bronze age greece crete: minoan civilization (palace at knossos)

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  • Bronze Age Greece

  • Crete: Minoan Civilization (Palace at Knossos)

  • Knossos: Minoan Civilization

  • The Minoans developed writing, used copper and bronzeShipbuildersCivilization collapsed around 1400 BCE

  • The Mycenaean CivilizationThrived from 1400-1200 BCEWere overtaken by the Dorians Dark Age for Greece

  • The Geography of Greece

  • Geography shapes Greek lifeGreek civilization formed around the Aegean, Ionian and Black Seas which were used for transportationTrade was important due to lack of natural resources and little fertile landTrade led to cultural adoption such as the alphabetMountain terrain forced Greek communities to develop city-states (polis) each with its own government


  • SpartaMilitary state based on obedience and self-disciplineGovernment was an Oligarchy ruled by a small group of elitesConquered neighbors forcing them to be Helots (slaves)

  • ATHENS: Yesterday & Today

  • AthensGovernment - Direct DemocracyEvery freeman could vote (No women or slaves)Citizen AssemblyCity of Intellect

  • Persian Wars: 499 BCE 480 BCE

  • Persian Wars: Famous BattlesMarathon (490 BCE)26 miles from AthensThermopylae (480 BCE)300 Spartans at the Mountain passSalamis (480 BCE)Athenian navy victorious

  • Golden Age of Pericles: 460 BCE 429 BCEPericles leader of AthensAthena -goddess and protector of Athens

  • Great Athenian PhilosophersSocratesSocratic dialogue - question everythingPlatoThe Republic philosopher-kingAristotleLogicScientific method

  • Homer: The Heroic Age

  • Athens: The Arts & SciencesGreek contributions: Drama & The Sciences:Comedies & TragediesPythagoras Pythagorean Theorem Archimedes Geometry, pulleys and leversEratosthenes-Calculated the Earths circumference and declared it round

  • Art and ArchitectureThe Parthenon

  • The Acropolis Today

  • Classical Greek Art IdealisticAphroditeSophocles

  • Olympia

  • The Ancient Olympics: Athletes & Trainers

  • The Role of Women in GreeceAthenian women were considered inferior and subject to their husbands will - could own clothes and slaves, but no land

    Spartan women had more freedom many were educated and received physical training

  • Peloponnesian WarsFought between Athens and Sparta

    Sparta wins, but Greek city-states were weakened

    Allowing for conquest from the North (Phillip of Macedonia)

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