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<p>12/7/2009</p> <p>Building &amp; Neighborhood ComplianceService Center | County Agencies | County HallSite Search</p> <p>Building &amp; Neighborhood ComplianceHome | Get a Permit | Neighborhood Compliance | Inspections | Pay Online | Look up... | Contact Us | Get a Permit Do I need a Permit? Permit Exemptions Permit Records &amp; Information Print Permits, etc. Permits Online (Contractors Only) Fee Schedule Fee Sheets Cancellations &amp; Refunds more &gt; Neighborhood Compliance Lien Services Foreclosure Registration Residential Standards Commercial Standards Minimum Housing Standards more &gt; Inspections Request/Cancel an Inspection Permit Inspections &amp; Holds Inspection History Inspection Holds Routes &amp; Results Alternative Plan Review &amp; Inspection Inspection Codes Request a Fire Inspection Certificate of Occupancy/Completion more &gt; Pay Online Pay Fees Due View Permit Fees Due Pay Re-Inspection Fee Pay Fire Re-Inspection Fee Pay Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Contractor License Renewal Obtain NOV11/10/2009 11/10/2009 169A Print E-mail Page Contact Webmaster</p> <p>Text Size:Reset Big Bigger</p> <p>General Case InformationEnforcement AbbreviationsCase Number Address Folio Number Legal Description Case Opened On Case Closed On Deputy Clerk Inspector Permit Number Interested Parties EDWARD A MCCARTHY Amador Barzaga 20100133212 Working Without Permit 5400 SW 102 AVE 30-4020-000-0080 20 54 40 12.28 AC M/L PB 3-169 TRACTS 119 &amp; 120 &amp; S142FT OF TRACTS 105 &amp; 106 10/26/2009</p> <p>Ow ner Information</p> <p>9401 BISC BLVD MIAMI, FL 331382970</p> <p>Building Code Additional Comments</p> <p>Florida Building Code (FBC)</p> <p>Structure InformationID Description Action ComplianceAction Comments</p> <p>Complaint InformationComplaint Description Complaint Date Violation Fee Comments</p> <p>Unsafe Structures Activities HistoryActiv ity Code Activ ity Description Activ ity Date Entry Date Follow up Date Comments</p> <p>Any Other Activities HistoryActiv ity Date 11/18/2009 Entry Date 11/18/2009 10:37:21 AM Activ ity Activ ity Description Code 116EC NOV ELECTRONIC RECORDING REQUESTED Follow up Date 11/19/2009 Ticket Number Ticket Price 0 SMA Date</p> <p>301 NOV sent to COC for recording electronically. 11/18/2009 116ER ELECTRONIC RECORDING OF NOV COMPLETED BY CLERK OF COURTS</p> <p>Recorded on Book: 27087 Page: 1165 TotalPages: 1 REFERRAL LETTER SENT 0</p> <p>Sent referral to Public Works Department Permit Section Supervisor. Mailing tracking#F09891. 11/9/2009 11/9/2009 127 PICTURES TAKEN 0</p> <p>PICTURES OF VIOLATIONS AND NOV POSTED 11/9/2009 11/9/2009 116 N.O.V. POSTED 2/7/2010 0</p> <p>PARKING LOT EXTENSION TO INCLUDE LIGHT POLES AND UTILITY SHED WITH ELECTRICAL 11/9/2009 11/9/2009 169 REFERRAL TO BE MAILED 0</p> <p></p> <p>1/3</p> <p>12/7/2009Extension/Pay Enforcement Cost more &gt; Look up... Permit Application &amp; Plan Disapproval Comments Violations &amp; Unsafe Structures Find Permit Application Process Open Permits Product Control Search more &gt;11/5/2009 11/5/2009</p> <p>Building &amp; Neighborhood ComplianceEXTENSION TO EXISTING PARKING LOT 118 TELEPHONE CALL 0</p> <p>Received call from concern citizen inquiring if the first initial inspection has been performed. I informed him according to the BSS the first initial inspection has not been performed as of yet. I advised him to speak to FUS or B.I. provided the phone number and email address for further assistance. 