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  • C C CBulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013 Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013


    entsFrom the Desk of... 3 CCC and the Culture of Innovation Samer S. Khoury

    Editors View 5 Innovation Is a Journey That Never Ends N. Husseini

    Recent Awards 6

    Quality Management 7 Field Purchasing M. Soufyan

    Feature 12 BIM - From Now On B. Chew

    14 Computer Simulation of Construction Processes R. Labban

    16 Regional Applications Support Office (RASO) W. Iknainish

    20 How Sustainability Drives Innovation in an Organization N. HamdanL. Aggelopoulou21 Knowledge Management & Innovation A. El-Sersy

    Area News 24 Papua New Guinea: Komo Airfield S. Haddad

    26 Papua New Guinea: CJJV Camp Welders M. Sherbini

    27 Qatar: Barzan Onshore Project A. Al Amad

    28 Botswana: North-South Carrier T. Bazzari

    28 USA: LNG17 Exhibition in Houston G. Dabbas

    29 Palestine: The Palestine Museum S. Sabbagh

    Corporate Social Responsibility 30 CSR News Report T. Awad

    32 Egypt: Computer Donation Initiative 2013 A. Taweela

    33 Egypt: Employees Family Day 2013 A. Abdel Rahman

    34 Greece: Earth Centre S. Shawa

    35 Saudi Arabia: Participation in Saudi Career Days B. Al Mandeel

    Human Resources 36 There Are Only Four Jobs in the Whole World Article Reprint

    Health Safety Environment 38 Tasiast Gold Mine Appreciation Award M. Abutaha

    39 ASSE HSE Excellence Award B. Moussa

    Sports & Leisure 40 CCC Rally Paper: Oman, Abu Dhabi, Athens A. Khoury

    Milestones 42 Denis Wilson Reaches 10,000 Days Mark G. Mouzakitis

    43 Announcements

    Where We Are 44 Sustainability & Innovation

  • Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013 Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013C C C

  • 3C C CBulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013 Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013


    the D



    President Engineering & Construction

    SAMER S. KHouRy

    CCC has successfully maintained its position as one of the leaders in the Engineering & Construction Industry by allowing our executives and managers the freedom to innovate both externally and internally. I am confident that the CCC culture of innovation will remain one of the pillars of our success.

    CCC has innovated internally by creating better operational systems, IT systems, construction tools, robust construction methodology and advanced plant construction equipment (new procurement policies, leaner overheads and so on). In addition, we have adopted the latest project management techniques in order to become more efficient and to always be ahead of our competitors.

    CCC has innovated externally by expanding into new geographical areas ahead of others (Africa, the CIS and Asia) and into new construction lines ahead of our competition (oil and gas, airports and metros).

    I ask all CCC management to encourage this culture of innovation and to grant their subordinates the flexibility, the necessary time and resources for them to help nurture this positive trend towards innovation.

    You never know, in this changing world around us, a fresh graduate with very little experience may come up with an innovative idea that could change both CCC and the world!


  • Habshan 5 Process Plant, NGL Package UAEAbu Dhabi

  • 5C C CBulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013 Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013



    Innovation Is a Journey That Never EndsN. HusseiNi

    Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing marketing needs (Wikipedia).

    Many confuse innovation to be strictly in the realm of R&D and producing new patents. It is not.

    It lies in everyones job and when institutionalized correctly becomes a guiding organizational mission.

    At CCC we have been at the forefront of encouraging innovation into our processes. And yes it is never easy. We get internal resistance and we constantly suffer frictions over turfs, jurisdiction and not least budgets.

    We do well with innovation at CCC because of many factors:

    We have the moral support of our top executives. Many of the initiatives we launch target catalysing innovation internally. Knowledge Management and Sustainability are prime examples of this.

    We get immensely exposed to international and leading client requirements as crafted by designers who by definition keep pushing new ideas to their clients, requiring new and innovative methods for deliveries. Our Estimation Department keep us challenged to find optimal solutions that are well balanced between requirement and cost consciousness.

    We have good channels for disseminating newly acquired knowledge. The Information Systems Department,

    Knowledge Management Communities of Practice, and the Bulletin are testament to this. Lessons Learned forums are also a great means of keeping Innovation high on the visibility and agendas of our top executives.

