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  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT





    August 1,2001 July31, 2008

  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT



    PAGE VI. Miscellaneous

    I. The Union and Union SecurityPreamble .Article 1 - Recognition .Article 2 - Union Security .Article 3 -Manpower. .Article 4 - Union Stewards .Article 5 - Visits ByUnion Representative .II. Management and lbeWorkPlace


    Article 20 - Nondiscrimination... 17Article 21 - AffirmativeAction.......................... 17Article 22 Duration.... . . . .. .. ... . .. . .. . .. . .. . 17Signature Page 18Appendix A- Fairfield BuildingTrades Seniority List. 19Appendix B - Medical Plan. .. . .. .... ... ... ... .. 20AppendixC - Vision Plan 23

    Article 6 - Management Rights.................. 03Article 7 -WorkWeekSchedule and Overt ime. .. .. .. .. .. . 04Article 8 - Grievanceand Arbitrat ion Procedure.. . . . . . .. .. 05Article 9 - Drugand Alcohol Testing....................... 07Ill. Monetary PaymentsArticle 10 - Wages........ 07Article 11- Longevity............................................ 08IV. BenefitsArticle 12 - Insurance............ 08V. Holidays and LeavesArticle 13 - Holidays............. 12Article 14 - SickLeave. . .. . . . .. . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. 13Article 15 - Bereavement and Personal Leave.......... 14Article 16 - Vacations. 15Article 17 - JuryDuty... 15Article 18 - Maximwn Leave............................... 16Article 19 - Workers' Compensation and Modified

    Duty......................................... 16

  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT




    that before any employee is discharged by the City for violation of this Article, therespective Union shall furnish a qualified replacement who is acceptable to the City. TheUnion agrees to indelIlnifY, defend and hold harmless, the City against any claims or suitsarising from the operation of this Article.The following agreement entered into by and between the City ofBridgeport and the CityofBridgeport Board ofEducation, hereinafter referred to as "the City", and the BridgeponBuilding Trades COWICil, AFL-CIO, on behalfof its affiliatedUnions:

    Bricklaye(s Local No.2Carpenter's Local No. 210Electrical Local No. 488Glaziers Local No. 1274Laborers Local No. 665Masons Local No.4Painters Local No. 1719Plumbers and SteamfittersLocal No. 777Roofers Local No. 12Asbestos Workers Local No. 33

    Hereinafter refuned to as "the Union", is designed to maintain and promote a harmoniousrelationship between the City and such of its employees who are covered by thisagreement. ARTICLE IRECOGNITWN

    2.2 The City will deduct from the pay of all employees covered by this Agreement,who authorize such deductions from theirwages in writing, such membership dues andinitiation fees asmaybe w1ifonnly assessed by the Union. When an employees does nothave sufficientmoney due himlher, after deductions have been made for Pension or otherdeductions required by law, Union dues for such deduction period shall be deducted in apay period in which the employee bas sufficient funds due himlher. Neither any employeenor the Union shall have any claim against the City for errors in the processing ofdeductions unless a claim oferror is made in writing to the City within sixty (60) daysafter the date such deductions were or should have been made. It is also agreed that theobligation of the City for funds actually deducted under this Section tenninates upon thedelivery of the deductions so made to the person authorized by the Union to receive suchfunds from the City.

    ARTICLE 3MANpowER3.1 TheCity agrees to hire only qualified Union tradesmen or apprentice to fillnewly created positions, and only qualified Union tradesmen or apprentices to fillvacancies, the City plans to rut proVided that before employee is hired pursuant to thisArticle, the respective Union shall refer a qualified tradesman or apprenticewho isacceptable to the City.3.2 Apprentices: The City, at its option, may hire apprentices per maintenancedepartment (i.e. Board ofEducation and Public Works) in accordance with the followingratio.

    1.1 The City hereby recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining agentfor thebargaining unit consisting ofall regular full-time building construction tradesmenemployed by the City, butexcluding temporary and special situation tradesmen employedon temporary or tenn basis.


    2.1 All employees, as a condition ofemployment, and as a condition ofcontinuedemployment, must be and remain members in good standing of their respective Unions bythe paying of regular monthly fees or dues as may be assessed by such Union, provided-I


    apprentice to 3 Journeymenapprentice to 4 Journeymenapprentice to 5 Journeymenapprentice to 6 Journeymenapprentice to 7 Journeymen,etc.


