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MYP Design Technology

MYP Design TechnologyJulie Technology Requirements: Course HoursMinimum 50 hours/year per subject for all students in Years 1 5** Due to some academic requirements, some students are not in a Design course, but will be exposed to Design Technology through integration. **Our Model for MYP Technology Instruction

Computer Technology + Design Technology = Combined Technology

At Canadian Academy: Hybrid ApproachDesign Technology Course (35 hours) in Once per week Grades 6 8Integrated Projects (minimum 15 hours)Integrated into other MYP subjects in Grades 6 8

MYP (Design)Technology Vs. Technology (ICT)Technology is an MYP subjectUses the design cycle as a model for thinkingStudents are expected to solve problems Focus on the whole design process rather than the product

ICT (Information Communication Technology) integrated in all classesTeaching of skills such as: researching (accessing information), word processing, creating presentations, video editing, etc.Using the Design Cycle as an Approach to Learning


Example Problem:Guided How can I create a fast solar powered car out of recycled materials?

Open How can I organize myself better?


MYP Technology Assessment

Check your childs blog they all have one!Check my blog: at picturesEngage your child in discussions