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The showcase presentation of the UX design process for the RSS reader for iOS.


  • 1. Briefer17/04/2014, by Andriy Vaskiv

2. Agenda Task Research Requiremens IA Wireframes UI Demo 3. TaskDue to the discontinuation of the Google Readerdesign alternative RSS reader for iOS. 4. Research Survey Competitors analysis 5. Research: Survey25640Used RSSreader,IT 80%Used Google ReaderUse RSS-reader now, IT 50%Women 6. Research: Target user20-40 y.o.average computer skillsman (most likely) 7. Research: Competitors analysisGoogle readerPros Rich functionality withCategories and feeds ability to star item w/oopening itCons messy UI withduplication of controls starring and keepunread? 8. Research: Competitors analysisFeedlyPros Almost perfect Various views Context hintsCons no categories editingfunctionality cant star item w/o opening it UI for iPad and iPhoneversions is not consistent iPhone - menu icons arerather confusing 9. Research: Competitors analysisFeedDemonPros ??? (Rich functionality?)Cons Visually extraoverloaded 10. Requirements Content rules Typography Different views Grid Navigation Categories Feeds Search for feeds Sharing 11. IAEntities: Category Feed ArticleRelationship: hierarchicalView modesArticle Category -> Feed -> Articles -> ArticleFeed Category -> Feed -> ArticlesCategory Category -> Articles for all feeds within CategoryAll updates All new unread articles regardless the Category and FeedStarred All articles marked as starred regardless the Category and FeedRecently viewed All articles viewed recently regardless the Category and Feed 12. TypographySans serif LatoSerif Georgia 13. Typography: The 3 FundamentalDimensionsFont size: 16px -> line height: 26px, line width: 685px 14. TypographyLatoTimes New RomanGeorgia685px 15. GridiPad Landscape 16. ViewsTilesDetailsHeaders only 17. Wireframes 18. UI 19. DemoiPad landscape 20. Thank you?