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Organizations are not necessarily communities in their own right, but when we look closer inside any large group of people, the makings of one or more communities are around. Communities-of-practice can bring people with similar skills or functions together. Generative Communities can form around collective work to produce something vital to many different types of contributors. Pulling people together can be a daunting task in its own right - pulling people together to *do* something extraordinary is thought to be a rare feat. With passion, vision, vigilance and patience one can encourage people to come together and make something better.


<ul><li> 1. {&gt; =BBuilding Communities That Make Things Better Aaron E. Silvers @aaronesilvers F U N N Y G A R B A G E .COM FR201 #ASTDTK14</li></ul> <p> 2. WhatHowWhyCircle Up! 3. learn strategies for facilitating successful community development address opportunities to approach your work differently model some approaches answer each others' questions organize innovative groups connect people to a greater shared goal. tap into intrinsic motivations 4. Why am I so passionate about community?WhatHowWhyStorytime 5. How do things get mistaken for community?WhatHowWhyMistaken Identity 6. What is a Community?WhatHowWhyDefinition 7. Community is how people gather around a shared vision and how they collectively act to realize that vision. 8. On GatheringPeople can gather synchronously or asynchronously in the same physical place and online. When synchronous, the structure &amp; context affect the outcomes When asynchronous, the context affect the outcomes 9. Where Might Community Exist in an Organization?Change efforts Innovation Process Propagation High-level company strategic initiatives 10. Discussion Where does community exist in your organizations? 11. DeconstructionWhat keeps the community together? What gets in the way of the community achieving its mission? What can you do to help them (even if youre not part of that community)? 12. On Community ManagementIdentify the intangibles Connect the intangibles Encourage tangible outcomes 13. Call Me, Maybe. AWESOME SUPER-ENGAGING INTERACTIVE MEDIA? GAMES? RESPONSIVE DESIGN? AWW YEAH!COMMUNITIES? CONTENT STRATEGY? xAPI / TIN CAN KICKING? HELLS YES!!! MakingBetter</p>