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  • 8/14/2019 Brian, I Thought That You Might Possibly Take the Time



    I thought that you might possibly take the time to read this since you avoid all face to facediscussions entirely and cant seem to stay on the telephone long enough to actually get anything discussed. The first mention of anything you did or didnt do that you should havedone in the first place and you beginning berating me then hang up. At least in writing, youll

    be unable to deny that you knew what was going on. And there is many things that need tobe discussed. First, Ill get the short winded problem over with. Why do you refuse to signa promissory note for my mother? She was generous enough to lend you money when youneeded it, but youre too ungrateful enough to assure her she will be repaid. I think youborrowed the money with the intentions of not repaying her at all, and that is why yourefuse to sign the note. It wouldnt be the first time youve gotten money from my familywith the promise to repay them and never giving them a penny. Unfortunately, I wasntaware of these loans until after Aunt Omies death, however I am aware of this one and willdo whatever necessary to ensure you dont take advantage of my mothers kindness..

    With that out of the way, on to our daughter. To begin, this entire situation could havebeen prevented, had there had not been so much deceit. You can say you werent aware ofher seeing this boy all you want, but we both know that is a lie. You allowed her to. Andeven if you didnt giver her permission, I had explained to you on more than one occasion,the role this boy had played in her life here, he was one of the reasons, she had becameuncontrollable, she was one of the people she should not be allowed to associated with andher not associating with him was one of the reasons I had felt her living with you might begood. Also, you had been told by myself that I had heard she had been seeing him, andspeaking to him regularly on the telephone. We discussed you checking her phone records.You knew she was seeing him, lied to me about it and now having Brianna, lie saying you didntknow. Look at it Brian, even if you werent aware of the situation you were given ampleopportunities to become aware of the situation, and did not bother with doing so. Hell, Ieven gave you the boys telephone number so you could check the records, but you knowwhat, you didnt even write it down, you were driving down the road during the conversation(it was one of the recent recordings I had listened to and thought it odd that you hadwritten the number down so easily while driving, fact is you knew she was seeing him anddidnt need to check the phone records). But claim what you want brian. Either way it lookspretty bad for you, you were made aware that I had heard she had been seen with him, andwhat, you didnt care enough to look into it? You and I both know the truth of the matter,as you have done so many times before, as long as it defied me, consideration to theeffects on your children were never taken into account. So say what you want Brian.

    Either way it doesnt look very good on you, and having Brianna lie to cover your wrong doingsjust makes you look worse. So yes, I do place a good bit of blame on you and with right

    cause.Next, as I said Brianna will no longer be working, think what you want about my involvement,but I have good reason. She is going to have a long hard road ahead. She, like or not, isntgoing to be able to call the shots any longer. Brianna doesnt like being told what to do andwill stop at nothing to not follow someone elses rules. I will not give her any opportunity tohave the resources on hand to think that she can run away and do as she pleases. Shethreatened to do that last night on the telephone, so Im nipping that in the bud right away.

  • 8/14/2019 Brian, I Thought That You Might Possibly Take the Time


    I want to say that any one involved in this issue is going to regret their involvement. I amangry. Very angry. As I said over and over, your dishonesty played a big role in creating thisdisaster. You would have thought you could have learned at least now, but still you continueto lie. But, youve told so many lies to me that you dont even know what the truth isanymore. Back to the involvement of outsiders who had no business being involved in the

    first place. Someone, took my daughter to a doctor, without the parental permission. Thatperson will be prosecuted. Who could that have been? We had discussed Brianna going tothe doctor a few months back. You told me your mother was taking her. Yet again that wasnothing more than a straight out lie. Your mother would have known about the pregnancyhad that been the case? Wasnt you. According to you, you only found out within the lastweek. So who could it have been? I have asked Brianna, but she refuse to tell me. Notvery smart on her part. See, Im not ignorant, I know as well as you who it was that tookmy daughter to the doctor, and even if you gave her permission, you didnt have theauthority to do so. Remember I have the final say in all matters concerning my children andthis is a prime example of why it will be over my dead body that that will ever be anydifferent. Brianna was a minor, 15, and whoever took her to the doctor had no right to do

    so and will be rightfully prosecuted for doing so. Theres no doubt in my mind, that you andshe will never tell me who it was, but especially with your custody case you will have noother option but to do so. If nothing else, I will request production of medical recordsthrough the court. And Brian, why you feel it necessary to protect this woman, is beyondme. She outright deceived you, you werent even informed of the pregnancy she knew aboutuntil it was too far along for an abortion which could possibly been forced consideringBriannas age. And any lame excuse she gave you such as promising brianna is nothing butlame. Any adult in their right mind would not keep something as life altering as this from aparent. But you go ahead and stick up for her, you deserve someone thats as deceitful asyourself. And any way it doesnt matter how much you choose to defend her actions, youhad no rights that gave you the authority, once again my final say will never change and

    there isnt a court in the country that would change it now. Not too hard to prove why thatcondition was put into the order considering what has happened while in your care, and yourignorance to it. So continue to take up for her as long as you like, it is only going to helpprove my other cases, and might even give reason for more actions to be taken. Youvereally made a fine mess this time, you would think you would have learned that lying onlymakes things worse, but you cant seem to comprehend that, so dont worry I wont let youforget. I have told you many times, that one day all of your lies, deceit and dishonesty weregoing to come back and smack you right in the face. That time might be now. In fact it hasalready done that. Your daughter is pregnant by someone that most likely has nothing butprison in his future. Happy?

    Oh, and by the way, thanks for filing for revision of our divorce decree, I know it will make

    you sick to realize you actually saved me a few bucks, but your filing saved me the $110filing fees and also opened up the doors to have other conditions of the decree to bequestionable and revised. And I will gladly give you your requested production andinterrogatories, cause now I have the chance to ask for you to produce what I want. Andyou may not even be able to request anything such as my property records because, theyhave nothing to do with custody, but the things I want do have a lot to do with showing yourtrue character and not only that. It will be recognized in the courts that you weredishonest about your income, not once but three times. Might end up with more child

  • 8/14/2019 Brian, I Thought That You Might Possibly Take the Time


    support and even alimony. And lets not forget to mention how many of the courts ordersyou are in contempt of. Its an open book now. Thanks again and be sure to thank who everit was that convinced you to file this case. Their ignorance to the law persuaded you to tryto gain something you already had and reason to believe you needed something that wasntan obstacle in your having Brianna live with you or your day to day decision making

    concerning her. And look at it now. You should really appreciate this persons concern andcare, they have helped make an entire mess of all of our lives. Were all losers in thisbattle, but you know who has lost the most? Brianna. Is this whole mess enough to showyou once and for all that you need to admit your mistakes and that your dishonesty onlymakes matters much worse.

    When Bri came to live with you I had thought at the time it was going to be in the bestinterest of her well being. Right from the start however, things began to happen thatmade me doubt this. I was never able to contact her, you refused to give me her cell phonenumber, I wasnt informed of her court date, you even refused to tell me what school shewas enrolled in. You continuously avoided meeting me to discuss anything, many times justnot showing up or refusing to answer the telephone when we had agreed to meet. You

    refused to administer any punishment for her actions (another example on how yourpunishment on me came before your childs best interest). There was also improperconduct when lexie visited. Not to mention what I learned later; that you lied to me aboutwhere she was living, lied to me about where you were living, and even had your step motherconfirm these lies. Then I learned that her cell phone had previously belonged to JamieMcginnis, your girlfriends son, which I might add ran me off the road intentionally, stalkedme long enough to find out where I was staying the night, th


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