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Overview on the software and tools needed to deliver an open source cloud computing environment.


<ul><li>1.C R A S H CO U RS E I N O P E N S O U RC E C LO U DCO M P U T I N G Mark R. Hinkle Senior Director, Cloud Computing CommunityCitrix</li></ul> <p>2. % W H OA M I 3. Q U I C K C LO U D CO M P U T I N G OV E RV I E W :O R T H E O B L I G ATO RY W H AT I S T H EC LO U D ? S L I D ES 4. F I V E C H A R AC T E R I ST I C S O F C LO U D S 5. C LO U D CO M P U T I N G S E RV I C E M O D E L SUSER CLOUD a.k.a. SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICESingle application, multi-tenancy, network-based, one-to-manydelivery of applications, all users have same access to features.DEVELOPMENT CLOUD a.k.a. PLATFORM-AS-A-SERVICEApplication developer model, Application deployed to an elasticservice that auto-scales, low administrative overhead. No concept ofvirtual machines or operating system. Code it and deploy it.SYSTEMS CLOUD a.k.a INFRASTRUCTURE-AS-A-SERVICEServers and storage are made available in a scalable way over anetwork. 6. D E P LOY M E N T M O D E L SP U B L I C , P R I VAT E &amp; H Y B R I D C LO U D S 7. C LO U D ST I L L R EQ U I R ESA RC H I T EC T U R A L D ES I G N Cloud Computing isnt amagical solution apps need tobe able to scale out Design your architecture withthe end in mind Make your infrastructure easilyreplicable 8. B U I L D I N G C LO U D SW I T H O P E N S O U RC E S O F T WA R E 9. P R I VAT E C LO U D A RC H I T EC T U R E 10. W H Y O P E N S O U RC E ? User-Driven Solutions to Real Problems Lower barrier to participation Larger user base, users helping users Aggressive release cycles stay current with the state-of-the-art Open data, Open standards, Open APIs 11. V I RT UA L FO R M AT SOpen Virtualization Format (OVF) is an openstandard for packaging and distributing virtualappliances or more generally software to be run invirtual machines.Formats for hypervisors/cloud technologies: Amazon - AMI KVM QCOW2 VMware VMDK Xen IMG VHD Virtual Hard Disk - Hyper-V 12. S O U RC I N G O P E N S O U RC E S O F T WA R EV M S A N D C LO U D A P P L I A N C ESTool/Project What you can do with themBitnamiBitNami provides free, ready to run environments for your favorite open source web applications and frameworks, including Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress, PHP, Rails, Django and many more.Boxgrinder BoxGrinder is a set of projects that help you grind out appliances for multiple virtualization and Cloud providersSUSE StudioSUSE Studio supports building and deploying directly to cloud services such as Amazon EC2.UShareSoft Create cloud server templates on any OS in minutes. Visually design templates then generate to any image format (hypervisor and physical). 13. H Y P E RV I S O RSOpen Source Xen, Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) KVM Kernel-based Virtualization VirtualBox* - Oracle supported Virtualization Solutions OpenVZ* - Container-based, Similar to Solaris Containers or BSD Zones LXC User Space chrooted installsProprietary VMware Citrix Xenserver Microsoft Hyper-V OracleVM (Based on OS Xen) 14. CO M P U T E C LO U D S ( I A A S ) Year Started License VirtualizationTechnologies 2008 ApacheXenserver, Xen Cloud CloudStack Platform, KVM, VMware 2006 GPL Xen, KVM, VMware Eucalyptus (commercial version) 2010 (Developed by ApacheVMware ESX and ESXi, , OpenStack NASA by Anso LabsXen, Xen Cloud Platform previously)KVM, LXC, QEMU andVirtual Box 2005 ApacheXen, KVM, VMware OpenNebula 15. SCALE-UP OR SCALE-OUTVertical Scaling (Scale-Up) Allocate additional resourcesto VMs, requires a reboot, noneed for distributed app logic,single-point of OS failureHorizontal Scaling (Scale-Out) Application