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  • 1. Building India 2022- A Human Resource Super Power Partnering to Establish India as the Skill Capital of the World August 26, 2013

2. www.centumlearning.com2 Snapshot: Global Demographics Country 2000 2025 2050 2000 2025 2050 India 23.7 31.3 38 8.1 12.1 22.6 Mexico 23.3 32.5 39.5 7.6 13.8 30 USA 35.5 39.3 40.7 18.6 29.3 34.9 Australia 35.2 40.5 41.9 18.2 29.3 37.9 China 30 39 43.8 10 19.4 37.2 Canada 36.9 42.9 44 18.5 32.6 40.9 France 37.6 43.3 45.2 24.5 36.2 46.7 UK 37.7 44.5 47.4 24.1 34.8 47.3 Europe 37.7 45.4 49.5 21.7 33.2 51.4 Russia 36.8 43.8 50 18 27.6 47.1 Germany 40.1 48.5 50.9 24.1 39 54.7 Japan 41.2 50 53.1 25.2 49 71.3 Italy 40.2 50.7 54.1 26.7 40.6 68.1 Indicators of Aging in Selected Countries (2000, 2025, and 2050) Median Age (Years) Old Age Dependency Ratio 3. www.centumlearning.com3 Snapshot: Global Demographics 4. www.centumlearning.com4 The Context. March 25, 2010 5. www.centumlearning.com5 Education and skill development A vision for India@75 India achieves 100% functional literacy1 2 3 4 India builds 700 million globally employable workforce, comprising 200 million university graduates and 500 million vocationally skilled people India develops world class infrastructure to become a global hub for knowledge creation, talent development and entrepreneurial incubation India sets global standards and becomes a scale provider of value based learner-centric education, skills development and professional educators through industry partnerships 6. www.centumlearning.com6 Environment Analysis * Vision document for India@75 (2022) 7. www.centumlearning.com7 Skills Development 8. www.centumlearning.com8 National Skill Development Initiative - Preamble Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Countries with higher and better levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of world of work. As the proportion of working age group of 15-59 years will be increasing steadily, India has the advantage of demographic dividend. Harnessing the demographic dividend through appropriate skill development efforts would provide an opportunity to achieve inclusion and productivity within the country and also make this resource pool globally deployable in reduction of global skill shortages. 9. www.centumlearning.com9 National Skill Development Initiative - Expectations 10. www.centumlearning.com10 Projected share of informal employment (in million, and %) 11. www.centumlearning.com11 Share of employment of different sectors till 2022 12. www.centumlearning.com12 Table 3: Current and projected employment in select informal sectors between 2008 and 2022 (in000s) 13. www.centumlearning.com13 14. www.centumlearning.com14 Projected human resource till 2022 for select informal sectors Beauticians, Facility Management, Security Guards (in 000s) 15. www.centumlearning.com15 Execution Excellence-How.? * Vision document for India@75 (2022) 16. www.centumlearning.com16 Partnerships with Institutions / Industry Associations / Government Bodies / Individuals Map to Industry Requirements Engage with the Youth at the Village level Training Strategy & Certification Process Technology interface to Scale and Standardize Job Requirements Jobs to Certified Youth Community Mobilization Training& Certification Placement Support Creating Employability Franchise Model for Operations to create Scale and Ramp-Up capability Essential Elements: Value Chain Combinations 17. 17 Community Mobilization 18. 18 Training and Certification 19. 19 Placement Support 20. www.centumlearning.com20 Operationalising through Partnerships 21. www.centumlearning.com21 New Age Corporations- 22. www.centumlearning.com22 Centum NSDC JV Centum has proposed setting up of a JV company with NSDC This JV will operate skill mission for the rural and semi-urban youth and create livelihood opportunities The basic operating blocks will be Community Mobilization Training & certification Placement Support Centum NSDC 76% 24% Community Mobilization Vocational Training Industry Certification Placement Assurance 23. www.centumlearning.com23 Other Enablers Proposition for NSM Fulfillment National Skill Mission 24. www.centumlearning.com24 Sectors Addressed - NSDC Sno Sector Proposed Course 1. Automobile Foundation Course - 2 Wheeler Mechanics Foundation Course - 4 wheeler Mechanics Advanced Course 2 Wheeler Mechanics Advanced Course 4 Wheeler Mechanics 2. Organized Retail Basic Selling Skills Distribution Sales Basic Selling Skills Direct Sales Retail Selling @ Store Customer Service Skills @ Store Supervisory skills for Sales Manager Sales and Distribution Management 3. Telecom Tower Maintenance Program Basics for Installation and Fault repair Handset Sales and Repair Course 4. Building and Construction Basics Course for Plumbers Basics