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    All apprenti", II be required to meet all applicable Trades standards for applicableapprenticeship.ARTICLE 4


    There shall be one (I) Steward for the City ofBridgeport and one (I) Steward for theBoard of Education.Should any problem arise in connection with the employee covered by this Agreement, theSteward shall report the matter to hislher superior. If the matter cannot be resolved, theSteward shall then call the respectiveUnion office to resolve the problem. There shall beno loss oftime when the Steward is doing his/her duty as Steward.


    personnel by which the City's operations are to be conducted; establish and revise ordiscontinue policies, programs, rules and procedures regarding employee standards ofconductand themanner which work is to be performed; perform the tasks and exercise theauthority granted by statue, charter and ordinance to the City in fulfillment of its legalresponsibilities.TheCity's failure to exercise any right prerogative or function hereby reserved to it, or theCity's exercise of any such right, prerogative, or function in any particular way, shall notbe considereda waiver of the City's capacity or ability to exercise such right, prerogativeor function or preclude if from exercising the same in any otherway not in conflict withthe express provisions of this agreement.The above rights, responsibilities and prerogatives are inherent in the City Council oftheCity ofBridgeport and it'sMayor, by virtue of statutory, ordinance or charter provisionsand this Agreement, and may be subject to grievance or arbitration proceedings only asspecifically provided for in this Agreement.

    Accredited Representatives of the Bridgeport Building Trades Council shall have accessthe premises of the Employer, at reasonable times, provided helshe notifies the supervisorin the work area ofhis/herpresencewhen helshe arrives and hislher presence will notdisrupt the orderly routine of the Department. 7.1


    The work week shall be forty (40) hours perweek.II. MANAGEMENT AND THEWORKPLACE


    Except as specificallymodifiedor restrictedby any provisions of this Agreement, allstatutory and inherent managerial rights, prerogatives and functions are retained andvested solely in the City, including, but not limited to, the rights, in accordance with itssole and exclusive judgment and discretion, to: direct, train, promote, discipline, transfer,assign, layoffand discharge personnel; recruit and selectsubject to the provisions ofArticle 3; detertnine the number and types of positions, organizational structure andtechnology required to provide City services; derme the duties and responsibilities of eachposition and function; determine, acquire and maintain essential equipment and fucilitiesrequires for services and functions; contract for services andmaterial with other units ofgovernment and/or private contractors; take any necessary measures to establish andmaintain the efficiency of governmental operations; detertnine themethods, means and


    7.2 All employees covered by this agreement will be paid time an one-half for workdone in excess of the scheduled work day.7.3 Work hours for the day sbift shall be from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. fortheBOEand 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for Public Facilities. Work hours for the 2d shift shall be 2:00p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thework hours for a shift shall be subject tothe right of the City to adjust such hours no more than 2 hours either way with not lessthan 2 business days notice to the Union.7.4 The day shift shall have a one-halfhour unpaid lunch. A paid hmch for the 2dshift shall be from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.7.S Shift preference shall be on the basis of seniority by job classification basedupon job postings as openings occur. Employees shall have ten (10) business days toexercise shift preference rights from the date ajob opening is posted. If no preference isindicated then the City may assign as needed. The City may temporarily reassign an


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    employee bel shifts for coverage purposes for not more than one shift or upon notless than two ( ~ nusiness days notice. Forpurposes of this section only, seniority shall bedetermined in accordance with theFairfieldBuilding Trades seniority listed attached asAppendix A.7.6 During winterand sununervacation for theBnard ofEducationwhen schnol(s)may be closed the City may assign employees, upon not less Jhan two (2) business daysnotice, from the 2"" shift to the day shift ifpossible subject to theneeds ofthe Board asdetermined by management.7.7 A shift differential shall be paid to employees assigned to the 2"" shiftwhichshall be calculated by paying eight (8) hours payfor seven and onehalf(7 Yo) hourswnrkbased upon the hours in Section 7.3 and the one-halfhourpaid lunch provided for underSection An employee will workovenime when requested to do so by supervisor.Employees shall be notifiedof such assignment as soon as practicable. In theevent thatall employees refuse, or are not available, to work ovenime, the least senior employee inthe classification, shift, department, and areaaffectedby the ovenimeworkmust worksuch ovenime. In the event of an emergency, when asked to work ovenime,the employeemust not be told to take another day offwithout pay.7.9 Ovenime will be divided equally among theworkers where there is more than one (I )worker in that craft. Employees who decline to work ovenimewhennotified will becharged as iftheyhad worl

  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT



    10.2 When new wage rates arenegotiated and agreed to on anarea wide basis, eachUnionwill notifY, in writing, the Labor Relations Office of the new rate, and the City shallplacesuch rates in effect on the first day of themonth, following the date the specificnotice from the Union is received by theCity.


