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BRMS BASICS Session By Karthikeyan S

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Session By Karthikeyan S

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• Why BRMS?• What BRMS is?• How BRMS Impact?

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Why BRMS?Reasons:

• Lower cost of ownership for software development life cycle• Faster application development • Faster response to change• Reusability of work• Advanced Personalisation

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May 2, 2023 4

Managing Change Across the Organization

Production IT Administrator

System/Ops Manager

Line of Business Business PartnerPolicy Manager

Line of Business Manager

Development Rule DeveloperRule Modeler

Business Analyst

I need performance,scalability, monitoring and

reliability of operations

I need easy, efficient and reliable

policy change delivery

I need a comprehensive rules

development and maintenance environment

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What BRMS is?• Business Rule Management System is a software system used to define,

deploy, execute, monitor and maintain the variety and complexity of decision logic

A BRMS includes, at minimum:• This needs to be attributed:• A repository, allowing decision logic to be externalized from core

application code• Tools, allowing both technical developers and business experts to define

and manage decision logic• A runtime environment, allowing applications to invoke decision logic

managed within the BRMS and executes it using a business rules engine

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How BRMS Impact?Major Themes of the Business Rules ApproachNon-technical origins• As per BRCommunity ,Business rules did not emerging new class of software tools.

Rather it came to deal real-world, grassroots movement whose driving force is business practice, not technology.

• It arose from the vision of dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the trials and challenges of business software.

• Goal: to offer companies the best possible approach to developing business solutions involving automated systems.

Terms, facts, and rules• This important breakthrough, sometimes called the Business Rule Mantra, is

credited to the GUIDE Business Rules Project and was originally reported in its 1995 paper

• Literally, in the business rule approach, rules always build directly on facts (or fact types), which in turn always build on concepts, as represented by terms.

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Fact models• This term actually refers to the structure of basic

business semantics — that is, terms that stand for concepts and how they relate to one another in the form of facts.

Level of enforcementDeclarative form of enforcement.Atomic form• The word atomic appears explicitly or implicitly in several of the

definitions. This reflects an important goal for business rules to achieve the most granular level of specification possible.

ReusabilityStructured Business-level Rule SyntaxRule Verification and Management• This enables verifying the consistency of rules and managing them

from a business, not software, perspective

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The advantages of a BRMS include: •Reduced or removed reliance on IT departments for changes in live systems. Although, QA and Rules testing would still be needed in any enterprise system. • Increased control over implemented decision logic for compliance and better business management • The ability to express decision logic with increased precision, using a business vocabulary syntax and graphical rule representations (decision tables, trees, scorecards and flows) •Improved efficiency of processes through increased decision automation

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Where Business Rules Typically Exist




Business Rule Management System

Rules are Defined,

Analyzed and Maintained

User Tools

Rules are Stored and


Rule Repository

Rules are Deployed,

Executed and Monitored

Rule Server

May 2, 2023 9

The Smarter Approach – Easy, Safe, Reliable Change with BRMS Make decision logic accessible to Business and IT Allow business users to manage rules Implement fine-grained, context-specific decision automation Reduce maintenance time/cost

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May 2, 2023 10

Redefined Application Change Cycle

DeveloperBusiness - IT

Weeks / MonthsDays / Weeks

Functions /Tasks / FlowDecisions / Policies











Page 11: Brms basics











Policy Manager

Rule Administrator

System Administrator

Enterprise Rule Repository

May 2, 2023 11

WebSphere ILOG BRMS – Full Rule Lifecycle Support

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Business Rule Language Supports all kind of rules:

Basic to cross validations Derivations Inference based rules Calculations rules Product offering Underwriting Scoring Rating…

ifthe credit score of the borrower is less than 200thenadd "Credit score below 200" to the messages of the loanreject the loan;

ifthe type of claim is Veterinary cost thenProcessing type for claim is : AutomateelseProcessing type for claim is : Manual

Customizable vocabulary specific to your organization, industry, application (etc.)

Supports language localization Integrates with external data sources (e.g. list

of countries) Drop down lists for customized domain data Templates facilitate new rule creation

May 2, 2023

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• the name of …• the birthday of …• the number of accidents of …• the … is a high risk driver• …

Business Object Model Rule Vocabulary Business Rule Language

Developer IT / Business Rule Developer /Business User


• le nom du ...• l’anniversaire du ...• Le nombre d’accidents du ...• le ... est un conducteur à risque• …

CustomerInfo• name• birthday• getNumAccidents()• isHighRiskDriver()• …

Rule: High risk driver


the birthday of customer is after 12/9/1975 andthe number of accidents of customer is at least 3

thenset the customer as a high risk driver

Règle: Conducteur à risque


L’anniversaire du client est après le 12/9/1975 etle nombre d’accident du client est au moins 3

alorsClasser le client comme conducteur à risque

Automatic generation of the rule vocabulary.

Comprehensive industry focused business terms to define its data and associated actions.

Localizable vocabulary

May 2, 2023

Rule Editing with Domain Specific Languages

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May 2, 2023 14

Examples of Customer BRMS Applications


• Loan Origination• Credit Decisioning• Sales Advisory• Payments• Accounting


• Claims Processing• Underwriting• Quoting• Rating• Commissioning

Capital Markets

• Automated Trading

• Trade Order Management

• Accounting• Compliance KYC /

AML• On Boarding

Public Sector

• Claims Processing• Entitlement and

Benefit calculation• Fraud Detection

and Management• Screening and


Telecom• Offer

Configuration• Order

Management• Fraud Detection

and Management• Loyalty Programs• Network


Transportation and Travel

• Promotions Management

• Loyalty Programs• Customer Service• Billing• Contract


Retail• Online

recommendation• Campaign

Management• Order

Management• Pricing


• Order Management

• Billing• Contract


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ReferencesNon-Commercial Websites•, launched in 2000.• (home of The Business Rules Journal), launched

in 2000.• a German-speaking web portal launched in April 2004.• European Community of launched in 2004.

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