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  • 1. Building an Online Strategy Matt Thornton, Technical Product Manager Alfredo Tan, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

2. Some of the Common Challenges?Who should we be targeting? What is the market segment that can show the greatest ROI? Building an audience and generating traffic with a limited marketing budget. Using new technologies, such as mobile, to drive awareness and interest in the business? Now that youve got the traffic, how can you monetize it?2 3. Canada: World Leader in Online Penetration & Engagement. 65%70 1,400,000Total 15+ Population Total Unique Visitors (000s)60 1,200,000 50 1,000,000 Online Penetration %40 800,000 30 600,000 20 400,000 10 200,0000 0 Canada Sweden United UnitedFranceJapan Germany Italy Russia Brazil China Mexico IndiaKingdom StatesCanadians are also the most engaged online at 45 hours // visitor perCanadians are also the most engaged online at 45 hours visitor per month. The U.S. is second at 31.5 hours month. The U.S. is second at 31.5 hoursSource: comScore Media Metrix Multi Country July 2008Source: CIA World Fackbook July 2008 Estimates33 4. The ad spend of TV and online is very different although consumption is only 17% different 2008 Ad Spending vs Median Weekly Time Spent on Each MediumMedian Number of Weekly Hours Spent with Media $9014 Hours Spent per Week12 $80 2008 Ad Spend12 $77$70 2008 U.S. Ad spending1010 $60 (Billions) 8 $50 $42 $40 6 $30 4 $243 $20$19 $14 2 1 1 $100 $0Newspapers MagazinesRadio TV Online Source: Jupiter Research Media Consumption Patterns Oct. 25, 20084 5. 2009 Online Ad spend according to the experts*2009 online ad expenditures:10% increase in online ad spend in 2009 -Group M 18% increase in online ad spend 2009 - ZenithOptimedia 18% increase in online ad spend 2009 -Interpublic 9% increase in online ad spend 2009 - eMarketer Other online predictions: The present economic pressures will forever change how media is planned and measured. It will also change the media mix itself ** Geoff Ramsey CEO eMarketer Mobile is poised for a breakthrough year in 2009 it will grow between 300% and 500% worldwide this year *** Duncan Stewart Deloitte Consulting Toronto *Source: MediaPost News Online Will Continue to Expand Amid 09 Global Ad Recession December 8, 2008**Source: eMarketer Seven Predictions for 2009 January 5, 2009 & Marketing Magazine Print in Peril January 21, 20095***Source: Marketing Magazine Print in Peril January 21, 2009 6. Selecting the Audience you want to target. Who should you be focusing the content of yourbusiness towards. How can you make the business attractive to theadvertising community. 6 7. Yahoo! Builds Audience to Match the Advertisers TargetsCHOs 25 to 54 Boomers 45 to 64(Chief Household Officers)Reach 70%Reach 75% PropertyUU (000) PropertyUU (000)Autos 227Finance 741Games 402 Lifestyle 566Music 475 News1,456News1,198 Travel346OMG! 75 Weather 172 comScore Media Metrix All Locations Demo Persons 45-64, Q4 2008Travel359Lifestyle 517 comScore Media Metrix All Locations Demo F25-54, Q4 2008BIG $PENDER$ MACHOs 18 to 34 (Males) Reach 73%PropertyUU (000)Answers 1,088 News597 Sports351 Tech 82 Shopping163 Movies160 comScore Media Metrix All Locations Demo M18-34, Q4 20087 8. Finding the Big Spender Audience RetailIncomeHome 300 40001600 1,4483,529 250 35001400236 25030001200 2009492,4251000 2500150 800 2000 1,497 105 102 540 600 1500388 100 932 400 100050 2005000 00 AOL CanoeMSNYahoo! AOLCanoe MSN Yahoo! AOL Canoe MSNYahoo!Number of Cdns in (000)s,Number of Cdn females in (000)s, 15-19 Number of Cdn Boomers in (000)s, 45-64 18-64 yrs of age, who have a yrs, who spent $100+ on shoes in the yrs of age with a household income of $75+mortgage and visited these past 12 months and visited these sites and who visited the following sites in thesites in the past month in the past month past month Travel Finance800 741 40003,334 700 3500Number of Cdns inNumber of Cdns in 600 3000(000)s, 18-64 yrs of (000)s, 45 to 64 yrs522 5002,290age who haveof age who spend 2500stayed in a hotel/more than $500 on 400 2000motel in the pastcredit card each3001,264 1500 230year and visited themonth and visited200153 1000 741following sites inthe following sites 100 the past month in the past month 50000 AOL Canoe MSN Yahoo!AOL Canoe MSNYahoo!Source: PMB RTS Canadian Data Weighted Count: The total number of Canadian Adults 18 to 64 as surveyed by PMB and projected by Canadian Census Yahoo! Canada Proprietary and Confidential. 2007 All Rights Reserved 9. Selecting the Audience you want to target. Think about who the Big Spenders are in youraudience. Create content that will engage the Big Spendersto develop loyalty with them.9 10. Building Your AudienceSearch Marketing 11. Canadian Internet User Behaviour90 80% 2007 % 200870 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Communicating Paying bills Phot os StreamingDownloadingGamesDownloadingShopping TV/Movies MusicSource: 2008 Rogers/Ipsos-Reid report11 12. Average Cost per CustomerAcquisition Source: Piper Jaffray, The New eCommerce Decade: The Age of Micro-Targeting., October 200612 13. Search Advertising: Reach Beyond the Big Three Title(unit) 13 14. Building Your AudienceContent Distribution 15. Big media magnet sites attract the large audiences with content aggregated from publishers of all sizes. Local niche content is in high demand. Yahoo! Canada News reaches a larger audience each day than the daily circulation of Canadas Top Weekday Newspaper!Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada Q1 2007Source: Wikipedia Newspaper Circulation by Country October 2007 to March 2008 and The Star.CA Media Kiit 2008 16. Data Distribution on Google Google Maps is using multiple local players to provide data. Links drive traffic back tothe Local directory.16 YAHOO! 17. Audience Monetization 18. Beyond the Ad Network Search Drives Monetization There are estimated to be more than 250,000publishers using Google AdSense alone. Thelong tail is very long, very crowded, and verypoor. Ad networks now generate a whopping 27-cent average CPM, whilepremium publishers rake in a $20.17 average CPM through directsales.Canadians generate more than 90 millionsearch queries a day and 55% of those searchesare commercially viable search termsSources: Cybertrends Pulse of the Internet Report March 2006; comScore qSearch: US & Canada, September 200718Mediapost Ad Networks Are For Idiots -- And Here's The Math To Prove It. April 9, 2009 19. Every Search should include Search AdvertisingNetwork Results$16 - $25 eCPMOrganic Results 19 20. Driving Sponsored Search with Breadcrumbs Yahoo Canadas Shopping uses the breadcrumb navigation to drive highlyrelevant Search advertising results onto each page.Navigational Directory Breadcrumbs$11.50 eCPMSponsored Search Results 20 21. Guidelines for Success Target an Audience that has relevance toAdvertisers, the Big Spenders. Building content to target the Big Spenders willenable distribution opportunities that can drive thetraffic and awareness.Once you have the audience engaged creativeadvertising supported ideas will drive themonetization goals. 21