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Breaking Glass just now Ostap Andrusiv

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Presentation about Google Glass Development without Google Glass device! Detailed steps and more information available here: Ostap Andrusiv is R&D Engineer at


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2. About me R&D 3. Nexus Glass 4. https://github. com/zhuowei/Xenologer 5. Mirror APIGDKReal life Development 6. Mirror API 7. Mirror API 8. Demo 9. Android SDK GDK: Glass Dev Kit 10. SDK GDK 1. Take your existing app 2. Add specific gesture controls 3. Learn how to launch that 4. ????? 5. PROFIT! 11. Android SDK in reality 1. No Play Services Support a. bye-bye Maps b. bye-bye GCM c. are you sure?2. No Speech Recognition a. really?3. Cant Launch It! a. really? 12. SDK GDK & Mirror API? String id = UUID.randomUUID().toString(); MenuItem readAloud = MenuItem.newBuilder() .setAction(MenuItem.Action.READ_ALOUD).build(); MenuItem customOption = MenuItem.newBuilder() .addValue(MenuValue.newBuilder().setDisplayName("XXX").build()) .setAction(MenuItem.Action.BROADCAST) .setBroadcastAction(SERVICE_BROADCAST) .build(); TimelineItem.Builder builder = tlHelper .createTimelineItemBuilder(Srv.this, new SettingsSecure(cr)); TimelineItem item = builder.setId(id) .setHtml(picture.toHtml()) .setText(picture.translation) .setIsPinned(true) .addMenuItem(customOption) .addMenuItem(readAloud) .addMenuItem(delOption) .build(); cr.insert( TimelineProvider.TIMELINE_URI, TimelineHelper.toContentValues(item)); 13. Summing up... void your warranty com/events/io/sessions/332704837 avoid limitations http://stackoverflow. com/questions/tagged/google-glass?sort=votes&pagesize=15 create com/glass/v1/reference/ visit Pic sources 14. *Waiting for your questions