British library digs in : New Civ Engr, N285, 23 March 1978, P18–19

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<ul><li><p>6~ </p><p>783131 SEEPAGE P R ~ OF EARTH AND ROCKFILL DAMS ON ROCK FOUNDATIONS </p><p>Fetzer, C A In~ Water Power Dam Constr, V29, NS, Aug </p><p>1977, ~8-~ </p><p>Discusses the problem with reference %o the East Brarc/~ Dam on Clarion River in western Pennsylvania, and the experience gained in countering seepage problems there. </p><p>783132 ANCIEN9 DAMS OF ISTANBUL. PARTS i AND 2 Ozis, U In% Water Power Dam Constr, Part i, V29, NT, </p><p>Ju ly 1977, P49-51, Part 2, V29, NS, Aug 1977, ~-47 </p><p>783133 NIGERIAN EARTH DAM FOR STORAGE AND IRRIGATION Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, NT, July </p><p>1977, P39~41 </p><p>Describes the recently completed Kargimi dam, including s~me problems in the early stages of construction as a result of unforseen geological factors. </p><p>783134 DIMENSIONING MULTIPLE ARCH DAMS E1 Yussif, F Y Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, NT, July </p><p>1977, ~7-49 </p><p>Analyses multiple arch dams with varying height, upstream face slope ard buttress span. Derives tables and formulae tO link the optimum span, slope ard savings in concrete volume. </p><p>783135 CYLINDRICAL SHg~Tk~D ARCH DAMS Komerzlant, A E Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, NS, May </p><p>1977, P35-41 </p><p>Suggests a form of arch dam using a number of thin concrete shells separated by water, gravel or some other suitable medimn. Large economies in construction ar~l material costs are possible. </p><p>783136 FIRST ARCH DAM IN TURKEY Ozis, U; Kocak, Y Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, N4, April </p><p>1977, P23-29 </p><p>Describes the 159m high Gokcekaya Dam in the Sakarya Basin of Turkey, completed in 1973. </p><p>783137 CONTROLLING LEAKAGE IN THE KRD~STA DAM ABUTMENTS </p><p>Counoulos, J D; Therianos, A D Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, ~ , April </p><p>1977, P23-29 </p><p>Describes intermediate remedial measures and a long term control programme of grouting ard drainage for protection of the abutment blocks, achieved by reduction of the und~ground hy- drostatic pressures ard flow velocities. </p><p>783138 EARTHFIIL DAM TO COMBAT DROUGHT Paton, J Int Water Power Dam Constr, V29, N3, March </p><p>1977, PI7- Z1 </p><p>Describes the Kielder reservoir scheme in north- east Errand, end reviews progress to date. </p><p>783139 EARrHQUANE RESPON~ ANALYSIS OF CONCRETE DAMS CiOUgh, R W; Cholmca, A K In: Structural and Geotechnical Mechanics </p><p>(Em@lewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1977), P378-4o2 </p><p>Foundations </p><p>783140 BRITISH LIBRARY DIGS IN ~ew clv E~, ~85, 23 ~rch 1978, PlS-19 </p><p>Briefly describes the proposed new Brltiah Library building to be built on the site of the old Somers Town railway goods yard text to St Pancras station, with particular reference to its foumdation requirements. </p><p>783141 COAL TRANSFER STATION DESIGNED AROUND GEOTECHNICAL HAZARDS </p><p>Cecil, 0 S; Gray, R E Ground Emgmg, Vll, N3, April 1978, P17-23 </p><p>The hazards include urdermlning in 2 coal seams, an unstable river bank, potential lardslides on 2 slopesj stud the stability of a rock cut. The foundations for the railway car unloader and a conveyor support ware placed below the base of the coal to avoid future subsidence. The foundations of the 8000t cap- acity coal silo were constructed on sound sardstone 51ft below the base of the silo and 10ft below the base of the Pittsburgh coal seam. A concrete wall was constructed round the coal seam exposed in the silo foundation excavation. Sheet piles used in the harbour were driven to rock. Some measures were also necessary to ensure hillside stability. </p><p>783142 BRITISH DEBUT OF THE BANUT PILING RIG Ground Er~r~, VII, N2, March 1978, P19-21 </p><p>Describes the Banut 400 rig, believed to re- present the world's first integrated hydraulic piling rig incorporating a hydraulically lifted drop hs~mm_r mounted on a hydraulic base machine. </p><p>783143 SOIL-S~RUCTURE I~CT ION AND DEFORMATION PRO- BLEMS WITH LARGE OIL TANKS </p><p>Pemman, A D M Ground Engng, Vll, N2, March 1978, P22-30, </p><p>48-51 </p><p>This paper deserlbes 8 case histories of failures of tanks on pad ald piled fo~tndations and gives several examples of the observed dlatartions of tanks in service. Meth~s that have been used to limit differential se~alements are discussed and limits are ~iven for acceptable differential settlements urder tank floors stud shells. The paper eoncl~des with design guidance motes. </p><p>783144 DESIGN AND INSTAI/ATION OF PILES IN CHALK ViJayvergiya, V N; Chang, A P; Kolk, H J Ground Engng, VII, N2, March 1978, P42-48 </p><p>Relates to two offshore platforms in the North Sea, each having 8 36in diameter main pipe piles. A quasi-effective stress method was used %0 com- Pute capacity ard design pens%ration of piles in chalk. Piles were driven to design Pe~trations which averaged 183ft for drilling platform amd 130ft for production platform. Very lo~g delays </p></li></ul>