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  • 2. BUILDING AN ENGAGED WORKFORCE 2In 2009 the Government published a report on the McLeod review of employeeengagement, which drew on studies from a wide range of organisations in the privateand public sector. The report revealed that there was a clear link between employeeengagement and improved business performanceWhat is employee engagement? Employers want employees who will go the extra mile. Employees want jobs that are worthwhile and that inspire them. Employee engagement goes beyond job satisfaction, it is something the employee has to offer, in other words discretionary effort. It cannot be required as part of the employment contract.
  • 3. IMPLICATION FOR MANAGERS 3 Given the clear association between engagement and performance there is every incentive for managers to seek to drive up levels of engagement among the workforce. However, different groups of people are influenced by different combinations of factors and managers need to consider carefully what is important to the employees they line manage.
  • 4. IMPLICATIONS FOR MANAGERS 4Research has repeatedly demonstrated the links between the way people are managed and businessperformance. There is no definitive all purpose list of engagement drivers, however the latest researchby The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and Institute of Employment Studies(IES) has revealed that the most common drivers of employee engagement are: Having opportunities to feed your views upwards managers need to encourage and welcome feedback during 1:2:1s. Involvement in decision making managers need to invite suggestions from reportee on problem solving and decisions that need to be made. Freedom to voice ideas, to which managers listen encourage your reportees to engage in open dialogue with you and senior managers. Managerial fairness in dealing with problems treat all members of your team fairly and in accordance with policies and procedures. Managers need to show they are committed to the organisation communicate changes positively giving clear rationale, even if you do not agree, with some decisions made at a more senior level. Keeping employees informed about what is going on in the organisation regular team meetings ensuring information is cascaded e.g. update your team on information from SMT meetings where appropriate. Feeling enabled to perform well and opportunity to develop the job allow reportees to do the job the way they want to, allowing them appropriate autonomy but providing guidance where needed.