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re-invent 2015AWS


VERY BIGEVERything was

THE news

Undifferentiated heavy lifting

No one can match AWSEveryone talks cloud but

The Seven Freedoms#1 freedom to build, unfettered#2 freedom to get the real value from your data#3 freedom to get your data into and out of the cloud easily#4 freedom from bad (database) relationships#5 freedom to migrate#6 freedom to secure #7 freedom to say yes

What was I wishing forEFS out of preview / availability in SydneyRoot volume KMS encryptionLambda in Sydney


KinesisKinesis Analytics - run a sql like statement on streaming dataAmazon Kinesis Firehose - get your data into other AWS services easilyAmazon Kinesis Stream - custom stream data applications

quick sight


block common threatsAWS Web application firewallBlock common web exploitscan add custom ruleswill integrate with ELB over time (much like how Stingray provided load balancing capability)

donec quis nuncAWS Config RulesSet custom compliance rules on resource config (eg. all servers must be in a vpc. all abs volumes must use KMS)Can add rules for tagging and ssh portsCan send data to lambda for processing

donec quis nuncAWS InspectorAutomatic security assessment and remediation serviceCan work on premiseFor Windows and LinuxAgent basedSimilar to Qualys

Lots moreAWS Dedicated HostsDatabase Migration ServiceAWS Schema Conversion toolLambda:Long running tasksSchedulingRun in a VPC

Lots moreAWS Mobile HubAWS IoT

Favourite breakout sessionsIntuit - CI/CD of Services with Mocking & Resiliency Testing Using AWS Enterprise cloud adoption success stories that feel very similar to my own GE Capital - Acceleration of AWS Enterprise Adoption in GE

TakeawaysI didnt get anything on my wish list :-(The size of the conference is massive. It is something to be seen but as a learning opportunity Id suggest bigger isnt always betterAWS is trying very hard to be more enterprise friendlyThey are delivering an incredible amount of new products / featuresProduct availability is very limited (Sydney)

DR WERNER VOGELSBuild applications the way you have always wanted SlidesYoutube