    The City reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol testing as provided in ConnecticutGeneral Statutes Sections 3151t throughSections 31-51bb inclusive, excludingsection31-5Iv. The drug andalcohol testing policy for those employees required to have a COLshall be incorporated by reference.m. MONETARY PAYMENTS

    Fourthyear apprentice I"6 months70%of Journeyman's rate2nd 6 months 75% of Journeyman's

    ARTICLE 10WAGES10.1 TheCity shall pay hourlywages representing base hourlywages only and suchwages do not include any amounts paid byoutside contractors and designated as fringebenefits, welfare contributions, industrY funds, pension funds, annuity funds, or similarsuch payments.A) Journeymen Wages -All Journeymen shallbe paid one-hwtdred percent(lOoolo) of the prevailing negotiatedbase hourly rate paid to hislher respective Trades inprivate (non-public) construction. However, this rate shall not exceed$36.50 perhourduring the teno of this agreement. TheCitywill meet and conferwith the Building TradesCouncil regarding any changes.

    11.1 Effective July I, 1994, employees with five (5) years of continuous service shallreceive sixtydollars ($60)x years of service. Such payments shall not exceed onethousand five hundred ($1,500) dollars.11.2 Eligible employees must be on the payroll as ofAugust flTSt of each year to beeligible to receive longevity payments, and the yearsof continuous service is computed asofAugust first of each year.11.3 Effective August I, 2006, employees hired after July I, 1992, shall be eligiblefor longevity after ten(10) yearsof continuous mWlicipal service.IV. BENEFITS


    B) ApprenticeWages - Effective August I, 1986, apprentices base hourly wagesshall be according to the following fonnula:First Year apprenticerateSecond year apprentice

    Third yearapprentice

    I" 6 months 40% of Journeyman'st'" 6 months45% of Journeyman'sISf 6 months 50%of Journeyman's rate2'" 6 months 55% of Journeyman'sI" 6 months 6oolo ofJourneyman's rate2'"6 months65% of Journeyman's


    12.1 TheCity shall provide and pay for Health Benefits for all employees and theirenrolled dependents as follows:A) "Medical Benefits" in accordance with the City ofBridgeportlBridgeportBoard ofEducation Medical Plan (including Section V- Schedule ofBenefits, Revision7/1/06), a copy ofwhich is annexed to the originals of this Contract and is on file withthe City and the Union (see Appendix B "Medical Plan").B) Drug prescription fiunily plan(coveringall approvedmedications and withmandatory generic SUbstitution)with an annual maximumof $1 ,000 per plan year. Foradditional prescriptiondrug charges, 800/n is paid by the City and 20% is paid by the


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    employee. n payment shall be five dollars ($5.00) for generic drugs, ten ($10.00)dollars for branu name drugs on the preferred list maintained by the City's PharmacyManagerand twenty-five dollar ($25.00) for all otherdrugs (the "Prescription DrugPlan"). Prescriptions shall be limited to a thirty (30) day supplyat retail. Forrefillsbeyond the third, mail order must be utilized for maintenance drugs on the listmaintained by the City's pharmacy benefits manager or the co-payments and employeepayment provided above shall double at retail.C) The twenty-five ($25.00) dollar deductible CIGNA Dental Plan, or itsequivalent, excluding orthodontia (the "Dental Plan").Dj The C IGNA Vision Plan, or itsequivalent, as outlined and attached hereto asAppendix C.12.2 The City provide and pay for the cost of a Group Life Insurance Policy theamount of twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars with accidental death and dismembermentfor all employees.12.3 Retirees prior to the flfst day of this Agreement, and their surviving spouses,if any, will receive benefits for health care as defmed in the plans in existence underthecontract which governed their retirement (o r such alternative coverage as they haveaccepted) and make contributions to coverage, ifany, in accordance with suchcontract(s).12.4 For employees, and their surviving spouses, ifany, who retire subsequent tothe flfst dayof this Agreement, the City will provide and pay for benefits under theMedical Plan or a supplemental plan toMedicare Part B offering benefits equal to theMedical Plan and the Prescription Drug Plan, as provide for active employees,as thesame may be modified from time to time under this or any future collective bargainingagreement. Suchretirees, and their surviving spouses,shall make the contributions tocoverage equal to active employeesas such may be modified from time to time.Coverage for surviving spouses shall terminate upon remarriage. Retired employeesmust accept Medicare Part B i f eligible. For purpose of this Article "retiree" shallmean an employee who is eligible to receive full pension benefits in accordance withthe requirements ofCMERF Part B and who (a ) has not less than fifteen (15) years ofmunicipal service and is not less than fifty-five (55) yearsof age upon retirement; or (b)has not less thantwenty-five (25) years of municipal service regardless of age. Benefitsand contributions shall be as set forth or as said benefits may be changed by agreementofthe City and the retirees.


