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  • 1. Digital Diary Dialogues an eTwinning mobile learning project Digital Diary Dialogues is a creative student voice focused innovative mobile learning eTwinning project. The focus of this project is cross curricular, multi age and stage with peer to peer learning activities at the core and is based on the use of the Nokia N95 as a learning tool for students in Finland, Scotland, England and Afghanistan creating and exchanging micro blogs and learning objects. Nick Falk LEADER OF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT
  • 2. Digital Diary Dialogues Effective use of mobile phone technology as a learning and communication tool Using international links as a creative means of motivating students Mobile phone safety Sharing pedagogies across the partnership Extended learning
  • 3. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 1 Getting to know you 8am 11am 1pm 4pm 8pm Pedanet - Web tools for educational institutions and teachers
  • 4. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 2 - Life in a Week Daily focus Monday sports and games Tuesday school clothes and environment Wednesday curriculum and school activities Thursday friends (who and where) Friday family and home Saturday clothes and social life Sunday food
  • 5. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 3 What makes me happy. What makes me sad.
  • 6. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 4 Spring Science of Spring Y10 students created and micro blogged learning objects via the mobile phone in response to questions from our primary pupils and students in our other partner schools. Temperatures were also recorded and exchanged daily. Images of Spring Images of the signs of spring created by students using mobile phone digital video and stills exchanged to show how and when spring arrives in our different lands Emotional responses to spring Haikus and poems created by our students expressed their thoughts and feelings about the coming of spring. These were transmitted using the Nokia 95.
  • 7. Spring
  • 8. Student Voice Pupils are involved in the selection of topics Pupils independently created the content using only mobile phone technologies Learning objects created and exchanged directly peer to peer via their mobile phone Emotional expression shared through micro blogs Pupil engagement in 24/7 learning through mobile phone technologies Direct pupil learning interactions in support of each others learning
  • 9. eTwinning Views from the front line..
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  • 12. Digital Diary Dialogues an eTwinning mobile learning project The reality is that knowledge rather than being found in books and in lectures or on the Internet is actually constructed in collaboration among learners (Brown & Duguld 2002)
  • 13. A word of encouragement from the people who really matter.