bring the world to your community; bring your community to the world

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Bring the World to Your Community; Bring Your Community to the World. Lynn Sessler & Chie Kakigi Japanese Teacher Menasha Joint School District. Menasha Joint School Districts World Language Program. K-12 (German, Spanish, Japanese) History Why Japanese? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Bing the World to Your Community; Bring Your Community to the World

Bring the World to Your Community; Bring Your Community to the WorldLynn Sessler & Chie KakigiJapanese TeacherMenasha Joint School District

Menasha Joint School DistrictsWorld Language ProgramK-12 (German, Spanish, Japanese)HistoryWhy Japanese?Challenge of teaching less commonly taught languagesA Rolling Stone Gather No Moss

Language Classes vs. A ProgramAudience QuizDo you.?

Ultimate GoalWorld Language Standard 5.2Students show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

**Cultural Intelligence**Standard 5.2 SamplesGrade 4 Student listen to music, sing songs, or play musical instruments from the target culture.Grade 8 Students attend or view via media cultural events and social activities.Grade 12 Students establish and/or maintain interpersonal relations with speakers of the language.Before, during and after.Our Steps.

Typical cultural events/surface culture (3 Fs)FoodFashionFun GamesTypical community experiences

Elementary to High School experiences

Integrate into Curriculum and Involve the Community

CurriculumCommunityCurriculum IntegrationMain focus as a School ProgramElementary


K-12 Exchange programsBring cultural groups into our schools

Tsunagaaru (Social Networking Site)

One example: Japanese ClubDual Purpose: high school student opportunity to use what they have learned outside of classroom/Elementary enrichmentPlanning and Teacher roleJapanese Club BlogService Learning

Japanese Club HS Website

Japanese Club Blog

Connection to Different CommunitiesFormal RelationshipsSister SchoolSister CityThe Japan Forum

Advocacy PieceGetting the word outConcrete displays



Connection to Different Communitiescont.Local vs. Extended CommunityDay tripsElementary (In School Trip/tea house, Japanese garden/outdoor classroom)Middle School (Concordia Language Villages)High School (Japanese Market and Garden in IL)InternetNEW Japanese network

OutreachPublic libraryPACRotary

NEW Project

Doing!Organize a calendar of typical events OctoberSister City Exchange (MS)January/ FebruaryConcordia Language VillageElementary School EventMarchDoll Festival at city librarySister School Exchange(HS)AprilField Trip to IL (HS)MayJNHS Induction CeremonyElementary School Childrens DayWhat You Can DoHave your contact information readyBusiness cardPamphletWebsiteFind local place to host an annual EventLibrary, Turn off TV weekDisplayHands-on learningService projectIntegrate with other subject areas

What You Can DoConnect with the lower levelsFind an elementary staff member to connect withCreate a program for the elementary/middle school experienceInvolve the MS/HS studentsFind a small funding source to get started (PTO, local grants, etc)Make it happen!