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    October 24, 2007

    To: All Fenwal Protection Systems Distributors From:

    Patrick Sullivan, Product Manager, Clean Agents


    Initiator Qualification Testing

    Fenwal Protection Systems (FPS) has changed its supplier of bottom discharge container initiators (BDC initiators), part number 93-191001-001. The new BDC initiator is not yet UL or FM listed nor is it compatible with the old BDC initiator. The new BDC initiators are not identical to, and do not have the same commit and fusion times, as the old BDC initiators. When replacing an old BDC initiator with the new BDC initiator, you must replace all BDC initiators in the system. Failure to do so will render the system inoperable and could result in death, personal injury or property damage. The process to obtain UL and FM listing is underway. FPS has completed qualification testing on the new BDC initiators, which was witnessed by both UL and FM testing bodies. But, we have not yet received the official UL and FM reports. In the interim, FPS will make available the new BDC initiators for purchase, but cannot at this time certify to either UL or FM listing of these parts.

    WARNING: DO NOT MIX OLD AND NEW INITIATORS WITHIN THE SAME SYSTEM, TO DO SO WILL RENDER THE SYSTEM INOPERABLE AND MAY RESULT IN DEATH, INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. Enclosed with this bulletin are photos of the old BDC initiators and the new BDC initiators for your reference. All initiators on order as of October 24th will qualify for free standard ground shipment in recognition of the hardship this supplier situation has placed upon our customers.

  • Initiators with a date code of 0740 and later will have a longer and larger blasting cap than previous units. The new units will simply state Explosive on the blasting cap. The older units stated Dangerous Blasting Cap on the blasting cap.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Technical Support at 866-287-2531. As always, we thank you for your continued support and business.

    Old initiator style Date coded 0739 or earlier.

    New initiator style Date coded 0740 or later

    Old initiator style Date coded 0739 or earlier.

    New initiator style Date coded 0740 or later


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