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BRAZIL ’ S FOOD WORLDCUP. You see the faces of the new food over the country to take this opportunity. We are second year high school students, Gyeong buk Domenstic science High school. Team member. A-Ram. Yu-Young. 1.Team member. 2. Why choose Brazil?. 3. Brazil’s food culture. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • TEAM MEMBERA-RamYu-Young

  • TABLE OF CONTENTS1.Team member2. Why choose Brazil?3. Brazils food culture4. Brazils food ingredients 5. Brazils food6. What is Moqueca7. Making Moqueca 18. Moqueca and Korean food culture9. Making Moqueca 210. If the Moqueca sell in Korea?11. Moqueca's growth potential

  • WHY CHOOSE BRAZIL?On 13. June 2014 The World cup was held in Brazil, a international festival. The soccer ball about 450g used magic to call together cosmopolitan. cosmopolitan supported each country some people traveled Brazil and eat Brazils foods. Brazils food different locally and itself. Because many people in the world immigrated to Brazil so Brazil has changed their foods characteristics each area. And Brazils food culture has changed themselvesThese great diversity of food in Brazil was deeply catched out mind. When we saw the contest exhibit, looked back on the Brazil. Now, following the Brazil World cup, we are trying to hold a new Food World Cup in here.

  • BRAZILS FOOD CULTUREBrazil that has the fertile soil accounts for almost half of South America. So Brazil can called a country that grows well anything if the planting.Brazil has all kinds of sweet fruits, all kinds of spices that burn the nose deeply and all kinds of meat, fish, crustacean. Even has edible bug. Brazil has the various food culture from of mixed many countries.Food life of native people focusing on hunting and gathering has changed Portugal colonize and discover the Brazil in the 15th century. In the 16th century, came sold Africa black in sugarcane farm and their food rooted in Brazil. In the 19th century, European recipes settled in Brazil. Because many French and British were immigratory. In the 20th century, Asians was immigratory, too. So Brazils food culture more extended.

  • Brazil was strongly effected in Europe because many European including Portugal was immigratory. Except food such as wine, butter, cheese, coming out food to a meeting and part is churrasco.

    BRAZILS FOOD CULTURE WhiteNow, Brazils food culture is a mixture of all this food culture.Let see Brazils food culture of people

  • BRAZILS FOOD CULTURE BlackIndioIn the 16th century, in Brazil, brought black in places like Africa for making works at sugarcane farm. At this time, feijoada was popular food in black people. Feijoada has highly nutritions and high calorie. So now it is one of the most popular food in Brazilian.Indio ate and lived in hunting and gathering instead of farming. So they ate meats, fruits and roots of plants as it is and gradually they ate boiled or grilled. Almost Indio liked eating mandioca that looks like radish and sweet like sweet potato. Because mandioca is used ingredient for a lot of cook, Brazilian can called a gift from god.

  • FIRST!Let see Brazils food ingredients

  • FOOD INGREDIENTSDENDE OILHEART OF PALMIt uses a lot of oil in Brazil.The food used to squeeze the oil from the fruit of the plant has came 'dende' a type of palm black peopleHeart of palm is white and look like Tteokgarae.The taste is similar to bamboo.

  • MANDIOCAGUARANAAlso called cassava starch as porridge or roasting may also Brazilia used to make bread to eat or drink, such as rice, meat.Because Mandioca is dry, so people eat often mixed with salted fish, bacon, meat and rice.Used in soft drinks.The effect that the bidder is strong caffeine.The feeling that is more addictive than coke.

  • ASAECOCONUT MILKAcai berry has recently joined South Korea.Patbinsu format is widely used in South Korea cool for dessert here is AcaiThe fruit juice squeezed from coconut palm tree.The commonly used as a food of the black.

  • LIMECACHACAIn Brazil, the use of lime without the lemon.Most enjoy a drink made of sugarcane that is Brazil.Use barbecue and marinade, pickled pepper.

  • Let see Brazils food

  • MoquecaChurrascoTacaca da JiselaAcarajePorto Alegre's chicken and Fruit Salad


  • CHURRASCOPorto Alegre's chicken and Fruit SaladChurrasco was derived from how to eat in Rio Grande do Sui, Brazil.It is Brazilian charcoal fire grill.From old times, gauchos has eaten to roast the hit cow in skewers.This food can taste the Porto Alegre in the main market.If you eat this food, you can choose chicken chest and 10types of 4kinds of fruit.It was made the harmony of the chicken and fruit.

  • MOQUECAPASTEISThere is Moqueca in Salvador, Brazil.Using coconut oil is characteristic of Moqueca.Usually, people eat Moqueca together with rice and yellow powder, Farofa.Pasteis is a crunchy food, which contain meat, salted cod, tomato and yam, in Portuguese colony that flowed into the food.

