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Raise Your Hand Texas funds the tuition expenses for a selective group of campus leaders from Houston-area school districts to participate in REEP at Rice University. The Rice University Education Entrepreneurship Program is for current and aspiring school leaders in the Houston area who want to dramatically impact public education at a deeper, more systemic level. This unique program combines a world-class business school education with an innovative educational leadership curriculum that results in transformative experiences for local K-12 leaders.


  • 1. RYHTREEPPartnershipBridging the GapBetween Businessand Education
  • 2. leadershipproblem-solving The Rice University Education Entrepreneurship Programentrepreneurshipreal-world application
  • 3. What is REEP?The Rice University Education EntrepreneurshipProgram is for current and aspiring schoolleaders in the Houston area who want todramatically impact public education at adeeper, more systemic level.This unique program combines a world-classbusiness school education with an innovativeeducational leadership curriculum that results intransformative experiences for local K-12leaders.
  • 4. What makes it different? The combination of business school faculty with national education entrepreneurs The introduction of best business practices into the educators world, including the use of data, finance, marketing and systems management
  • 5. What does RYHT provide? RYHT funds the tuition expenses for a selective group of campus leaders from Houston-area school districts to participate in the following programs: REEP Business Fellowship for School Leaders, a business training fellowship for educators with Masters degrees REEP Summer Institute for School Leaders, 2-and- a-half week sessions focused on leadership
  • 6. Why REEP?RYHT knows that a strong principal is a crucialcomponent in school change, success, andimprovement.By investing in REEP, RYHT is giving principals anew set of tools, a new framework and anextended network all things that will movethem forward to impact education one schoolat a time.In partnership, REEP and RYHT are supporting Texas educational leaders in a meaningful way.
  • 7. An overviewof thecurriculumWhich can be brokendown into three maincomponents
  • 8. Spring/Business Among the topics covered in this semester are managerial use of data, change management, finance, marketing, process management, and leadership. Courses provide a business framework through an educational lens so that educators can make connections with how it might play out in their own campus settings.
  • 9. Summer Institute 100 hours of workshops, sessions, and trainings in 3 main areas: Application of leadership: Coursework addresses each candidates personal leadership style Problem-solving: Students learn problem-solving principles and apply them to education issues Entrepreneurship: Real world application of entrepreneurial principles as practicum is launched
  • 10. Fall/Practicum After the summer institute, students enter the core of the practicum and participate in a forum. The forum is a peer mentoring session where students come together to discuss education issues as well as their own leadership growth. Students complete several action-oriented assignments, including school visits where they observe best practices, interview staff and follow up with written reflections. Students begin analyzing their own educational worlds, political landscapes and the communities they are serving.
  • 11. Other aspects of the curriculum Students are assessed through leadership personality tests. Students then go through several mentoring sessions with a field advisor. Together, they work on a formal leadership development plan. The plan allows students to identify their leadership potential and track their growth. Students also launch a high-stakes data innovation project to apply what theyve learned to an authentic need at their campus.
  • 12. The Personal Leadership Plan Offers a 360 degree student leadership analysis combining personal insights with input from a colleague, a supervisor, and an outside party Provides feedback on students acquisition of the programs leadership competencies Presents students with an opportunity for reflection and growth
  • 13. The Innovation Project A student-driven project that lets participants envision an innovative change they hope to bring to a real world setting A chance to have an immediate impact on education
  • 14. Who should apply? Educators who are looking for a non-traditional experience Educators who want to find new solutions to the issues affecting public education today Educators who are passionate about pushing the limits to create effective learning environments for their students Educators from across Houston who are working in independent school districts or charter organizations
  • 15. Our students have a sense ofurgency in figuring outthe next step ineducation
  • 16. What impact has the RYHT REEP Partnership had? REEP and RYHT have set ambitious goals to create tangible outcomes that impact students. Educators who were selected from the same district and sponsored by RYHT report talking, collaborating and sharing best practices with each other more in the past six months than in previous years. The result has been stronger learning environments for students. The innovation projects have pushed school leaders to think critically and creatively about how to use fewer resources in the most efficient and effective way. REEP is developing principals to become a new core of thought leaders in the Houston area. Graduates of the program are being promoted to campus and district leadership positions soon after attending.
  • 17. Never doubt that a small group ofthoughtful, committed citizens can changethe world. Indeed, it is the only thing thatever has.Margaret Mead


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