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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 1/6</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 2/6</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 3/6</p><p>Bubble Wrap NecklaceDesigned by Steven James</p><p>Steven is an enthusiastic artist and teacher who uses a variety of recycled ma-</p><p>terials in his work. On his choice to use bubble wrap for this project, he comments:</p><p>Ive always been fascinated with the idea of manipulating materials and the</p><p>science behind creativity. The process of fusing the bubble wrap takes it from one</p><p>material to something incredibly different, while just slightly retaining some of its</p><p>original form. This necklace makes the most of bubble wraps close resemblance</p><p>to mother-of-pearl. By simply cutting circles of bubble wrap one achieves an elegant</p><p>yet sophisticated design.The technique of heat fusing layers of plastic used in this project is versatile and</p><p>can be used with a variety of plastic materials (including various colors of bubble</p><p>wrap and plastic shopping bags) to create projects. Creative designs ranging from</p><p>bracelets to earrings are possible using pieces of fused plastic.</p><p>Supplies Bubble wrap (small bubble type; five to seven strips,</p><p>approximately 89 inches long and 2 inches wide)</p><p> Scissors</p><p> Iron</p><p> Parchment paper</p><p> Circle template</p><p> Pen</p><p> Small hole punch</p><p> Chain nose pliers</p><p> Jump rings</p><p> Small piece of chain (about 3 inches long) Chain segments for necklace</p><p> Pearls</p><p> 28-gauge wire for each wire-wrapped pearl segment</p><p> Clasp</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 4/6</p><p> 1. Use the scissors to cut the strips of bubble wrap and</p><p>release the trapped air by snipping individual bubbles,</p><p>or leave bubbles intact. Turn on the iron to the wool/nosteam setting. Layer two sheets of bubble wrap.</p><p>2. Place the two pieces of wrap inside a piece of parchment</p><p>paper and fold to close.</p><p>3. Iron the entire surface, front and back, for approximately</p><p>30 seconds.</p><p>4. Allow to cool, then repeat the process, layering</p><p>additional pieces of bubble wrap on top of one another.</p><p>Continue until you reached the desired thickness, usually</p><p>57 pieces.</p><p>3</p><p>1 2</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 5/6</p><p> 5. Allow the plastic to cool before cutting the circles. Use</p><p>a circle template with a pen to mark small circles of</p><p>various sizes onto the plastic. Make about 1015 in arange of sizes These will be attached in a cluster to form</p><p>the focal design of the necklace.</p><p>6. Cut out each circle with sharp pointed scissors.</p><p>7. Punch a small hole at the top of each circle.</p><p>8. Use chain nose pliers to attach some circles along a</p><p>small piece of chain using jump rings. Punch holes</p><p>in the bottom of a few of these circles to link smallercircles to them with jump rings for added dimension</p><p>and fullness. The design will resemble a cluster of grapes</p><p>with fullness at the top, tapering off with smaller circles</p><p>at the bottom of the chain. To form the necklace, make</p><p>wire-wrapped segments using 28-gauge wire and pearls.</p><p>Before wrapping at the end of each pearl, add a chain</p><p>segment to each side to form the length of the necklace.</p><p>When your desired length is achieved, attach a clasp</p><p>and then attach the bubble cluster to the necklace using</p><p>chain nose pliers and jump rings.</p><p>5 6</p><p>7 8</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Bubble Wrap Necklace From Jewelry Upcycled</p><p> 6/6</p><p>To purchase a copy of</p><p>Jewelry Upcycled!visit one of these online retailers:</p>http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780823099900http://www.powells.com/biblio/9780823099900?&amp;PID=32442http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780823099900http://www.borders.com/online/store/TitleDetail?view=2&amp;type=1&amp;catalogId=10001&amp;rpp=25&amp;defaultSearchView=List&amp;LogData=%5Bsearch%3A+7%2Cparse%3A+14%5D&amp;cm_mmc=CJ-_-2193956-_-2665379-_-88x31+logo&amp;searchData=%7BproductId%3Anull%2Csku%3Anull%2Ctype%3A1%2Csort%3Anull%2CcurrPage%3A1%2CresultsPerPage%3A25%2CsimpleSearch%3Afalse%2Cnavigation%3A5185%2CmoreValue%3Anull%2CcoverView%3Afalse%2Curl%3Arpp%3D25%26view%3D2%26type%3D1%26page%3D1%26kids%3Dfalse%26nav%3D5185%26simple%3Dfalse%26sku%3D9780823099900%2Cterms%3A%7Bsku%3D9780823099900%7D%7D&amp;storeId=13551&amp;sku=0823099903&amp;ddkey=http:SearchResultshttp://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?r=1&amp;afsrc=1&amp;ISBSRC=Y&amp;ISBN=9780823099900http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0823099903?ie=UTF8&amp;tag=randohouseinc-20&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;creativeASIN=0823099903target=</li></ul>


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