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  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx


  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx




    Base Colour Tanned Flesh (Games


    Highlight Elf Flesh (Games Workshop)


    Base colour Bubonic Brown (Games


    Highlight Iraqui Sand (Vallejo Model


    Shield & Banner Details

    Black (Vallejo Model Colour)


    I cleaned up and assembled the figures, which

    in the case of these wonderful Xyston sculpts,

    meant as little as drilling the hands out for the

    pikes. They are wonderful figures and a joy to

    paint. I put the unit together as six 40x40mm

    squares with six figures to a base.

    This would assemble into a typical Warmaster

    unit but still be customisable depending on

    our needs. I can work with all the figures

    glued to a base but I know quite a few people

    prefer to stick the figures down afterwards.

    I used Games Workshop black primer as the



    To get through 36 figures quickly involves

    developing a system. I suggest you do not try

    and paint all 36 figs in one go. I split them

    into two groups and finished one group before

    moving onto the other half. I painted all of

    one colour on the figures before moving onto

    the next colour. I painted all the base colours

    before moving onto the highlights. The last

    areas I painted on the figures were the pikes

    and trousers.

    I started by painting the sleeves, skirts and

    head-dresses in the Flat Brown and then I

    painted the linen armour in Medium Sea Grey.

    The skin was painted in Tanned Flesh and the

    shields and helmet details in Brazen Brass.

    The straps holding the shield and scabbard

    were painted in Bubonic Brown.

    At this stage if you were so inclined you could

    stop and base the figures up and be proud of

    a nice clean, if a bit drab, looking unit. Using

    the list of colours at the start of the article I

    then went over and highlighted all the surfaces

    with the corresponding colour.

    (Left to right) A 40x40mm base finished and

    a base just basecoated.


    Now for something as simple as a two stage


  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx


  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx


    The red is added and suddenly the wholefigure becomes much brighter. You can

    paint the folds into the cloth that makes

    up their skirts and sleeves but it is much

    easier to paint a line around the hem of the

    cloth whilst leaving a thin stripe of the base

    colour around the joins to the armour.

    Almost impossible to spot but the metal has

    been highlighted. It is now a much richer

    bronze colour. The detail work on the helmets

    was as simple as a dot of paint on each of the

    face guards and a line around the helmet rim.

    The shields however were painted entirely

    with Dwarf Bronze. The reason I painted the

    Brazen Brass first was because the bronze

    colour would not cover very well over black.

    Finally the flesh and straps have been

    highlighted. The straps holding the shield

    and scabbard we highlighted with a single

    line of the highlight colour, nothing fancy

    just one stripe of colour. The flesh was a

    little more complicated but when broken

    down into shapes, becomes much easier. Forinstance on the face the nose was one dot of

    paint, each cheek was another dot and the

    top lip, bottom lip and chin were all a single

    line of colour each.


  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx


    (Left to right) A varnished and unvarnished base of figures, the most obvious difference

    is the glare off the shields.


  • 8/12/2019 Brush Strokes 15mm Phalanx


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