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  • 1. Building Engaging Facebook CommunitiesJas DhaliwalHead of

2. About AVG Technologies One of the original disruptors to provide FREE Anti Virus We operate a freemium business model Today we have over 108 million users worldwideWe Protect UsTMAVG Confidential2 3. From One To One Million Facebook FansJoin us at: Protect UsTMAVG Confidential 3 4. Why do you want to build a FB Community? Strengthen your brand CRM SEO Ads $ Because others do it Add value for your customersWe Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 4 5. The AVG Social Story Community noun, plural. 1. A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, and often have a common interestSource: Our community allows us to beclose to our customers andpotential customers We speak to and engage withthem using natural language We work with them to help usbuild better products. Our influencers help withadvocacy and help promote usto others. 5We Protect UsTMAVG Confidential5 6. Whose Your Audience? - Target Niches 6We Protect UsTMAVG Confidential6 7. Build A Page People Want to Participate In1 Million+ 7We Protect UsTMAVG Confidential7 8. Recognising and Rewarding Advocates 8We Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 8 9. Our 4 Cs To SuccessContentCommunityCustomer ServiceCollaborationWe Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 9 10. AVGs Four Cs - Content Share daily blog posts, pictures and videos Experiment to see what resonates Curate and share 3rd party sources Syndicate posts to other social networks Poll the user community Be consistent Measure to see whats popular 10We Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 10 11. AVGs Four Cs - Community At the heart of everything we do Voice of the customer We are continuously listening Feedback helps us build better products We recognise and reward our advocates We Protect Us!11We Protect UsTMAVG Confidential 11 12. AVGs Four Cs Customer Service Facebook attracts lots of customer requests We answer questions on the wall We guide customers to the support tab Active group of support volunteers AVG official support and community support provide key tangible value 12We Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 12 13. AVGs Four Cs - Collaboration AVGs Social Team is global We work with all areas of the AVG business We hire slowly to build the team. Passion in every action Deliver Value Ignite the storytelling process Read my blog post at Geekmarketer - Protect UsTM AVG Confidential13 14. Tips For Community Building1. Welcome new members. Personally2. Be present yourself - Show the community you are there3. Publish new content and have a stack ready!4. Engage heavily in conversations with your new members5. Use questions/polls to engage with the community6. Demonstrate Personality What makes you stand out?We Protect UsTMAVG Confidential 14 15. We Protect UsTM AVG Confidential 15

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