbestmode of communication to inform our potential visitors(can also be our exhibitors)about our events and we useInternet Advertisementalso know ase- advertisement , which is
    • very economical,
    • time saving and
    • Cover up of global audience at a time.
  • Our e-Advertisement include,
    • e-mail marketing,
    • Fill up of online inquiry/feedback forms,
    • Also Social Media Marketing Methodssuch as blog marketing etc.
    • Search engine/ Trade Web sites marketing,
    • Publication of Press Releases

Advertising: 12. 13. Published Press Releases No. of People who has viewed the Press Release 14.

  • Word of mouth is a reference to the passing of information by verbal means, especially recommendations, but also general information, in an informal, person-to-person manner.
  • Word of mouth is typically considered,
    • a face-to-face spoken communication, although phone conversations
    • text messages sent via e- mails
    • web dialogue, such as online profile pages, blog posts, message board threads etc.

Word of Mouth/Telecalling: 15. Miscellaneous Activities:

  • Generate database through various channels, sources etc.
  • Personal visits to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Headquarters of Paramilitary Forces etc.
  • More and More Online registrations at different trade websites to promote our shows.
  • Personalized Invitation letters and Invitation calls to all Govt. Sectors as well as Industry Heads.
  • Logo support from Govt. of India and various associations related to the show Profile.

Cont 16. Online Registrations of our events: 17. Online Registrations of our events: 18.

  • Mass mailing via Blasting Machine.
  • Designing ofhtmlmailer and blasting on our database.
  • Blasting of e-newsletters related to a particular show.
  • Receiving of Best Wishes/messages from Ministers/Governors/ Association Heads etc. for all Exhibition Catalogues.
  • Regular circulation of Flyers, Invitation Tickets and other promotional materials to targeted professionals, specialists and key buyers.

Miscellaneous Activities: 19. Upcoming Events:

  • FESPA Digital Printing India- 14th- 16th December 2008
  • Biotechnology Outsourcing India 2009- January 2009
  • India International Coatings Show- 6th 8th February 2009
  • TranSec India Expo 2009- 18th- 20th February 2009
  • Secure Exhibition&Conference 2009- 18th- 20th February 2009
  • Fire India 2009 Exhibition&Conference- 18th- 20th February 2009
  • Ceramics&Ceramic Technologies Exhibition&Conference 2009-26th- 28th February 2009
  • Kitchen&Bath Asia 2009 - 26th- 28th February 2009

20. Proposed Events:

  • Agriculture Products/Machines
  • Poultry&Livestock
  • Flower&Garden/ FloricultureOR Horticulture

Proposed Venues for these Events:

  • In Punjab : Perfect Palace, Ludhiana
  • In Uttarakhand : Rishikul Ground, Haridwar OR
  • Gandhi Park, Rudrapur, (Pant Nagar) Distt Udham Singh Nagar
  • In UP : International Expocentre, Sec. 62 Noida

21. Thank You!!!