    12.5 The Citymay offer the privilege of choosing an alternative health care carrierand/or administrator and/or plans in lieu of the City's Plans as set forth in Section 8.1 ofthis Article. Enrollment periods shall be annually in May of each year. For employeeselectingthe alternative, the Cityshall remit monthly to the Plans in anamount up to butnot to exceed that which theCity payfor the City's Plans as specified in Section 8.1 ofthis Article. If the cost forthe alternative is greater than the amount the City wouldhave paid or contributed had the employee notelected such plan, then the Cityagreedto deduct from the employee'spay, upon receipt of a written authorization from theemployee, the additional amount required for full payment of the alternative premium.12.6 The City shall be permitted to substitute insurance or benefits arrangementsfrom anysource for the Plans provided for in Section 12.1 of this Article. Suchsubstitutionsshall be permitted if the substituted coverage offers benefits and methodsof administration, processing and payment of claims at least equal to those specificallyprovided for in Section 12.1 of this Article. Beforethe City may substitute, it mustnegotiate the substitution with the Union. If the Union does not agree to thesubstitution, the City must claim the matter for arbitration in accordance with singlemember panel rules oftbe AmericanArbitrationAssociation. The Arbitratorwill orderthe substitution, if after weighingthe total benefits and methods of administration,processing and payment of claims offered by the City's proposal against the totalbenefits and methods of administration, processing and payment of claims offered bythe Plan specified in Section 12.1 of this Article, he/she fmds that the averagebargaining unit member will, on an overall basis, benefit at last as well under theproposed substituted coverage. Nothing herein shall require the City to proposetotalsubstitutions for the coverage provided in Section 12.1 of this Article and substitutionmay be proposed for anyone ormore of the specified coverages.12.7 Effective on the execution date ofthis Agreement, the City shall provide apayment of lieu of health benefits for employees that waive such coverage, in theamount of five hundred ($500) dollars per year.12.8 The City, at its option, may changecarriersfor the insurance or the method ofproviding the health benefits in this Article, provided the benefits are equal to or betterthan, in all benefits, inthe manner of payments, services and procedures for payments.The parties shall continue to workthrough the LaborManagement CooperativeCommittee on health care, which may modify but not substantiallychange the healthbenefits as provided herein.


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    12.9 Effe, July 1,200 I, each active and retired employee shall contribute twoand one-balfpercent (2.5%) of the PremiumCost for the Medical Plan and thePrescription Drug Plan and, ifdependent coverage is elected, seven and one-halfpercent (7.5%) of the PremiumCost for theMedical Planand the PrescriptionDrugPlan. Effective May I, 2006, each active and retired employee shall contribute twelvepercent (12%) ofthe Premiwn Cost for the Medical Plan and the PrescriptionDrugPlan. Forpurposes of this Section (and wherever applicable elsewhere in this article),"Premiwn Cost" shall be defmed as either the actual premium cost paid for suchcoverageor if the City does not payan actual premiumcost, then the pseudo premiwncost as developed by an independent third party administratoror purposes ofestablishing premiwns pursuant to the Comprehensive Omnibus Budget ReductionAct("COBRA").12.10 A) The City has implemented and shallmaintain a cafeteria plan pursuant toSection 125 of the Internal Revenue Code for aU active employees so as to facilitatededuction oflhe amounts contributed for heahh benefits and for child care from thegross income ofthe employee for tax purposes.

