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This introduction is from Tom Tresser's "Civics 101" class for Cycle 32 at i c stars, Fall 2014.


  • 1. my home/my favoriteplaces to hang348 west WendellChicagoGoing to churchPapa johnsOriginal mothers2 Italians pizzaBig little'sStar bucksListening to Jazz music inthe park

2. My hobbiesCookingListening to musicReading poemsBuild model carWorking on carsDrivingBuilding model cars 3. the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry. Y-men Chosen generation Positive Singlearty 4. Lack of educational programs for youth Family vaules Music programs Programs for seniors Better gun laws Resources for available for people who needthem. Where to find them Make them affordable Programs for non violent felons. 5. For 9 1/2 I was a chef, I really enjoyed what I wasable to accomplish. But without having theeducation I hit a wall, I reach as far as I can go, solooking for a job I was not able to find a positionthat would allow me to become finically stable. Forme so I can take care of my family. And be a trueprovider, so I made a choice, I had to leave what Ienjoyed , to make a path to becoming a man ofsubstance. And working with computers andlearning the things that is offered here, becoming aic stars intern, gives me the knowledge I need tobecome much more successful.