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Whether you're a food truck, a gourmet foods company or a food news publisher, consistently using social tools can greatly increase your following. You can cook the best food but if you don't make it find-able, no one will know you’re cooking. All the social media tools can feel overwhelming, like a broth with too many ingredients. The key is to share your story using only the most relevant tools in a way that makes sense for your individual brand. So many of us are great at creating our products, but not at promoting them. Social media tools like Pinterest make it easier than ever to tell our stories and engage communities of fans online. In this session you will learn how to tell the story of your brand leveraging sites like Pinterest and gain tactical tools you can immediately apply to your own marketing and PR plan. We will be looking at a handful of successful case studies that will inspire you on your own brand storytelling journey.


1. Winter Fancy Food Show Brand Storytelling withPinterest and Social Media @BlakeLandau January 2013 San Francisco 2. Workshop AgendaI. Why the food industry is uniquely positionedfor social.II. The baseline for a social strategy.III. My fave socially savvy food truck exampleswith a bite of content + context. 3. We Surveyed #FFS13s Challenges, Here Were Your Responses:1. No return.2. No executive buy-in.3. Dont know how to measure it.4. Who will create and manage all this content?5. No bandwidth.6. Confused on how to manage it all.7. No time.8. Where do I start?9. How do I use it?10. Is my demographic even on here? 4. What does food do for us? Meaning Love Fun Entertainment Culture Nourishment Togetherness 5. I. Why is the food industry uniquelypositioned for success with social media? 6. Food is inspiration for stories and communitythe tenants of a social media strategy 7. Food is your business. Culture needs to beyour department. Social media is the bridgethat connects these worlds. 8. How do I do I differentiate my food brand? 9. Content, context, community & 1 to 1 relationships 10. Just like a good mate, know what your customers value. 11. And just like when you fall in loveYou must know and love who YOUARE before customers fall in lovewith you. 12. which brings me to Social ID?Your Social ID is about the experience youraudience has with your brand.Its WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. 13. That experience is what your advocates will talk about. 14. You have every tool imaginable to create authentic and meaningful stories. 15. Its not just what you say, its how you say it.and who says it. 16. ..basically you need to be the perfect mate Charismatic Interesting Good listener Leaves ego at the door Asks questions Always helpful Kind Keeps things spicy Doesnt talk about themselves constantly Isnt trying to get to third base at hello 17. This voice versus 18. This voice. 19. Who would you prefer to interact with? It matters. 20. II. The baseline for a social strategy. 21. Like the layers of a cakewithout a base, your social efforts will topple 22. 5 Steps to A Social Strategy 23. Step 0: Houston, we have an opportunity The executive team must believe in and support the importance of social media Someone should be empowered to lead this effort This will take cultural change within the organization. It will demand a shift in budget and focus. 24. Step 1: Identify your short and long-term goalsDo you want to:Drive loyalty?Accelerate customer acquisition?Improve customer affinity?Improve overall engagement? 25. Step 2: Create a center of excellence CEO COO CIO CMO CCO CRO 26. Step 3: Organizational structure Research from 27. Step 4: Metrics 28. Step 5: Guidelines (examples)1. Listen closely. Thats what your ears are for.2. Respond to questions / queries / concerns in a timely fashion.3. When you respond, remember that you are a human, not a PRbot. Alittle personality is more than ok.4. Have a thick skin and take all criticism on the chin (but stick up foryourself where necessary).5. Learn the difference between cheekiness and spamminess. Kiss theformer, kill the latter.6. Coordination and consistency (of messaging) is important. Talkamong yourselves.7. Raise flags internally, as and when appropriate.8. Denial, wool-pulling and hole-digging is bad. Admitting mistakesand saying sorry is good (relatively speaking).9. Always pause for a moment in private before you reply in public.10. Be responsible. 29. Step 6: ToolsIts not about the technology, its about the people.[But dont get me wrong, the technology helps.] 30. Fave Food Trucks w/A Bite of Content & Context 31. Food trucks achieve success with social mediabecause its a "community first mentality. 32. Run a contest involving fans to build excitementduring a quiet season. Bite and Booze blogger Jay Ducote partnered with Ninja Snowballs to run the contest, which asked foodies to invent a new flavor combination for the truck. Entries were accepted via Twitter and Facebook. 33. Offer A DealDuring the SXSW conference ChiLantro Bbq teamed upwith Intuit GoPayment--the truck sold 25 cent tacos tocustomers who followed the truck on Twitter and paidwith a credit card. They promoted it on Foursquare,Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. 34. Celebrate A National Holiday 35. Guess Who? 36. Bet you didnt guess Whole Foods! 37. A reminder of how compelling contentis not always about you or your products. 38. Pinterest 101 10.4 million users 25 million unique visitors/month Average time spent: 1hr 17 min Draws more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and youtube combined 39. SEO benefits Pinterest is indexed by google and should be part of your backlinking and social linking strategy. Use keywords, hashtags, or categories. Repins encourage following 40. Photos should shine: Each photo should be highquality, engaging, focused, properly cropped, andit should be easy to identify the subject. 41. Know your audience Organize your subjects: If you can keep your boards clean and organized you will improve usability for your followers. Funny quotes tend to be crowd pleasers for any target market. Inspire your followers: Find out what motivates your audience 42. Content Tips Pinterest was built on the notion of DIY projects and recipes. Share as many of these as possible with your audience. Make it your goal to share a helpful tip/image daily. Infographics display very nicely on Pinterest and are an eye catcher for your audience. 43. In closing Social media is a new way of engaging with your community. Your community is made up of customers, prospects, vendor partners, employees and the crowd. We dont always know who is listening, so we must ALWAYS act as if everyone is listening, all the time. This is the most public messaging we will participate in as an organization. It deserves extreme care, quality, and thought, every time. 44. Thank you! 347 907 0968