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Tim Avila, VP of Product Marketing, presented "The Major Players of Digital Video: The Four Screens" on March 27th at the 2012 iMedia Video Summit. The presentation highlights the players of digital video with a fun play on the NCAA tournament to break things down for attendees.


  • 1. The Major Playersof Digital Video: The Four Screens Tim Avila Vice President, Product Marketing

2. video is 3. VIDEOOn Demand. Targetable. Reach. 4. Universities 5. 64 Teams part of the madness 6. male college studentsage 18-24 7. watch online 8. They consume digital videoacross multiple screens 9. 40 Years of Video On60300Demand1990sEarly 2000sToday1970s1980s 10. 40 Years of Video 10TV Channels+ Cable On60300Demand1990sEarly 2000sToday1970s1980s 11. 40 Years of Video60TV channelsSatelliteExpanding cableOn10 300Demand70s - 80s Early 2000sToday 1990s 12. 40 Years of Video 300 TV Channels+ Internet On1060 Demand70s - 80s 1990s Today Early 2000s 13. 40 Years of Video On Demand 1000s Sites & Channels 4 Screens106030070s - 80s 1990sEarly 2000sToday 14. the video audiencehas become 15. There is NOin team..I 16. online video theMILLION people in the US viewing ONLINE VIDEO 17. online video the55% 2012 ad spending 18. online video the of video advertisers plan to use pre-roll in2012 19. Ad Request Volume Ad Requests Volume 12:001:303:00 Late Night4:306:007:30 Early Morning9:00 10:30 12:00Daytime1:303:004:306:00Early Fringe Online7:309:00Primetime 10:30DaypartingLate Fringe 20. Key Plays Online Daytime = Prime Time Targetable Site visits and 1st party data Audience look-alike modeling Use 3rd party providers Interactive Ad Formats Dynamic Messaging 21. mobile the UNDERDOG107million SMARTPHONE users 44% of all US mobile phone users in 2012 22. mobile the UNDERDOGof 23% time spent consuming media is on mobile devices but only 1% of ad spend 23. mobile the UNDERDOG 119 average daily consuming minutesmedia on mobile devices 24. tablet the Up and Coming Guard Tablet users in 2012 25. tablet the Up and Coming Guard62% increase in USERS in 2012 26. tablet the Up and Coming Guard36% ofinternet users will own a tablet in 2014 27. Mobile and tablet DaypartingAd Requests VolumeAd Request Volume12:00 1:303:004:30 6:00 7:30 9:00 10:30 12:00 1:30 3:00 4:30 6:00 7:30 9:00 10:30 Late Night Early MorningDaytime Early FringePrimetimeLate Fringe 28. Key PlaysMobile+Tablet Fastest growing segment of video Viewership spikes during commute times Targeting by Geo by App by Device Interactive Ad Formats 29. CONNECTED TV the REDSHIRT 10%ALL TV sets ofare Internet connected 30. CONNECTED TV the REDSHIRT 30million US householdsview connected TV and that number is rising 31. CONNECTED TV the REDSHIRT of 76%TVs are expected to beInternet connected by 2015 32. Ad Request VolumeAd Requests Volume 12:001:30 Late Night3:004:306:007:30 Early Morning9:00 10:30 12:00Daytime1:303:004:30Early Fringe6:007:309:00Primetime 10:30Connected TV DaypartingLate Fringe 33. Key Plays Connected TV Viewership closely mirrors TV patterns On Demand Limited inventory and targeting today Expect big growth here 34. Targeting allows for Focus on the appropriatereaching new, specific screens for each daypartaudiences Take your message deeper Counter fragmentation bywith interactive formats and integrating four screens intodynamic creative plan 35. thank youTim AvilaVice President, Product MarketingBrightRollTwitter: @timfrombrT: 415-677-9222x250C: 415-867-6109