  • ACARAJETACACA DA GISELAAcaraje is street food in Salvador, Brazil.It is cheep, so many people enjoy Acaraje on street.Acaraje is shrimp and vegetable can put it between bread that look like croquette.This food is street food in Manaus, Brazil.It makes boiling vegetable and shrimp.Because Manaus is in the center of Brazil, salted shrimp comes to Manaus.So the shrimp is very salty and texture isnt very good.

  • FEIJOADAPARMEGIANAFeijoada is very popular food in Brazil.In old time, black slaves ate Feijoada.Black slaves who lack food ate boiled with beans and pork, pig hocks cooked white people, and throw away.But now Brazilian cooks ingredients like ham and meat in the Feijoada.Brazilian fries meat like tonkatsu.And spaghetti, sauce and cheese on top of the food and eat.

  • VIRADO A PAULISTACOMERCIALIt is made of rice, ham, fried pork rinds with fried bananas and peijeong.It is dish for lunch.It consists of fried potato, salad and peijeong.It comes in shape like a pork cutlet.

  • IT IS BREAK TIMEBrazils break time, CoffeeThe coffee culture can be called a beverage while at the same time to the Brazilian living.Is that a vibrant energy to the Brazilian often not and cold drinks dark coffee than it being a hot country.Especially enjoys the dark coffee cafe jinyu.The one about 4.5kg 1year Brazilian national drink coffee.This is a significant consumption in a hot climate without winter country.Now was to produce about 27% of the world's coffee in the coffee in the coffee trees of about 3.2 billion of the world's largest coffee producer is brazil.

  • What food is win?



  • WHAT IS MOQUECA?Moquecas full name is Moqueca de Camarao. In Salvador, Brazil, their food shows Germanity and italian and sweet. But in Salvador, most popular food is moqueca and it is food native American origin of food.If you go to Salvador, Brazil, you should ask What is most famous food?

  • WHAT IS MOQUECA?The answer is Moqueca. Why the answer is Moqueca?Moqueca is simmered stew and added shrimp, fish, clam, tomato, onion, pimento, lime juice and so on.Moquecas price is expensive but it is Salvadors tradition cooking and the flavor is very good. So many Brazilian and traveler finds moqueca.Sometimes according to the taste, people eat together with rice or fill up the shrimps.Moqueca comes out to sprinkle chopped coriander leaves.If you cant eat the coriander leaf, you can say sem chilantro per favor

  • MAKING MOQUECAMoqueca's INGREDIENTSfish flesh 200gshrimp 150glemon 1/2 cumin powder 1/2Tchopped garlic 1tsaltblack pepper powderfrying powder 30ggreen pimento 1/3red pimento 1/3yellow paprika 1/3onion 1/2chopped coriander leaves 1Tclam stock 200mLtomato sauce 100golive oil 2Tcoconut milk 2T

  • MAKING MOQUECAIn Brazil1. Sprinkle lemon juice, cumin powder, garlic, salt, pepper in fish flesh, shrimp.

    2. Coat frying powder and fry the fish flesh.

    3. Sprinkle olive oil and onion, garlic.

    4. Boil paprika tomato sauce, clam stock and shrimp.

    5. Add the coconut milk and chopped coriander.

    6. Pour the simmering sauce contains fish fry.

  • MOQUECA AND KOREA FOOD CULTUERThe fermented food culture is developed in Korea. The fermented food is various types and has original characteristic and flavor.If you eat the fermented foods, the nutritive value is improved and the palability and hypotonic are excellent.There are soybean paste, soy sauce and red-pepper paste in the Korean fermented food.We combined that red pepper paste with the Moqueca.


    fish flesh 200gshrimp 150gchopped garlic 1tsaltblack pepper powderplum juice 2Tfrying powder 30golive oil 2Tonion 1/2chili 1potato 1/2carrot 1/2clam stock 200mLRed pepper paste chili powder

  • MAKING MOQUECAIn Korea1. Season the fish flash and shrimp in garlic, salt, pepper and plum juice.

    2. Coat frying powder and fry the fish flesh.

    3. Sprinkle olive oil and fry garlic and onion.

    4. Put chili, potato, carrot, clam stock and shrimps in fried things and boil. In there, put pepper paste and chili powder.

    5. Put fried fish in bowl and pour boiled sauce.

  • IF THE MOQUECA SELL IN KOREA?For in order to let the Moqueca in Korea, use Korea ingredients instead of Brazilian ingredients and make the Moqueca using the red pepper paste according to Korean taste. There is the Curry-Moqueca adding the curry for the customer of the young age group.Image in the restaurant is Brazil culture and Korean cul