    We are not perfect. We can do better.

    For one thing, we still need to increase the food for thought factor within our ranks. Human Resources should come up with new ways of sponsoring and sending our promising employees on more educational trips and leading edge conferences. This has been a key success factor of CCCs Information Systems Department, in a way CCCs Navy. Join the Navy and see the World. In our context, we tag to the tail end of the statement .and bring the best ideas back to CCC. The budget keepers as usual are not going to like this one! Unfortunately they do not weigh in the enormous benefits. ISD has been ranking first in internal service satisfaction. We are proud of this position fuelled by innovation.

    For another, we need to institutionalize innovation and its culture within CCC further. It needs an address and some known reliable mechanism. We are at near perfect storm results not cultural. Creating this is quite a challenge in a tense demanding environment of project schedules and budgets and I do not claim to have an answer to this wide topic as yet but when we do, then we will decrease frictions, resistance to change and reap even better results.

    Loyal Readers, this issue is simply a stock-taking of where we are with innovation and not where we could be. I simply lit a fuse and invite those who have some thoughts on this to share and write us.

    Enjoy another fine issue put together by your colleagues from around the globe.

    Habshan 5 Process Plant, NGL Package UAEAbu Dhabi

  • C C C Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013 Bulletin Issue 106 | 2nd Quarter 2013


    nt Aw


    New Doha International Airport - Aircraft Maintenance Hangar & AEO Building - Demolition, Alterations and AdditionsQatar

    The project comprises the demolition, alterations and additions to workshops and offices in the Aircraft Maintenance

    Hangar and AEO Building at NDIA.

    The client is the Government of State of Qatar represented by New Doha International Airport Steering Committee.

    The contract was awarded on 25 April 2013.

    The project start was 1 May 2013 for a duration of approximately six months ending on 17 October 2013.

    Outstanding Works at Saraya Aqaba ProjectJordan

    The project is a mixed use resort development located on the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba (on the Red Sea).

    Developed on a total area of 634,000m, the project is composed of four hotels and 14 bungalows under various operators, a water park, beach club, an old style city located in the centre of the project, with mixed use areas such as restaurants, a conference centre, retail, offices and small apartments, all bounded by a large variety of villas and residences of different design types. The resort surrounds a man-made lagoon which creates an additional beachfront of 1.5km for the development. The scope includes the civil/site developments works, completion of buildings, utility and support works necessary to complete the project. The construction of the project began in 2006 and ceased in 2010.

    The client is Saraya Aqaba Real Estate Development Company PSC.

    The contract was awarded on 17 May 2013.

    The project start date is 7 July 2013 for a duration of 28 months ending on 6 November 2015.

    Abu Dhabi PlazaKazakhstan

    The project consists of development, design, procurement, construction, installation, testing, operation,

    maintenance and management (each as applicable) of a mixed use development comprising of:

    Block H: 4-star 190-key business hotel and 100-key serviced apartments, comprising 14 storeys.

    Block R: Mixed use tower, 310m in height and

    comprising 75 storeys, lower third offices and upper two thirds residential units.

    Block O: Class A+ office, comprising 27 storeys

    Block Y: Class A+ office, comprising 30 storeys

    Block Z: Residential tower, comprising 16 storeys

    Block P/B: 4-storey basement and 2-storey above ground retail podium.

    The client is Aldar Properties PJSC (ALDAR)

    The contract was awarded on 13 June 2013.

    The project start date was 13 June 2013 for a duration of 42 months ending on 12 December 2016.

    Sadara CHEM III Hydrogen Peroxide Unit (HP)Saudi Arabia

    The project is to build the CHEM III Hydrogen Peroxide Unit (HP) for Sadara. CCC scope includes procurement of

    structure steel, E&I bulks and small bore piping. All civil works, installation of U/G cooling water system, piping prefabrication and erection, equipment erection, E&I works, precommissioning and process building construction.

    The client is Sadara Chemical Company.

    The contract was awarded on 13 May 2013.

    The project start date is 1 June 2013 for a duration