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  • 1. BrandonMoss Hr:9:0010/5/10 Valerie Hannah

2. Overview

  • The Make -A -Wish Foundation strives to enrich the lives of children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The foundations goal is to allow a child to engage in something that they always wanted to do (a wish). The Foundation makes these wish come true by organizing fundraiser and accepting donations from volunteers who support this program and want to help out. The Make-A-Wish foundation is a non profit organization so all the help and donations are all voluntary. This is the goal for the foundation, to get others to support the live of those how are not to fortunate and give them a last chance at happiness and bring joy to their lives.

3. History of Foundation

  • History of Foundation:
  • The foundation was founded in 1980 after a young boy named Chris Greicius who was being treated for leukemia. This little boys dream was to grown up and become a police officer. In April 1980, with the help of the Arizona Department of Public Safetys help Chriss dream came true. Chris got to experience a ride on a police helicopter and flew to the DPS head quarters where he was met by officers and the DPS command staff. He was sworn in as the first honorary DPS patrolman in state history. Young Chris die a month later but was glad to have his dream come true. From there the foundation was started following the idea of making a childs dream cometrue.

4. How we Grant Wishes

  • The foundation will grant a wish to a child who is from the ages of2 1/2 to 18 year of age. Whether the child is eligible to be granted a wish on there medical condition is determined a physician saying thatthe child is diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition. If so a member of the foundation is sent to meet the patient and hear about the childs wish and what they would like to do. Then the foundations granters come up with an exciting and unforgettable plan for the child to experience threw the help of others willing to support and make the child's wish come true.

This is Jeff Gordon showing this young boy who dream of being a NASCAR driver around the pits at one of the NASCAR races . 5. Specific Programs

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  • Service Goal
  • This foundation is only made possible by supporters who care about the message of the program and truly care these unfortunate children. Any little act of support towards the foundation helps whether is being volunteering at an event to raise money for the foundation, giving donations, or giving your time from to make a childs dream come true.

6. Events

  • Make-A-Wish will hold events that will fundraise money for the foundation. This gives the foundation more chances to grant wishes the more money raised the more wish that be made true. The foundation holds andplansevents such as charity walks, sales, and others. Along the main foundation there are many other groups that work along with make a wish that do there own fundraising and give there earnings to the foundation. These groups are found in the communities and in schools around the nation.

7. Donors

  • Donors help by willing giving anything they have to the foundation whether it being money or something that the foundation needs or can use. There is a group of members for the foundation that anyone can join. Its called the Hope Stout Society. These members are volunteers that devote there time and money into supporting the foundation and helping out at events to fundraise.
  • This is Hope Stouts whos selfless wish was to have all of the other childs wishes in her home North Carolina to be granted. She form a group the Hope Stout Society which raised more then 1 million dollars granting all the children and Hopes wish. She sadly pass away of bone cancer but she is a huge inspiration to all and the foundation

8. Community Needs

  • This foundation meets the communitys needs by giving those children a chance. By following threw and giving the children their wish, the foundation is also giving back to the supporters how have work and volunteered to see these kids wishes come true. If the foundation provides what they say they will then they will get more support from their supporters.

9. Funding Institution

  • Along side with the donors of the foundation there are also other kinds of support the foundation receive. They have multiple sponsors who are generous and supportive to financially donate and sometimes even hold events fundraising for the f0undation. For an example Disney has donated over 7 million dollars and in-kind donations each year. They also help grant wishes by including visits to
  • the park, Disney Cruises, meeting Disney characters, attending sports events and visiting movie and television sets.

10. Critical Thinking, Reading, Action

  • Critical Thinking
  • The foundation shows that they use critical thinking skills in their work. This foundation isadeptat their work. They use these skills to figure out what events can be held to raising money and what will benefit the foundation the most. Using critical thinking helpsimprovethe foundations works and allows it to continue on.

11. Reading

  • It is important for the foundation to use critical reading. They must reading andevaluatewhich candidate is best suited to receive their wish. They mustseekout which child actually is in more need of wish before granting the other child of theirs. It is important because if not carefully chosen then a child in need might not get his or her chance at their dream.

12. Action

  • Critical Action would have to be the foundation most important critical skill about this foundation. Its because the foundation would not exist unless there are people whoundergirdthe foundation andstriveto help these kids. The foundation also take time to organize these events which it holds.

13. In Conclusion

  • The Make-A-Wish foundation can help bring joy and happiness to a child just by the foundation using its critical skills to make a supporting non profitable organization. The foundation has granted and made so many wishes come true. It is truly all about the children and making them happy even though they are dealing with anarduousillness in their lives. I hope this presentation has made you thinking about how something small you can do can make such a big difference in someone else's life. Anyone can help out in this foundation they many open public fundraising events and donations of any sort are always accepted. To get involve and learn more go to the website