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A perfect vegetarian snack or breakfast dish for a lazy Sunday.


  • Bread Logs Recipe
  • Ingredients Bread Slices: 20 Vegetable Oil: 2 tbsp All Purpose Flour: 1 tsp Filling Ingredients: Crumbled Paneer (cottage cheese): 1 cup Boiled and Grated Potatoes: 2 medium Onion: 1 medium Chopped Green Chillies: 2 Cumin Seeds: tsp Red Chilli Powder: tsp Coriander Powder: tsp Dried Mango Powder: tsp Garam Masala: tsp Salt: tsp Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves: cup
  • Heat Oil, add cumin seeds
  • Add rest of the filling ingredients
  • Mix and cook for a few minutes. Filling is ready.
  • Cut off the sides of bread slices
  • Flatten the slices with the help of a rolling pin
  • Make a thick paste from all purpose flour
  • Put the filling on a slice
  • Roll it like a log and seal with the flour paste
  • Heat a few drops of oil and cook the bread logs in a nonstick pan
  • Cook till they are brown from all sides
  • Bread Logs are ready to serve
  • For detailed recipe, go to: recipe/bread-logs-recipe Like us at: Follow us on Twitter @ezpzcooking


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