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INTRODUCTIONThe power generation is based on principle of sonofusion. y Sonofusion was derived from a related phenomenon, sonoluminescence.y At one day it may become a revolutionary new energy

source. y Sonofusion Research team from various organizations have joined forces to create acoustic fusion technology energy consortium (AFTEC) to promote the development of sonofusion.

SONOLUMINESCENCEy When a gas bubble in liquid is excited by an

ultrasonic acoustic waves, it can emit short flashes of light of extreme temperatures inside the bubble.

y These flashes of light, known as sonoluminescence,

occur as the bubble implodes. Chemical reactions occurs &yield of photons and ions formed y Gas bubbles in liquid convert sound energy into liquid. y It is also called as single bubble sonoluminescenece involve a single gas bubble trapped inside flask by a pressure field.

THE IDEA OF SONOFUSION Technically known as acoustic inertial confinement


In this piezoelectric crystal attached to a liquid-filled

flask send pressure waves through the fluid, exciting the motion of tiny gas bubbles. core .

High temperatures and pressure speculated at the bubble This leading to conditions suitable for thermonuclear


BASIC REQUIREMENTSVacuum pump Pyrex flask Piezoelectric crystal Wave generator Amplifier Neutron generator Neutron and gamma ray detector Photomultiplier Microphone & speaker y Dueterated acetone(C3D6O).

HOW SONOFUSION WORKSAction of vacuum pump to remove natural occuring gas

bubbles in liquid because they cant withstand high temparature&presure. Fill the flask with deuterated acetone because this atoms can easily undergoes fusion&fiuid can withstand high tension without unwanted bubble. For initiation an oscillating voltage of 20kHz applied to the ring through wave generator&amplifier,then it contract&expand,flask send pressure wave(max 1500kpa ,min -1500kpa) through liquid. Fire a pulsed neutron generator when pressure reaches to lowest point.

ACTION IN THE FLASK Stage (1)The fast moving neutrons may knock atoms nuclei&give their kinetic energy to liquid moleculesflying in the flask create a bubble cluster(about 1000 bubbles) in the deuterated acetone liquid.

Stage (2)y By firing neutron

generator in low pressure i.e, negative pressure in the liquid makes the bubbles swell 100000 times in size (from nano to millimeter-scale).

Stage (3)y The liquid pressure

turns positive and compresses the bubble, causing them to implode with great violence&creates spherical shockwaves within bubbles.

Stage(4)y The implosion creates

an instantaneous pressure of 10 trillion kilopascals and temperature of more than 100 million degree C, making the deuterium fuse.


y Deuterium-Deuterium fusion has two probable

outputs, helium and a 2.45-MeV neutron or tritium and a proton. y The energy of 2.45MeV neutron can be harnessed in a reactor to create water vapor &drive an electricity generator.

EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT TABLETOP NUCLEAR FUSION DEVICEy We gather two kinds of evidence that the deuterium is

fusing.y The first is by measuring levels of another hydrogen

isotope tritiumy The second is neutron emissions detected by the neutron


ADVANTAGESy It is self sustaining. y Easily control. y Produce more energy than it consumes. y Low cost. y Easily available raw materials. y Environmental friendly.

APPLICATIONSy The technology might one day, in theory, lead to a new

source of energy. It may result in a new class of low cost energy.y Compact detectors for security applications. y To analyze molecular structure of materials. y Machines that cheaply manufacture new synthetic

materials & efficiently produce tritium, which is used for medical imaging to watch dials.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTSy Fully self-sustained.


CONCLUSIONy For more than half a century, thermonuclear fusion has

held out the promise of cheap, clean and virtually limitless energy. y 1 gram of deuterium,an isotope of hydrogen,would be equal to produced by burning 7000liters of gasoline. y Deuterium abundent in ocean water ,1 cubic kilometer of seawater could supply all the worlds needs for several hundred years.

REFERENCEy www.purdue.edu y www.iter.org y www.washington.edu y Fuels& combustion-samir sarkar y Principles of inorganic chemistry-





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