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Brand Storytellingin Digital and Social MediaBilly Strawter Jr.Social Coop MediaCo-FounderDigital Strategist@bjstrawterMike McClure The Yaffe GroupSVP Digital MarketingExec Creative Director@mikekmcclure Arts &CulturePerfect for storytelling.Perfect for social.for Storytelling Successin Digital and Social3 keyelements1: Beauthentic 2: Be entertaining or informative Be interactiveHow to findyour storyYour corebrand attributesand values Your history & the stories you tell product and its historyYour employeesYouremployeesYourCustomers#lastnightatthemetStory formats in Digital and Social MediaVisual formats Combining visual & text based formats blogs, web articles, Facebook postsPre-produced video based formats video based formats in social and digitalHow todistributeyour story Customize for eachsocial channelvs. uploading directly to FacebookUploading to Youtube to share Should you boost it?Choosing the right story to boost and when.