Course for Carpenters Basics Course for Electricians Basic Course for Masons Advanced Course for Electricians 5. Health Care Training Course for Hospital Housekeeping staff / Ward boys Training for para-medical support staff / nurses 25. www.centumlearning.com25 Higher Education 26. www.centumlearning.com26 Business Environment Analysis * Vision document for India@75 (2022) 27. www.centumlearning.com27 Gaps In Employable Talent . . . Technical Skills Functional Knowledge and skills Business specific Knowledge Organization specific knowledge & skills Soft Skills*** - Communication Self presentation and management Professional work habits Leadership & team working Organization fitment Industry Knowledge IT ITES Retail Manufacturing Pharma Automobile Infrastructure 28. www.centumlearning.com28 Skills for the 21st Century 29. www.centumlearning.com29 Skills for the 21st Century Communication Acquiring & processing information Integrating knowledge from different disciplines Leadership: team management, dealing with uncertainty, conflict handling Failure management Commercial awareness (market, IPR) Research management Creative thinking (discovery, imaging solutions) 30. www.centumlearning.com30 Skills for the 21st Century Negotiation Understanding of business environment User requirement consciousness Coping with conflicting demands Analytical skills Methodological knowledge & skills Communication & presentation skills Management skills International, inter-cultural experience Language skills 31. www.centumlearning.com31 Skills for the 21st Century Computer science skills People & relationship management skills Hard science knowledge (to a certain degree) e.g. statistics Interdisciplinary skills & knowledge broader picture & understanding of the world Entrepreneurship Social skills in different context (in different socio-economic environments) Creative thinking, innovation Ethics Problem solving 32. www.centumlearning.com32 Industry Relevant Higher Education 33. www.centumlearning.com33 LIFE SKILL FOR EMPLOYABILITY 4. Industry specific global employability 3. Industry specific degree & PG degree program (UGC recognized) 2. Sector specific faculty from industry 1. Sector specific context from industry SME 5. Sector specific employability 4. Sector specific NVQF accreditation awarded by GTU & relevant industry 3. Sector specific NVQF standards from GTU 2. Multi Level sector specific courses leads to credit points for GTU Degree 1. Short Tem Sector Specific courses 1 to 3 months Centum-Techno SPV (Global Techno University) Centum NSDC Skills Corporation (SPV) 1 to 2 Years 7 y e a r s 34. www.centumlearning.com34 Access Availability of suitable number of institutions across regions to fulfill demand Employability Sector skilled certified Manpower for small, Medium and large industry Quality Provision of suitable infrastructure, trained faculty & effective pedagogy in higher education institutions Aimed at delivering expected outcomes Inclusiveness Equal opportunity for all sections of society to participate in higher education Access Availability of suitable number of institutions across regions to fulfill demand Employability Sector skilled certified Manpower for small, Medium and large industry Quality Provision of suitable infrastructure, trained faculty & effective pedagogy in higher education institutions Aimed at delivering expected outcomes Inclusiveness Equal opportunity for all sections of society to participate in higher education 35. www.centumlearning.com35 India 2022- Human Resource Super Power Readiness Index Awareness about the issues, opportunities 21 2 3 4 Articulate & Elaborate policy, procedures and PPP formats 2 Detailed systems and procedures for skills for employability 1 Regular to establish, control and correct standards 1 Sustainable and scalable rural development (PURA) 15 Readiness Index Scale 10 36. www.centumlearning.com36 Institutions to develop Human Resource 1 7 8 Governance 1 Availability of competent resources to deploy India@ 75 2 9 Rural-Urban integrated distribution model 1 6 37. www.centumlearning.com37 Building India 2022- A Human Resource Super Power India has lagged behind for several reasons in the race for economic development. However, the picture is not that dark for the future. I strongly believe, if we are able to exploit and develop the tremendous human resource of our nation, it is inevitable, as never before ever witnessed, to leap forward in the race for social and economic development. 38. www.centumlearning.com38 Building India 2022- A Human Resource Super Power What we need is skills development. However, it is extremely essential to equip our youth with right skills which make them productive citizens of our society. Because, empowerment through t


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