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1. Online Marketing Building Web Traffic Through Search Engine 2. Why Businesses Are Using SEO Hands Down, It Works - 70% Of The Links Search Users Click On Are Organic - Inbound Leads Cost 61% Lower Than Outbound Leads. - SEO Leads Have a 14.6% Close Rate, While Outbound Leads (Such as Direct Mail or Print Advertising) Have a 1.7% Close Rate. 3. Why Businesses Are Using SEO Companies are Acquiring Customers - MarketingCharts Reports That Over 39% of Customers Come From Search - 75% of Users Dont Go Past Page 1 on Google - Nearly 40% of all U.S. Companies Use a Blog for Marketing Purposes SearchEngineJournal.Com, HubSpot 4. Why Businesses Are Using SEO Essential For Business Marketing 5. Why Businesses Are Using SEO - B2B Marketers Who Use Blogs Generate 67% More Leads Per Month Than Those Who Do Not (Source: @FactBrowser) - B2C Companies That Blog Generate 88% More Leads Per Month Than Those That Do Not. (Source: @HubSpot) - Small Businesses That Blog Get 126% More Lead Growth Than Small Businesses That Do Not Blog. (Source: @ThinkCreative) 6. Why Businesses Are Using SEO Google Is Catering Toward Local SEO -The Number Of Online Searches For Local Businesses Is Up 58% (2008-09) -70% Of Local Consumers Trust Online Business The 7-Pack 7. Not All Web Traffic Is Created Equal Why Build Search Traffic Over Referral or Social? It Performs Better! -Higher Conversions -Higher Actions Per Visitor - Intent, Specificity, Environment 8. Not All Web Traffic Is Created Equal Building Social Traffic Takes Constant, Daily Effort From BlogWorld.Com: "...after a time, the promotion of content elsewhere = on social networks, gets cumbersome, tiresome, and loses its effectiveness. However, with search traffic, as long as the 9. Googles Algorithm To Understand Google's Algorithm, You Have To Know Google's Purpose To Connect Users With The Most Relevant, Helpful, Up to Date Information 10. Googles Algorithm How Does It Do That? By Looking For Key Indicators Like PageRank, Named After Larry Page PageRank Is Calculated by Adding up All the Pages That Link Back To Your Website, and Calculating the Importance of Those Link Backs 11. Googles Algorithm Domain Authority: Based on the Number of Backlinks You Have From Diff. Sites 12. Googles Algorithm Ranking Signals 13. Googles Algorithm - The Ideal Page This Page Is Optimized for the Phrase, Chocolate Donuts via 14. Google's Algorithm - The Ideal Page Keywords In All The Right Places - Beginning Of Title - Beginning Of Headers - In The URL/PermaLink 15. Google's Algorithm - The Ideal Page In Page Factors - An Ideal Web Page Will Have: - Multiple Internal/External Links To High Authority Sources - No Broken Links (404s) - Keywords Linked Up (