needs logic towork in distributed fashion(e.g. HA-Proxy and Apache,Hadoop) 16. C LO U D CO M P U T I N G STO R AG E Description GlusterFS Scale Out NAS system aggregating storage over Ethernet or Infiniband CEPHDistributed file storage system developed by DreamHost OpenStack Swift Long-term object storage system SheepdogDistributed storage for KVM hypervisors NFS Old standby, tried and true, not designed for cloud scale or performance 17. C LO U D A P I S A R E N T C R EAT E D EQ UA LO P E N S O U RC E A B ST R AC T I O N S jclouds libcloud deltacloud fog 18. P L AT FO R M - A S - A - S E RV I C E ( PA A S ) Year Started SponsorsLanguages/FrameworksCloudFoundry 2011 VMwareSpring for Java, Ruby forRails and Sinatra,node.js, Grails, Scala onLift and more viapartners (e.g. Python,PHP)OpenShift ** 2011 Red Hat Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl andPythonPHPFog*2011 AppfogPHP, NodeJS, Ruby,Python, Java, .NET,MySQL, PostgreSQLStackato* ActiveState Java, Python, PHP, Ruby,Perl, Node.js, othersWSO2 Stratus 2010 WSO2Jboss, Java EE6 19. MANAGING CLOUDS WITHOPEN SOURCE TOOLS 20. AU TO M AT I O N U N LO C KST H E P OT E N T I A L O F T H E C LO U D 21. 4 T Y P ES O F M A N AG E M E N T TO O L SProvisioningInstallation of operating systems and othersoftwareConfiguration ManagementSets the parameters for servers, can specifyinstallation parametersOrchestration/AutomationAutomate tasks across systemsMonitoringRecords errors and health of IT infrastructure 22. M A N AG E M E N T TO O LC H A I N S MonitoringPatchingandProvisioningConfiguration 23. O P E N S O U RC EP ROV I S I O N I N G TO O L S Year Started License InstallationTargetsKickstart?GPL Most .dep and RPMbased Linux distrosCobbler (Plus koan 2007 GPL Red Hat, OpenSUSEfor PXE boot of Fedora, Debian,VMs)UbuntuSpacewalk2008 GPL Fedora, CentosCrowbar2011 Apache(Bare metalprovisioning) 24. C O N F I G U R AT I O N M A N A G E M E N TTO O L SYear Started Language License Client/Server Cfengine 1993 CApache Yes Chef 2009 Ruby Apache Chef Solo No Chef Server - Yes Puppet 2004 Ruby GPLYes &amp; standalone Salt 2011 Python Apache yes 25. M O N I TO R I N G TO O L SLicenseType of Monitoring CollectionMethodsCacti / RRDTool GPLPerformanceSNMP, syslogGraphiteApache 2.0 PerformanceAgentNagiosGPLAvailability SNMP,TCP, ICMP,IPMI, syslogZabbixGPLAvailability/SNMP, TCP/ICMP, Performance andIPMI, Synthetic more TransactionsZenossGPLAvailability,SNMP, ICMP, SSH, Performance, Event syslog, WMI Management 26. AU TO M AT I O N / O RC H EST R AT I O N TO O L SYear Started Language License Client/Server SupportOrganizationCapistrano2006RubyMIT Yes NoneRunDeck 2010JavaApacheYes DTO SolutionsFunc2007PythonGPL Yes Fedora ProjectMCollective 2009RubyApacheYes PuppetLabsSalt2011PythonApacheYes SaltStack Inc.? 27. CO N C E P T UA L AU TO M AT E D TO O LC H A I NGenerate Images BootStrapped ImageConfiguration ProvisionSUSE Studio CloudStack PuppetCobblerBoxGrinderOpenStack ChefMonitoringNagios Start/Stop ServicesZenossRunDeck Cacti Capistrano MCollective 28. Questions?SLIDES CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWNLOADEDAT: H T T P : / / W W W. S L I D E S H A R E . N E T/ S O C I A L I Z E D S O F T WA R E / 29. CO N TAC T M E 30. A D D I T I O N A L R ES O U RC ES Devops Toolchains Group DevOps Wikipedia Page Open Cloud Initiative NIST Cloud Computing Platform Open Virtualization Format Specs Clouderati Twitter Account Planet DevOps 31. I T TA K ES A ( O P E N S O U RC E ) V I L L AG E TO B U I L D A C LO U DB Y M A R K R . H I N K L E I S L I C E N S E D U N D E R A C R E AT I V E C O M M O N S AT T R I B U T I O N - S H A R E A L I K E 3 . 0 U N I T E D S TAT E S L I C E N S E . </p>


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