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Workshop delivered to teens about the importance of adopting uniqueness, authenticity and empowerment as self positioning.


  • 1. Presented by Christina Royster President and CEO @leveragecommun

2. What is the Self? 3. Who are these people? 4. Can you imagine them like this? Beyonce I am not my hair Carter?? India Arie Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. 5. Moral of the Story? Be Yourself! 6. Be Engaging Many types of education Formal (what you are learning in school) Informal (hobbies) Explore Your Interests What are some of yours? Be excited about them. 7. Be Prepared 8. Dont Lose Sight of Your Dream! 9. What is the most important thing successful people never do? 10. QUIT! 11. You! So when you think of success, I want you to see Michael and Oprah, and 12. Thank you! I truly feel fortunate to have presented to you 13. Presented by Christina Royster President and CEO @leveragecommun