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Digital book made by students in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University Summer 2012


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    Pitzer Pipeline Program 2012

  • I am here to get a better understanding about my culture, to see what it is like to live in dorms and meet new people. Since

    Ive been here, Ive seen a different perspective on life and learned that I can become anything I want if I have the

    motivation. Ive grown to love everyone in this program, and I know that if I be myself around them, I wont be judged.

  • While I have been here, I have learned a lot about diabetes and how to take care of yourself. For

    example, I learned that people with diabetes have to change their diets, go to checkups for their feet

    to see if there arent any holes and if you dont take care3 of your diabetes it can cause heart attacks

    and possible strokes. Also I have learned how to take care of your body and to control how much sugar

    and calories you eat a day and make sure to exercise if you eat something sweet.

  • Special Ed; Important Issue

    An issue that is important to me is becoming a Special Ed teacher because, first off, my younger brother is autistic. Second, since I was about 5 years old, my grandmother would take me to her classrooms. She is an aid for Special Ed, and I would play with the kids and observe how they would act when something went wrong or how they would interact with me. Now that autism runs in my family, I am very motivated to help disabled children and I feel like it is what God put me on this earth to do.

    Since I have a lot of experience with disabled children, I feel like I know how to help them by being patient and treating them like normal kids. For example, for some autistic children, if they drop something or one little thing doesnt go according to plan, they will get very emotional because they didnt expect anything to go wrong. Also, before the day starts, they need to have a schedule to know exactly what theyre doing for the day so they are prepared.

    When I am in my grandmothers classes, I see how these kids really enjoy having her around and have special bonds with her that I would want when I am older. Becoming a Special Ed teacher will take a lot of work and I would have to work really hard, but helping kids who need extra help and attention deserve to have that. And I will give them all the help they need.

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