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Post on 13-Apr-2017




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Minimal app chrome

Excellent focus on content

Complete consistency

Obvious to use

Ultra minimalism

Good, clear icon design

Consistency in IA

Awesome minimal Visual

Design Language

Very easy to scan

Consistency in typography and great handling of overall data structures

Everything just makes sense from UX point of view

This is an actual example of a testimonial from a real world agency website

Who gets overwhelmed by a design of a toothbrush app?







No consistency in any interactions or visual design language

Breaks many iOS design principles set out by Apple themselves!

Awful IA

Use of militant tone towards end users

Lack of general tone of voice

How can Google fail like this?

User is UK based with English language locale

Notice that translation failed too

The home address is wrong 81 Church Road

Impossible to change in any easy way

Notice the big arrow

Notice the big arrow again

Notice the lack of big arrow now?

Still a lack of big arrow, so very hard to find walking directions to the bus stop

Impossible to click the name of the station due to overlapping station exit markers

Notice difference in sizes of + Connect buttons

I also dont know Jeff Weiner

My base currency is UKP in the settings, but UI forcing USD as the base currency

Max daily purchase is 100, which is tricky to convert into equivalent $

Help link looks just like the description text on the left, so not obvious it was a link

This entire flow is also very unclear due to terminology used

Bottom navigation lacks affordance that it is navigation

Top navigation hides additional functionality which isnt obvious to discover at all

Not users fault here

Tescos API doesnt work, but they are reporting it as an issue with username and password

Core focus is moments, which is not what Twitter is about

Forcing unwanted content onto users

This is a news feed

Hidden 2 charge only revealed at a point when cancellation request is invoked after 10+ minutes of waiting

Message is untrue, as the driver was looking for another person to pick up

Smileys are important to express emotions

These are new Facebook smileys

There are also smileys still here for some reason

Searching stickers (smileys?!) is rendered in a different way

Why isnt there just one area where all smileys and stickers are at?

Too much navigation

Desktop folded into mobile

Even more navigation

Top products displayed in unclear way - picture isnt enough