    B) As an alternative to the current health andlor insurance benefits, the Citymayoffer an employee benefits cafeteria plan which allows the employee to select from aspecific listof benefits up to a yearly dollar amount as agreed; lhe details ofwhich shallbe subject to reopener negotiations at the request of eitherparty.

    would have paid to the City for Medical Benefits coverage except as provided below.The retiree shall not take advantageof any buy-out program in lieu ofAlternativeCoverage. The Retiree andthe retiree's spouse shall remain in the City's Plan even ifAlternative Coverage is obtained, but the City's Plan shall remain secondary to theAlternative Coverage so long as it is available. In the event the retiree shall not beeligible for alternate coverage or the retirees' premium cost andlor contributionwouldbe more than the retiree's payment for the City's Plan and the City shall not haveexercised an option to reimburse the retiree or surviving spouse for such additionalcost, the Medical Benefits provided by theCity ofBridgeport shall become primary forthe retiree and the retiree's spouse.12.12 Divorced employees or retirees must notify the City within thirty (30) days ofthe divorce or repay the City by payroll or pension reduction for the costof any benefitsimproperly paid as a result of such failure.V. HOLIDAYS AND LEAYES


    13.1 All employees covered by this agreement shall be paid and have the followingdays off as holidays:

    and any Holidays officiallyproclaimed as such by the President of the United States, theGovernor of theState ofConnecticut, and the Mayor of theCity ofBridgeport.

    12.11 - A) For employees who retire onor after June 30, 200I andtheir survivingspouses, if any, the City shall provide and pay for the same benefits for medical care(excludingvision and dental coverage) as provided forthe active employees as thesame may, from time to time, be modified under future collective bargainingagreements or if appropriate due to age, a supplemental plan to MedicarePart Bproviding benefits equal to the Medical Plan, to the extent needed. Retired employeecontributions shall be equal to the amount of such contributions at retirement plus anincrease or decrease in such contributions as such increase or decrease may exist fromtime to time.

    New Year's Day Martin LutherKing's Birthday President'sDay Good Friday Memorial Day IndependenceDay

    Labor Day Columbus Day Veteran's Day Thanksgiving Day Day afterThanksgiving ChristmasDay;

    B) If any employee who retires on or after June 30, 1999 shall haveavailablecoverage for Medical Benefits through subsequent employment ofthe retiree or throughthe retiree's spouse ("AlternativeCoverage"), such retiree shall apply for and, ifeligible, obtain such Alternative Coverage provided that theAlternative Coverage shallnot exceed in premium cost andlor contribution to the retiree the cost which the retiree-11-

    13.2 If a Holiday falls ona Sunday, the following Monday shall be considered theHoliday. Ifa Holiday falls on Saturday, theHoliday shall be observed the precedingFriday.


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    13.3 Ifan ayee, in case of an emergency, is required to work on a Holiday,he/she shall he paId double time.13.4 Except for previouslyscheduled vacation and personaldays, employees mustwork the full work day befure and after a holiday in order to be paid for the holiday.


    14.1 Sick Leave AUowance: Employees shall receive ten (10) sick days per year,granted five (5) days on July 1st, and five (5) days on January 1st. New hires shall receivea pro rata numberprojected through either July I st, or January I st, based upon fullmonths.14.2 Sick Leave Accumulation: Sick leave shall continue to accumulate duringleaves of absence with pay and during the time an employee is on authorized sick leave orvacation time.A medical certificate, acceptable to the appointingauthority,may be required for anyabsence consisting of four (4) or more consecutive working days.

    13.4 Administration:A) The City shall determine themethod of administration of these provisions,subject to the authorityof the Mayor and the Director of Personnel when so authorized bythe Mayor.B) The City shall maintain a record for each employee of all sick timetaken and accumulated. These records shall be subject to periodic reports tobe submittedto himlher.C) During the effective periodof this agreement, a satisfactory method of informingindividual employeesof accumulatedsick leave shall be established. Such procedureshall include either ofthe following.1. A record of an employee's accumulated sick leave annually.2. Arecord of an employee's accumulated sick leave shall be indicated on theemployee's wage stub at establishedperiodic intervals to he determined by the City but notto be less than once annually as soon as the computer system is fully operational.

    14.3 SickLeave Accumulated at Retirement or Death: ARTlCLE ISBEREAVEMENT AND PERSQNAI, I.EAVE

    A) Upon retirement, an employee shall be credited for the period of timecorresponding to theamountof the sick leave accumulated. Saidcredit shall be paidon alump sum basis offifty percent (50%)of all unused sick leave up to a limit of215 dayswithin fifteen (15) days of retirementdate, exceptas modified by paragraph C.B) Upon thedeath of the employee, the amount ofsick leave time credit to theemployee shall be payable to his beneficiary, as designated by the employee, under theterms of the Connecticut MunicipalEmployeeRetirement Fund (M.E.R.F.).All sick leave accumulated as of July I, 1992 shall be paid, if unused upon retirement, ateighty-five (85%) of accumulation at the salarydollar value effective on July I, 1992.


