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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Why we do what we do?

We believe in Entrepreneurs.That’s why we are building an Ecosystem for them.

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Seedmoney Wednesday Breakfast is…

a weekly morning meeting for online entrepreneurs and

enthusiasts. After networking over coffee and croissants,

participants gather for an hour of presentations. Speakers

come from the online community and have 10-20

minutes to pitch their projects or to share information from

their experience and expertise.

Each Wednesday morning


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Ignite is…

an event which takes place in over 100 cities

worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share

their personal and professional passions,

using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15

seconds for a total of just 5 minutes.

2 / month1st & 3rd Monday evenings

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Startup people gather around to have a beer and discuss what they are working on, what they need help with and what

they can do for each other.

1 / month1st Thursday


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Startup Weekend is…

a 54 hour startup event that provides networking, resources and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch.

Get connected with local developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Build Community. Start Companies. No Talk. All Action.

26-28 November 2010

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Lunch 2.0 is…

a community event. You don’t pitch, push, shove products or

marketing, you gently invite the community in your office at a lunch to meet them,

to build real relationships.

1 / month2nd Thursday at noon

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Funny Friday is…

going to be THE FUN event.

Each Friday evening we’ll gather around to have fun together!

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Mashable Monthly Meetup

A meeting to learn and understand how social media is changing our


1 / month

Last Wednesday evening

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Founder Institute

a 16 week apprenticeship and training program for tech entrepreneurs.Weekly company-building sessions are guided by experienced CEOs, and they

are held in the evening to allow participants to keep their day job or develop their companies during business hours.


Beginning of 2011

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TechStars Global Affiliatea mentorship-driven seed stage investment program for startups.

It's a 3 month long program. We will choose only 10 startups per year.

These companies get some money as seed funding, 3 months of intensive top-notch mentorship, and the chance to pitch to angel

investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program.Q2 of 2011


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