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1. Bs CreationsOriginal, Fun, Feminine and Elegant
Because Every Girl Deserves To Feel Butterflies
2. Creative Beginning
3. The Product
Bs Creations is a company that helps todays women express themselves with original hair, garment and accessory pieces. These fabrications may include (but are not limited to) feathers, sequins, flowers (real or silk), bows, lace, netting, ribbon and/or glitter. The accessory sets the attitude and is the representation of the wearer. There is no limit to the customers imagination and we provide a way for customers to bring their creative desires to life.
4. TargetImaginations
Females ranging from young adult (teens) and up.
Girls with a desire to express their personality in the form of an ornate and original hair or garment accessory
Middle to upper class incomes with diverse occupations, life goals and styles
Soft, romantic and simplistic designs.Bright, bold andvibrant designs or vintage and retro as well as modern creations.
5. Campaign Objectives

  • Create custom accessories at reasonable cost 6. Draw customer to designs 7. Build loyal customer base 8. Promotions for customer benefit 9. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

Bs Creations
Custom Accessories*Excellent Prices
Because Every Girl Deserves To Feel Butterflies
10. Networking Opportunities

  • Stores are playgrounds for verbal communication and sharing creative ideas 11. The networking opportunities available at Bs Creations are what help build a loyal customer base 12. Happy customers talk = word of mouth advertising 13. We Twitter 14. Were on Myspace and Facebook