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Bridging the Digital Divide Among SeniorsTHE WHY, THE WHAT & THE HOW


Chris DanaVP, Information TechnologyEpiscopal Senior CommunitiesTHE WHAT

Tom KissaneSenior Director, Client ExperienceCaremergeTHE HOW

Brenyale NormanBSA, Information TechnologyEpiscopal Senior Communities

Name That Generation!Its Time to Play

In What Date Range Were you Born if Youre Part of the Silent Generation?A. 19011924B. 19251945C. 19461964

In What Decade Were Starburst Created?Mars originally introduced this product in the UK and had a contest to name it. Peter Phillips (known as Peter Pfeffer at the time) won the contest with the name Opal Fruits for which he won 5. The four original flavors were strawberry, lemon, orange, and lime. Opal Fruits were introduced in the USA as Starburst.


Which Mantra Belongs to the Greatest Generation?A. Duty, Honor and FaithB. If it Aint Broke Dont Fix ItC. Work Hard, Play Hard

In What Decade Were Sugar Daddies Created?Sugar Daddies are large, milk caramel suckers that last a long time. Sugar Daddy was a popular expression at the time and suggested a wealth of sweetness.

What is the Baby Boomers View on Authority?A. Challenge the Status QuoB. Respect for AuthorityC. It is based on Seniority & Tenure

In What Decade Were Chuckles Created?The Chuckles brand was first produced by Fred W. Amend. The only factory was in Danville, IL. Nabisco bought the Chuckles Company at the beginning of a groovy decade.

The Why


1500 SeniorsAffordable Housing

1000 SeniorsSenior Resources

> 10,000 Seniors

Isolated seniors are 59% more likely to experience depression, longer recovery times and shorter life expectancy.

Pew Research Institute

%80 40 20100 60 40

Number of households that had a computer (80%), tablet (40%) and smartphone (20%). Incoming residents: Computer (100%), tablet (60%) and smartphone (40%)20% uptick from residents that are already in the community.


Dining Menus, Activities, yadda, yadda, yaddaWhat About: ConnectEngage Share

The What

Thank you, Chris! For my portion of todays presentation, I will focusing on the construction of the bridge that connects older adults:technology. As mentioned, I work for a company called Caremerge. We design innovative and beautiful technology for senior living providers, their residents, families and third party collaborators. Today, I will be focusing on our Community Engagement product which is a social engagement platform predominantly utilized by older adults residing in CCRCs in the IL and AL service levels. uniquely branded this product as the Senior Resources Explorer ( or SRX). 18

Establish Partnership GoalsCreate a portal that inspires engaged aging and is a trusted resource for community information.Connect residents with similar interests and inspire meaningful connections.Reduce social isolationImprove communicationIncrease efficiency and workflowFulfill the technology expectation

When we formed our partnership with Episcopal Senior Communities over a year ago, we identified two key goals:Design online resident portal that inspires engaged aging and becomes a trusted resource for community information.Connect residents with similar interests and inspire meaningful connections that: Reduce social isolation (Stephanies audio clip)overcoming loneliness is much easier with todays technology.Improve CommunicationIncrease Efficiency and workflowFulfill the technology expectation19

Older Adults Online

Aside from the goals we established with our partnership, we looked at various data from trusted resources such as PEW. I would encourage anyone interested in technology use among older adults to read their comprehensive study. 20

Internet Usage By Age Over Time

Internet adoption rates among older adults is steadily increasing, but still well below other age groups. Americas older adults have historically been late adopters to the world of technology but their movement into digital life continues to deepen. However, 66% of Americans 65+ are online.


What It All Means66% of older adults report they go online.71% go online everyday or almost every day.6% increase in just a year.

Families gifting tablets22


Older adults are the most likely age group to describe their smartphone as Freeing and ConnectingWhen older adults make technology a daily part of their lives they generally view it in a positive lightVoice calling, texting and email with familyInformational and EducationalVisit Government sites and research financial issuesAs leaders in this industry, we owe it to our older adults to provide access to technologies that enhance their lives. 23

Challenges Older Adults Have with Technology

Introducing technology is not without challenges. Jim Masters shares his challenges with Technology.Tech is changing so rapidly that its hard to keep up. When we designed our solutionwe knew it would have to be accessible across a broad range of devices and access points.Medical conditions can make it difficult for older Americans to use certain technologies or devices. Skepticism about the benefits of technology and lack of digital literacy are other deterrents cited by older adults.4. Most older adults say they would need assistance learning how to use new devices and digital services. There are a variety of resources that you can harness: Local Classes and WorkshopsPrivate organizationsAARP TEK Workshops (Free)Purchasing How To BooksOnline Instructional ServicesThese challenges have not prevented older Americans from broadening their digital experiences. In 2014, more than half of online seniors indicated they used online social networks 56%). It takes true grit to succeedperseveration and passion.


Community EngagementA closed social network specifically branded for the community, staff, residents and their friends and families.Offers another way for the community to share information, connect and embrace all that your community has to offer.

With these goals and challenges in mindwe partnered with ESC to developed a social platform product called Community Engagement. Please note, Episcopal Senior Communities has uniquely branded this product as the Senior Resources Explorer ( or SRX). Youll hear us use the words Community Engagement and Senior Resources Explorer InterchangeablyClose social network branded for each community. Offers another way for the community share, connect and embrace everything these is to offer. 25

Benefits & Impact


Engaging whether tech savvy or not. Streamlineeasy to access across multiple devicesFulfill technology expectationsPersonalize & Brand for each community (all unique)Improve Communication and CollaborationEngage Prospects outside of the community. Control safety & security. HIPAA complianceGo Outside the walls and include community and families.26

Engage & Enrich EasilySecure ViewCollaborate & CommunicatePassword Protected (HIPAA)Lobby ViewInfo just a touch away for residents, families, public accessInfinite ConfigurationMake it your own!

Designed with three distinct access points or views: Secure Viewrequires a username and PW (HIPAA compliant.)Lobby View publically accessible from website or touchscreen devices at the community for away residents, families. Configuration staff view to customize page content. 27

Home Page for San Francisco Towers: US Postal Mail StatusAnnouncements FeedPhone Directories28

Documents can easily be uploaded by staff such as Community Newsletters and Townhall meetings.29

The community calendar is interactive and residents can search for specific events that are of interest to them. 31

Technology that is designed well designed for all can be used by a 5-year-old and a 95-year-old, alike.

- Barbara Beskind, IDEO


The How

Understanding Community Demographics and Culture

Mary Ann NewmanGenerations and the Telephone35

The Tale of Three GenerationsGreatest Generation(1901-1924)Silent Generation(1925-1945)Baby Boomers (1946-1964)Age Today92-11571-9651-69Problem Solving Took personal responsibilityDevelop a game planDevelop a process Privacy Dignity and ModestyLikes PrivacyEnjoys RecognitionHistorical ContextGreat Depression, Served in WWIIKorean WarJim CrowCivil Rights Movement, Womens Rights Movement, Free Love, Rock and RollViews on AuthorityAuthority is based on seniority and tenureRespect for AuthorityChallenge the status quoMantraPersonal responsibility, duty, honor and faithIf it aint broke dont fix itTime is MoneyWork Hard Play Hard Ability to learnLikes respect for the knowledge and experience they haveHighly Educated group due to low war and cost of a college education.Life long learners with clear objectives

What Weve Learned



18% 65% of survey respondents are women and 85+ 56% of residents log-in to the SRX at least once per week. 18% fewer SRX users call the reception desk about calendars and events.

Use: Snapshot





Launch3 Months6 months9 months


1 year

75 Staff 46% User Penetration

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