    15.1 Each employee shall be granted leave with pay in theevent of adeath in their immediate family. Such leave shallstarton the day ofdeath andcontinuethrough the day of the burial, except that in no event shall such leave be more than three(3) days commencing with theday ofdeath. For the purposes of thisArticle, the term"immediate Family" shall mean and include the following: mother, father, spouse, motherin-law, father-in-law, sister, brother, child, grandparents, grandchildren, and foster parents.15.2 Up to three (3) days personal leave with pay shall granted to anyemployee on request for personal business in any contractyear. Such request will not heunreasonably denied.


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    ARTICLE 16VACATIONS16.1 The vacationsof employees coveredby this contract shall be in accordance withthe ordinancesof the City ofBridgeport which arenow in effect andwhich provide forsuch vacations.16.2 Employees with continuous municipal service of/ess than oneshall he submitted to him upon requestat least twice vacationwith pay fur eachmonth ofcontinuous service, butnot to exceed one(I ) calendarweek in the contract year, suchservice is rendered. In eachcontractyear, any employeewith one(I ) or more years ofmunicipal service, but less than five (5) yearsof suchservice shall receive two (2) weeksvacationwith pay. In each contractyear, any employee with (5) ormore yearsofcontinuousmunicipal service, but less thanten (10)yearsof such service, shall receivethree (3) weeks of vacation with pay. In eachcontract year, any employee with ten (10) ormore years of continuous municipal service shall receive four (4)weeksof vacation withpay.

    16.3 Employeeswith two (2) weeks vacationmay exercise the optionofcarrying over only one(I ) week of unused vacation time from one (I ) contractyear/vacation yearto the next contractyear/vacation year, but are not eligible fur theoption ofpayout for unused vacation time.16.4 Employees with three (3) ormoreweek vacationmay exercise the optionofcarryingoverup to a maximum of two (2) weeksof unused vacation timefrom one (I )contract year/vacation yearto the next contractyear/vacation year, but are not eligibleforthe option of payout for unused vacation time.16.5 The parties agree that those individualswho had five(5) weeksvacation at the time the vacationwas reduced from five (5) to four (4) weeks, shall begrand fathered so that they retainfive (5) weeksof vacation.

    ARTICLE 17,ulBymlTYTheCity will reimburse employeeswho are summoned and requiredto serve on a jury inthe SuperiorCourt or United States District Court (in the absenceof solicitation by theemployee to be listedas a prospective juror) for the differencein the compensation


    received from the court and the pay which said employee would have receivedhad theemployee workedthose hours that the City would have scheduled for the employee'sservices duringthe same time period subjectto the following provisions:I. Employees shall be eligible for this payment after presentation to the City of astatementby the appropriate Clerkof theCourt settingforth the dateson which theemployeewas actually present inCourt pursuantto the jury duty summons and theamount paid by the Court as the resultof the perfurmanceof such jury duty.2. No employee shallbe eligible for the City reimborsement provided herein forjury duty more often than once ina fiscalyear.


    18.1 Themaximum leave granted to any employee for any reason shall not exceedtwelve (12)months.18.2 The DirectorofLabor Relations, at hislher designee,may extendthis period, at hislber discretion, when there are extenuating circumstances and theanticipated returndate is within a specified time notto exceed sixty (60)days of the endofthe leave. Suchextension shall not exceed a maximumof sixty (60) additional days.18.3 Leave of absences shall be granted in accordance with the Family and MedicalLeave Act and the City's Familyand Medical Leave Policy.18.4 All leaves of absence shall he submittedto the Directorof Labor Relations forapproval.

    ARTICLE 19WORKERS' COMPENSATION ANDMODIFIED DIJTY19.1 If an employeeon workers' compensation has a modified or restricted workcapacity, the City may, in its discretion, request the employee returnto a modified dutyposition. Such work shallbe within the restrictions outlined by the treatingmedicalprovider. This work is intended to he transitional and temporaryin nature and willnormally notexceed three (3)months. TheCity reserves the right to limit the numberofpositions available. -16-

  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    In witness there on this day of2007 , the parties hereto set their hands.

