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  • 1. There are three specific products which are essential part of Bulgarian national cuisine: Bulgarian Feta cheese Bulgarian yoghurt Sharena sol (colourful salt) Their unique versions originate from the ancient Thracian past of our country.

2. It is made from sheep, cow or goat milk. It is used as a separate dish, as well as a delicious part of other dishes - the famous Shopska salad or the traditional Bulgarian "banitsa". FETA CHEESE (sirene) 3. It is also made of sheep,cow or cow-buffalo milk with the very special help of Lactobacterium Bulgaricum, a unique bacteria native to the country! It is really one of a kind! Its a wonderful quick, easy and nutritious snack that is available all year-round. Bulgarians use yogurt in everything - from soup to dessert and drink it in a beverage known as ayran. 4. It plays an important role in the Bulgarian cuisine (the herb is called chubritsa). Savory grows everywhere .It is widely used for seasoning and enriches the taste perfectly. Instead of salt and pepper, a Bulgarian table will have salt, paprika and savory blended together. Thats called sharena sol (colourful salt) - excellent flavour addition to any food and taste.