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An overview of why resellers don't sell and how you can build a productive channel.


  • 1. The York Group Building Better Channels
  • 2. Relationship With Your Resellers Are your partners working as a team, pulling you in the right direction?
  • 3. Or Are They Inactive ? Resentful? A nuisance?
  • 4. Path to Channel Success
      • Opportunistic sales
      • No formal programs
      • Low profits, ROI
      • Inconsistent partner results
      • Agreements tailored to each partner
      • Targeting markets/products
      • International channel structure in place
      • Need to accelerate revenue growth
      • Established offices and partners in major markets
      • Some under-performing products or markets
      • Position company for an exit
    Reacting Coping Anticipating Orchestrating
  • 5. Benefits of an Effective Channel
  • 6. Two Basic Channel Models
    • You are a strategic product
    • Partners do their own marketing
    • Significant sales every year
    • You are a portfolio product
    • You feed your partner with leads
    • One or two sales per year maybe
  • 7. When Are You a Strategic Product? A dedicated salesperson An activities-based marketing plan You are part of the resellers survival toolkit
  • 8. Why Dont Resellers Sell?
    • Portfolio mentality
      • A lot of nice to haves
    You are a disruption
  • 9. You Are A Risk Not An Opportunity Resellers take on three levels of risk
    • Market risk
      • Wrong product, timing, packaging, language, functionality, focus, content, feature set, customers, etc.
    • Exit risk
      • Doing too well
      • Market becomes too attractive for the vendor to resist selling directly
    • Vendor risk
      • Lack of knowledge, cultural sensitivity, understanding of how things work in the partners market
      • Compromising the partners relationships through stupidity
  • 10. Making a Channel Work A quote from Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm "Getting and sustaining the attention of someone else's sales force is a full-time job, since helping to sell someone else's product is an unnatural act that must be stimulated constantly"
  • 11. It Always Comes Down to Selling People sell what they know how to sell. Get the salespeople on board and you will have a productive partner.
  • 12. Whats An ISV To Do? Package yourselves the same way you would your product
  • 13. Building a Successful Channel Give partners a reason to trust you have a solid channel program Identify, qualify and recruit the right partners Manage the partners to keep them focused on your products Channel Success
  • 14. Steps in Partner Recruitment Total elapsed time 4-6 months
  • 15. Need More Help?
    • Local contact information
    • 101 Questions e-book
    • Other useful resources