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Bringing the Powerful Application of Outsourced Manufacturing…. …to the Solar Industry. Global Outsourcing Benefits. Gain financial efficiencies Reduce manufacturing infrastructure Flexible supply chain solutions Increase global market reach Access product and technology resources. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Bringing the Powerful Application of Outsourced Manufacturing to the Solar IndustryGlobal Outsourcing BenefitsGain financial efficiencies

Reduce manufacturing infrastructure

Flexible supply chain solutions

Increase global market reach

Access product and technology resources

2When youre looking to outsource your entire product look at somebody thats structured properly will give you the dedication; treating your product like its their own.

Tony MiolaVice President, ManufacturingLTX Corporation

33Bringing Global Manufacturing Benefitsto the Solar IndustryReduce capital spend on equipment, plants and inventory ownershipResponsive, rapid expansion capabilitiesAccess global supply chain solutionsCost reductions through global spend and economies of scaleQuality and yield improvements via manufacturing efficienciesStrong financial position allows growth in manufacturing capacity 4JABIL: Global. Accomplished. Seamless. Global electronics manufacturer; 50 production sites Operations on four continents; 22 countries Founded in 1966

S&P 500 and NYSE listed, JBL

Fiscal 2008 estimated revenue; $XX.X - $XX.X billion Fourteen years of sustained XX percent growth in revenue & earnings 5Differentiated Business ModelUnique customer-centric business units

Unified, global information technology systems, software & tools

Tailored solutions: design, configure-to-order, business-to-business

Strategic Consistency:

Operational excellenceConstant services evolutionDeliberate, thoughtful decisions

6Jabils Approach Global Customer-Centric Business Unit Market Approach Geo-centric, regional or plant specific Jabil AdvantageLower cost, simplicity, responsiveness

Customer Service

Enterprise Resource Planning SystemsSAP worldwideDisparate systems from multiple sourcesAccurate real-time information, decision velocityAcquisitionsSelective.Full integration of operationsFrequent, seldom integrated, ad hoc resultsOne World, One Jabil.

Supply ChainLeveragedVerticalLower cost, higher flexibility, higher returnsComplete Service OfferingProduct developmentCircuit designCAD layoutProduct validationCircuit board assemblyMechanical design

Integrated enclosuresSystems assemblyDirect order fulfillmentBuild-to-orderConfigure-to-orderAftermarket services

7End-to-End Product SolutionsCustomized sector product and service offerings

Value-added, value-engineering techniques

Design optimization

Flexibility in a changing market economy

Globally consistent processes and procedures


Building the Worlds Best Known Brands9Powerful Global ReachGlobally located manufacturing centers of excellence

Strategic supply chain network modeling

Long-standing success converting to outsourced model

Lowest landed cost and logistics solutions

Smooth transfers from higher-cost to lower-cost regions1010

.BrazilMexicoUnited States



Access Global Manufacturing Supply Chain SolutionsOver 56 sites in 22 countriesASIAChinaIndiaJapanMalaysiaSingaporeTaiwanVietnam11Seamless Global Product TransitionsIncrease speed-to-market

Rapid time-to-production volume

Centralized capacity planning

Complex products, low-cost geographies

12Specialized Supply Chain SolutionsAround-the-clock supply chain scrutinyMonitoring materials, production and logisticsGlobal end-to-end materials visibility

Cost-effective supply chain methodologyGlobal spend drives material cost savings Customized solutions for lowest-landed costSpecialized expertise focused on sector needs

Access to Jabils strategic supply baseAlternative sources of supplyCreation of competitive tension

1313They are experts in what they do it becomes very clear that they understand commitment and what is going to be required to make this successful.

Tim Jones Senior Director, Supply ChainLAM Research

1414Sustained Competitive PositionFlexible Jabil Adaptive to change Evolve the business in new waysAdd new talent and skills sets

Strong & Proven JabilLong-term survivor in tough industryThriving, powerful global footprint

Experienced JabilLong-tenured management teamStable and committed workforce

15Jabil has survived and prospered over a long period of time. and has done so by being adaptive and competitive. Evolving and changing what we need to offer customers. Investing in surface mount technologies; designing motherboards for PCs; engaging with communications companies; intense globalization; diversifying our service sectors. Whatever it took to build on the strengths we had and add new capabilities, new customers,.new areas of expertise.

Jabil is a tough competitor. Weve seen a lot of competitors come and go.some of the mightiest are not longer in the business. It takes the flexibility and adaptive nature to survive and thrive.

We have an incredibly resilient and stable management team to continue to lead us going forward.15Strong. Accomplished. Seamless.Cost reductions through improved efficiencies

Specialized supply chain systems and tools

Optimal, accessible geographies and markets

Seamless, rapid global product transitions

Robust, reliable quality systems

Strong, financial position to fund growth


Bringing the Powerful Application of Outsourced Manufacturing to the Solar Industry