    19.2 EmpIe. "n workers' compensation shall be granted a leaveuntil tbey havereachedmaximwn medical recovery, unless otherwise provided under thisAgreement.19.3 Eachemployee injured or disabled as provided under this Articlemust choose fromthe list ofhealth care providers for theCity ofBridgeportWorkers' CompensationManaged CarePlan, as such may be modified from time to time by the PlanAdministtator. FORTHE CITY FORTHE UNION


    The provisionsof this agreement sball be applied equally to all employees in thebargainingunit without discriminationbecause of age, sex, sexual orientation, maritalstatus, race, color, creed, nationalorigin, handicap, politicalaffiliationor unionmembership. Any claimed violationof this Article overwhich the ConnecticutCommission on Hwnan Rights andOpportunities and/or Federal EqualEmploymentOpportunities Commission would havejurisdictionmay be processed through thegrievance procedure to the last step prior to arbittation; thereafter, any such claimedviolation may be arbitrated onlyi fso agree by both parties.


    h.-Me- N

    W1tD -" ' I i U cd ILJ;;l!rectorofLaborR I . J 'Witn v17-atlons ess

    The City ofBridgeport and the Building Trades Council agree to hire qualified minoritiesas tradesmen and apprentices inkeeping with theAffinnativeAction plan endorsed by theMayor.ARTICLE 22D1lRATION

    This agreement will be effectivewhensigned by all parties and approved in accordancewith current applicableState Statutes, fur the periodofAugust 1,2001 and shall expireJuly 31, 2008.


  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    AP' DIXAFairfield Buildin9 Trades Senority List






    Date of Hire12120/19762/20/19793114119803/2/19813/9/19816/14/19828/25/198311/12/198511/12/198511125/19851/5119874127/19876/8/198811120/19897117119912/3/19948129119949113/19942/13119959118119957/5/199610114/19978/10/19971/4/19996121/199911116/19984/3/20004/22/200210/31/20031/27/2003716120048/30/2004312312004

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    CITY OF BRIDGEPORTEffective: July 1,2006CI2BPS/CI2BP6

    The City of Bridgeport / BOE plan is an open access plan that offers you the opportunity to use either HealthNet network or nonnetwork health care providers each time you seek medical care, and still receive benefits for covered services. The plan gives you apowerful choice. You can work within the HealthNet provider network or choose a provider not affiliated with HealthNet . Caredelivered within the network is covered. In-Network. Outside the network, care is subject to, coinsurance, and completion of claimfonns.BENEFITS IN-NElWORK1 OUT-OF-NElWORK'FINANCIALDeductible; None NoneMaximum Out-or-Pocket Coinsurance Cost: None $1,000 Single. $2.000 Family(does not include charges in excess of allowedamount or non-covered benefits)Max. Lifetime Benefit PerMember Unlimited $1,000.000Coinsurance Level N/A 80%ofUCRPREVENTIVE CAREPhysical Examination forChildren through Age 17 The maximum frequency of covered routine $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2healUt exams isMonthly during the first 5 primary care physician and $20.00months ofIife (maximum 5 ) once every 2 copayment per visit for a Specialist.months from age 6 months through I1months(maximum 3); once every 3months from age 12months through 23 months (maximum 4); Onceevery 6months age 24 months through 35months (maximum2); and once per CalendarYear from age 3 through age 11 years.Hearing Exams until Age 18 $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

    primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Adults Age 18 and Over $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

    The maximum frequency of covered routine primary care physician and $20.00

  • 8/6/2019 Building Trades Council Agreement Bridgeport CT


    BENEFITS I IN_NETWORK' I OUT-OF-NETWORK'OUTPATIENTCAREPhysician OfficeVisits $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance1primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.X-Rays and Laboratory Tests No Cost Subject to 80%Coinsurance2Physical & Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80%Coinsurance2Care. for up to 30 Visits per Year primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Cardiac Rehabilitation for up to 12 weeks following $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2,lmyocardiaJ infarction or cardiac surgery primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Speech Therapy, for up to 60 days peryear $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80%Coinsurance23

    primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Diagnostic Procedures No Cost Subject rb 80%Coinsurance2,3Surgery performed in a Hospital or Outpatient $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2,3Surgical Care Center primary care physician and$20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.AJlergy Services $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2primary care physician and $20.00

    copayment per visit for a Specialist.INPATIENT CARESemi-Private Room and Board $200Copayment per Admission3 $200Copayment per Admission, thensubject to 80% coinsurance3Inpatient Skilled Services such as Physical, $200 Copayment per Admission3 $200 Copaymentper Admission, thenOccupational therapy, and Skilled Nursing Care to a subject to 80% c o i n s u r a n c ~combined maximum of 60 days per calendar yearVISION CAREVision Screening, annually (excludes refraction) $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% C o i n s u r a n c ~primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Medical Care for Injury or Illness to the Eye $20 Copaymentper visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurancez

