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    BSc (Hons) Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography) Important Notes for Stage 1 Students 1011/2

    Please Read before Arrival

    College Day, Tuesday 27 September 2011 Newman Lecture Theatre B

    Please ensure you bring the following with you: Timetable for the day Completed data protection form Completed placement preferences questionnaire Student Handbooks The School of Physics Medical Imaging handbook is available to download from this website. The handbook contains the information you will require during your first year with the University including regulations, assessment procedures and detailed descriptions of the Level 1 modules you will be taking. The information contained within the School of Physics handbook has been taken from the School's comprehensive web-site which is on the internet at The web-based handbook is the definitive source of all staff and student information and is updated regularly. During the course of your first year, you should make yourself familiar with using the internet and e-mail, as these are the School's primary modes of communication. You will be provided with an introduction to these facilities early in the term.

    Lectures Your Radiography specific lectures will take place in various venues on the Streatham Campus. You will be given timetables at Registration. The timetable can also be accessed via MyExeter Together with clinical placements, attendance at tutorials and lectures is mandatory. You should therefore make every effort to attend all classes and be prepared to supplement the notes that you make yourself using both the recommended textbooks and the reference works available in the Library. Tutors Each student will be allocated a tutor from amongst the lecturing staff of the School. Lists of tutors and tutorial groups will be displayed on the undergraduates' notice board in the foyer of the Physics building during your first week. Your tutor will arrange to see you together with the rest of your tutorial group once a fortnight. At the end of each term, your tutor will complete a report on your progress which will be available to the School for advice in cases of illness, marks on the borderline between classes and, of course, the provision of references.

    Student Enquiries The new Student Services Office will open shortly in the foyer of the Physics building. Until then, please go to Room 605 on the 6th floor of the Physics building with any queries, Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00.

  • Examinations Your performance in coursework and the first-year examinations will determine whether or not you are permitted to proceed to Stage 2 of this degree course. Calculators You may use any calculator you like for your day-to-day work here. However, you may use only a simple non-programmable scientific calculator in the examinations and tests set by the School of Physics. You will not be permitted to bring into an examination a calculator that is programmable or that has features that allow storage, manipulation or communication of data in ways that could give you an advantage over other candidates. The current list of calculators approved by the School of Physics is: Casio FX-31, FX-82, FX-82{ES,L,LB,MS,SX,SUP,super,TL-A }, FX-83, FX-83{ES,MS,W,WA,WAB,WAG}, FX-85, FX-85{B,ES,MS,N,S,SA,V,VH,WA}, FX-92, FX-95, FX-100D, FX-115{D,M,S,W}, FX-250HA, FX-350{ES,MS}, FX-570{C,CD,D,S,W}, FX-991s, FX-922{S,V}, FX-992S, Karce KC-108, Logik LK-183, Sharp EL-506R, EL-520{G,L,R,V,W}, EL-521, EL-530L, EL-531{GH,LH,LHB,RH,VH,W,WH}, EL-546L, EL-556G, Texas TI-30{X,IIS,eco RS,stat}, TI-34II, TI-35plus, TI-36X, Hewlett Packard HP6S, Morrisons Scientific model, Trago SCL/1, Tandy EC-4031, Truly 105, W H Smith/Texet Albert{2,3,3trans,4,5}, FX900, FX1000. This list is not exhaustive and all calculators must be checked and labelled for approval by the Student Services office prior to your examinations. Books A list of core text books is downloadable from this website. The University Library contains copies of all books referred to in lectures and module descriptions. The Physics Library is available for your use during term time, but it is a reference library only from which books must not be taken away, and it does not contain copies of all undergraduate books. Absence For absences from class of more than three consecutive days a Personal Declaration Certificate (available from

    Student Services) must be completed by you and submitted to Student Services, Room 605 on the 6th floor of the Physics Building.

    Absences of six weekdays or more (ie more than a working week) must be supported by a medical certificate signed

    by a medical practitioner. If you are absent due to illness when on a Clinical Placement, both the Placement site AND Student Services

    (telephone: 01392 264171, email: must be notified of your absence. You must do this as soon as possible on the FIRST day that you are ill.

    When a student has been persistently absent for reasons of illness the School may require the student to obtain a

    doctor's certificate in respect of any subsequent absences, however short. For absence through illness from all or part of any formal examination or assessment a statement will be required

    from a medical practitioner even if only one day's absence is involved. If you think that your examination performance may be affected by illness either before or during an examination, make sure that your doctor sends a medical certificate to the University and that the School is notified in writing immediately, or not later than seven days after the examination. We hope you will not need it, but if the question of giving you a 'second chance' arises, prompt notification is most important. Change of Address Please be sure to inform the University Registry (at Northcote House) and Student Services (School of Physics) whenever your permanent or Exeter address and/or telephone number change. Induction Week First-year students who are unable to attend Welcome Week should register in the Student Services Office in the Physics Building, by no later than 11.00 am on Tuesday, 4th October.


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