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  • Brand Storytellingin Digital and Social Media

    Billy Strawter Jr.Social Coop Media

    Co-FounderDigital Strategist


    Mike McClure The Yaffe GroupSVP Digital MarketingExec Creative Director@mikekmcclure

  • Arts &Culture

    Perfect for storytelling.Perfect for social.

  • for Storytelling Successin Digital and Social

    3 keyelements

  • 1: Beauthentic

  • 2: Be entertaining or informative




  • 3: Be interactive

  • How to findyour story

  • Your corebrand attributes

    and values


  • Your history & the stories you tell


  • Your product and its history

  • Your employees


  • YourCustomers

  • #lastnightatthemet

  • Story formats in Digital and Social Media

  • Visual formats

  • Combining visual & text based formats

    blogs, web articles, Facebook posts

  • Pre-produced video based formats


  • Live video based formats

  • in social and digital

    How todistributeyour story

  • Customize for eachsocial channel

  • vs. uploading directly to Facebook

    Uploading to Youtube to share

  • Should you boost it?Choosing the right story to boost and when.


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