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    OTHER SERVICESDurable Medical Equipment (Certain devices require HealthNet pays 100%of the cost of HealthNet pays 100% of the cost of coveredprior authorization) covered item(s) up to a combined in and item(s) up to a combined in and out ofout of network maximum of $500 per year network maximwn of $500 per yearFoot Orthotics HealthNet pays 50% of the physician's HealthNet p ays 50% of the physician'scharge or $125, whichever is less charge or $125, whichever is lessProsthetics (maximums are combined in and out ofnetwork) Internal No Cost' No Cosr,J External, to a maximum 0[$5,000 No Cost' Subject to 80% Coinsurance1,3 External replacement, to a maximum 0$5,000 No Cost' Subject to 80% Comsurance2,JOxygen No Cost' NoCoseAcupuncture $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Covered In Network onlyprimary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.

    BENEFITS I INNETWORK' IOUT-OF-NETWORK'EMERGENCYCAREAt Physician's Office $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees $20 Copayment per visit for the Employeesprimary care physician and $20.00 primary care physician and $20.00copayment perv isit for a Specialist. copayment per visit for a Specialist.Urgent Care at an UrgentC areCenter $20Copayment per visit for the Employees $20 Copayment per visit for the Employeesprimary carephysician and $20.00 primary care physician and $20.00

    copayment perv isit for a Specialist. copayment perv isit for a Specialist.At Hospital Emergency Room $75 Copayment per Visit $75 Copayment per Visit(ER Copayment waived if admitted, then $200Inpatient Copayment applies)Ambulance, in case of emergency Noeost No CostEffective July 1,2007 - Copayment for Specialist will go to $40.00 per visit. Usual. Customary and Reasonable Charge (VCR) is defined as maximum allowable charge as detemtined by HeaItNet. For outpatient mental healtb. rehabilitative treatment for the abuse of or addiction to drugs and alcohol, and chiropractic care, the allowedamount is determined by the vendor's fee schedule.

    1 In Network services are services and benefits prOVided or arranged by a HealthNetparticipating provider.2 Out ofNetwork services require a member to pay coinsurance.

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    The new vision care plan will be provided by Vision Service Plan. The plan providesa complete vision examination and lenses once every twelve (12) months, and a frameonce every twenty-four (24) months. The vision examination will include tests todetennine the general health of your eyes and whether glasses are necessary. A wideselection of frames a re avail able, and con tact lenses a re cove red if medicallynecessary. An allowance will be made if cosmeticcontacts are selected.The plan has a network of over 22,000 doctor locations nationwide for you to choosefrom. WHEN SERVICESAREOBTAINED FROMA MEMBERDOCTOR,VisionService Plan will pay the doctor directly. There wil l be no out-of-pocket expenseexcept for a twenty ($20.00) dol lar co-payment for the examination and a thi rty($30.00) dollar co-payment for materials. There can be an extra charge for cosmeticitems such as tints, over-sixed lenses, or blended lenses, etc. These extras are chargedat predetennined wholesale prices.In addition, your benefit includes a forty dollar ($40.00) wholesale frame allowance.This typically equates to a pair of frames which retail for one hundred/one hundredtwenty ($\00/$120) dollars. Should you exceed the wholesale frame allowance, youwill be charged the additional wholesale cost, plus a service fee equal to the overage.(Example: You choose frames which carry a fifty dollar ($50.00) wholesale value.You would be charged the additional wholesale cost o ft e n dollars ($\0.00) plus aservice fee equal to the overage, or ten ($\0.00) dollars. Therefore, these frameswould cost twenty ($20.00) dollars in addition to your co-payment.You also have the option to receive SERVICES FROM A NON-MEMBERDOCTOR, and VSP will reimburse you accordingto a schedule of allowances. Thereis no assurance that the schedule will be sufficient to pay for the ent ire cost of theexamination or the glasses.