bubble gum as art

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Bubble Gum as Art ~Gum sculptures~ Seeing Gum in a whole new way! All Art by Maurizio Savini

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  • 1. Bubble Gum as Art~Gum sculptures~Seeing Gum in a whole new way!All Art by Maurizio Savini

2. As a child, I always found the bright colors of a gum ball to most alluring.Especially for only a few coins and a bit of whining to my mom in themiddle of the food court at the mall. Every time, I would be disappointedafter about 10 minutes, the gum would lose flavor, color. I thought howworthless. 3. I would just be left with a sugar rush and my mom with a hyper child thatwanted nothing more but an endless gumball machine of her own, whichwould be added to the Christmas list every year with the Bob Ross PaintSet. 4. I would even hope for an endless gobstopper, like the movie Willy Wonka& The Chocolate Factory promised. I was a child who in all accountscould relate to the main actor, who was a child from a poor family. Agumball or other bits of candy were special treats that only happenedwhen I was Good 5. The every day objects that we see as easily dispensable, like a piece ofchewing gum can be turned into something more. As shown by ArtistMarizio Savini. A 39 year old, Italian Artist who has been creating thesemasterpieces for the last 10 years. 6. As you can Imagine my surprise when I found this artist in researchinggum and its amazing uses, from catfish bait to helping recover fromColon Resection Surgery. The way each piece of gum was used in thesymphony of many ignited the wonder of a child. 7. The artists name is Maurizio Savini. Maurizio takes thousands of piecesof chewed gum, fixes the sculpture with formaldehyde and antibioticsand can turn it into something like this to be sold for up to $60,000. 8. It may not be the most popular choice, however unusual, it is quiteversatile. Maurizio can easily manipulate and cut the gum and form itinto art, just like clay. 9. Despite critics and those alike. This has become an established art form,and why not? I can see future childrens books build around thecharacters made of gum and the worlds they traverse. Additionally, thisart could be seen in hotels, museums and galleries all over the world, justlike blown glass art, but just a touch more delicious and fragrant. 10. To The Telegraph, the artist based in Rome, said: The reason I like to use chewinggum is because it seemed to me an amazingly versatile material compared to thoseused by the traditional arts such as painting. Despite its history of it belonging topopular culture, chewing gum does not have a statute of its own within institutionalart. I believe that in my work on this material is redeemed and acquires a capacityand it has an expressive dignity of its own. 11. So next time you think of throwing away your used chewing gum,possibly stuck to the bottom of a desk or out the window of your car, justthink 12. .you could transform your trash into another mans treasure.