11/5/2009 11/5/2009 114A WRITTEN COMMUNICATION 0</p> <p>E-MAIL From: Gil Acevedo [] Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 10:55 AM To: Stultz, Harry (BNC) Subject: FW: St. Timothy Catholic Church - 5400 SW 102 Ave Dear Harry: I am writing regarding a complaint filed on October 26, 2009, in connection with the property located at St. Timothy Catholic Church, 5400 SW 102 Ave, Miami, Florida. General Case Information is as follows: Prop.: 5400 SW 102 Ave Case No.: 20100133212 Folio No.: 30-4020-000-008 Complaint: Work without a permit As a member of the church, I would like to assist in resolving this issue. Can we schedule a call or meeting? You may reach me on my cellular telephone at 305-984-9402 or at the office at the number below. Thank you for your cooperation, assistance and guidance. Best regards, Gil O. Acevedo Robert Allen Law The Four Seasons Office Tower 1441 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1400 Miami, FL 33131 Tel. 305-372-3300, Ext. 19 Fax 305-379-7018 This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not disseminate, distribute or copy this communication by e-mail or otherwise. Instead, please notify us immediately by return email (including the original message in your reply) and by telephone (you may call us collect in Miami (at 1-305-372-3300)), and then, delete and discard all copies of the e-mail. In addition, this message cannot be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer by any governmental taxing authority or agency. Thank you. 11/5/2009 11/5/2009 118 TELEPHONE CALL 0</p> <p>CALLED GIL, HE STATED THAT HE HAD E-MAILED A. BARGAZA. HE WOULD LIKE TO MEET THE EO AT THE CHURCH WHEN THE INITIAL INSP IS DONE. HE WANTS TO EXPEDITE CORRECTION OF ANY VIOLATIONS THAT MAY EXIST. HE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE 24 HOURS NOTICE BEFORE INSPECTION. NO INTERIOR WORK IS BEEN DONE. 10/26/2009 10/26/2009 100 COMPLAINT RECEIVED BY PUBLIC</p> <p>WORK BEING DONE ON BUILDING AND PARKING LOT DONE WITHOUT PERMIT. 10/26/2009 10/26/2009 110 FIRST INITIAL INSPECTION REQUESTED</p> <p>PicturesDate: 11/9/2009 Date: 11/9/2009 Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>TILES AND DECORATIVE STONES ON EXISTING WALLS DO NOT REQUIRE PERMIT Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>VARNISHED DOORS AND TILE TRIM DO NOT REQUIRE PERMITS Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>PARKING LOT EXTENSION TO INCLUDE LIGHT POLES Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>PARKING LOT EXTENSION TO INCLUDE PARKING LOT EXTENSION TO INCLUDE PARKING LOT EXTENSION TO INCLUDE LIGHT POLES LIGHT POLES LIGHT POLES Date: 11/9/2009 Date: 11/9/2009 Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>UTILITY SHED BY BASEBALL FIELD</p> <p>UTILITY SHED WITH ELECTRICAL BY BASEBALL FIELD</p> <p>UTILITY SHED WITH ELECTRICAL BY BASEBALL FIELD</p> <p></p> <p>2/3</p> <p>12/7/2009Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>Building &amp; Neighborhood ComplianceDate: 11/9/2009 Date: 11/9/2009</p> <p>UTILITY SHED WITH ELECTRICAL BY BASEBALL FIELD</p> <p>PICTURES OF POSTING</p> <p>PICTURES OF POSTING</p> <p>Back to Regulation Support Page If you cannot view PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe Systems, Inc. In order to use PDF files, you must have Acrobat installed on your computer.</p> <p>Home | Privacy Statement | Disclaimer | Using Our Site | About Us | Phone Directory | Contact Us 2009 Miami-Dade County. All rights reserved.</p> <p></p> <p>3/3</p>