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  • 1.The Big Bubble Picnic by Room 1

2. Bubbles floating all around Bubbles fat and bubbles round Bubbles on my toes and noseBlow a bubble. ..up it goes! Bubbles floating all around.Bub. . .bles fall. . .ing to...the...ground.Bubbles 3. Mr McInyre bought us purple and yellow bubble wands. We couldnt wait for the Big Bubble Picnic. Room 1 Girls 4. This is my bubble wand.I used a piece of coloured wire and made a round shape.Then I twisted the wire so it stays in place. 5. I helped Robert to make his bubble wand. 6. These are the bubbles that Mr McIntyre bought us.Room 1 Boys 7. We decorated our table cloth for the Big Bubble Picnic. We cut circles from magazines. 8. So many bubbles everywhere! 9. I Had A Little Turtle I had a little turtle His name was Tiny Tim I put him in the bathtub To see if he could swim. He drank up all the water He ate up all the soap Now he's stuck in bed with a bubble in his throat. Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, POP!! 10. Thank you Mr McIntyre for buying us bubble wands. 11. Thank you for listening to our Bubble Story The End